Let Me Pay Homage

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to Mrs Cobs she is a a wonderfully kind and oh so clever individual ..she will poo poo that idea but don’t listen to her !!!  She noticed a little image on my side bar ~ which said ‘Welcome to the cottage’ which she tweaked and polished and then sent me the new & improved image

How darn cool is this little widget ?? I’m over the moon and oh so impresses let me tell you

It now lives proudly on my side bar, where I can coo over it till my hearts content, if that wasn’t enough  last week I was thrilled to bits when I saw she was hosting a giveaway, of course I entered pronto, to my immense surprise I WON !!!! now please excuse the quality of the next zillion photos as the Autumn rain has descended on the cottage so the light is rubbish but with out further ado my beautiful card from The Cobweborium Emporium

Isn’t this just AMAZING !! See I told you she was a super duper talented artisan

And the back is just as stunning

To the back of the card is a little pocket filled with treasures of the most heartwarming kind

Not only that Mrs Cobs even sent me a couple of extra gifts …

A stamping set and a little bottle of ‘magic’ shown beside all the treasures from inside the pocket of said card

To Mrs Cobs I send all my love and thanks …and I’ll think you will agree with the sentiment of paying homage to a beautiful soul who gives from the heart …MRS COBS I SALUTE YOU

Kicking And Screaming

I here & now announce I am being dragged kicking & screaming towards a new dawn, it’s not that I don’t like change, it’s just that it seems technology has problem with me

Two statements here are untrue, I do own a tablet type thing ( although we aren’t talking at the moment) and yeah I do have wine ~ Boo I don’t actually drink the stuff

Anyhoo I decided why oh why  that I really ought to join the new millennium … (all be it a little late)  and now is the time to get down with the kids and buy a smartphone ~ so after chatting to a young boy in the phone shop …not sure if he was actually the assistant or not … but he sounded pretty knowledgeable, so I made my choice , now you will be pleased to know I have wasted  the WHOLE day trying to figure how the darn thing works !!!!!!! THEY DON’T EVEN GIVE YOU AN INSTRUCTION GUIDE ANYMORE !!! what’s that about ??? don’t they know how close I am to the edge ?? I’m practically sat on a cliff dangling my feet over the precipice

Just so you are aware it’s because of days like these that this is going to happen

You have been warned

Now I’m sat here wondering just when did I get old…. “Pass the cocoa Beloved & lets turn on the stereo radiogram I’m pretty sure the shipping forecast is on soon”


Village Green


I know ~ while I’m not at ‘The Workplace’ studying, crafting or ‘keeping house I’ll do a semi autobiography😀


Beth – crafter, fibre artist- married to Christopher a PI
Janie – seamstress, quilter- married to Gabriel a mathematician
Philip – Local historian, single
Miles – Deals in antiques lives with his retired father
Suzanne – Baker widowed
Anthony – artist recently divorced
Peter – runs the village pub The Golden Lion
Harry & Geraldine run the small post office & village store

When Beth moved to the village little did she know she was entering such a thriving artistic community, and all settled around the village green!
Beth & Christopher’s cottage was a renovation project and as such the couple decided now was a good time for Beth to leave the chaotic world of catering behind have 6 months reprieve so she could take on the majority of the work returning each room back to its bare bones of brickwork.
Within days of Beth moving into her quaint ( yet only just inhabitable) cottage a leaflet was pushed her letterbox announcing the local village garden party was being held at the village hall and it’s enclosed grounds 2 weeks hence.
Beth scribbled the date on her calendar,

Everyone’s invited

When the Saturday of the garden party arrived Beth & Christopher planned to take the afternoon off from turning their abode into what resembled ruins and join in the festivities.
As the sun peeped through the cottage windows Beth became aware of a ruckus outside – raised voices shouting for the landlord next door to wake up and help, it turned out when the chairman had opened the village hall to begin preparations for the day’s events he noticed water cascading through the hall roof putting the hall out of order,
hastily gazebo’s were erected on the village green, all the stall holders moved lock stock and barrel from the hall gardens out onto the green, Peter opened up the pub kitchens where the ‘Village Ladies’ gathered to make sandwiches, Suzanne but a distress call out for scones to mass produced, she had already made muffins, cupcakes and all manner of sweet delicacies as her contribution to the cream tea which was arranged for 3 pm …and this is where Beth entered the fray ….


To be continued …one day …possibly


Names have been changed to protect …the innocent



It’s Here

Just what is here you may be asking  ??…only the fantastic prize that was featured on One Creative Family  I’m sooo excited to be sharing this with you, firstly because it’s hand crafted by a very talented artisan, and secondly because I WON🙂

So with no further ado here is my prize

Not only do I get a super bowl and mug cosy just look at the beautiful notelet I received

What a wonderful give-away, many a happy Autumn/Winter evening will be spent with my mug snuggled in it’s cosy, and the bowl cosy will be put in to use on a regular basis as soup season is on the horizon, as for the notelet I’m planning on framing it to display in my crafting den to remind me of this special day, and my fortune at being part of the outstanding blogging community here on WordPress, so thank you once again to One Creative Family for hosting the give-away, to have a piece of your work has warmed my heart x

Happiness Is Rife

OMGOODNESS what a morning firstly I get an e-mail telling me I’m a winner of a hand crafted cosy from One Creative Family if that wasn’t enough I’m then bestowed with a Happiness Tag from Easy the Weimaraner so in response I’m going to share 5 things that make me happy in no particular order

Who cares they are MY family & I love them …mostly
All the amazing community here on WP, I’ve learned things, chatted to new found friends ..I even have blogging buddies in the form of some super cute animals
Crafting makes me VERY happy …I have to say that because if not~ how do I explain to Beloved my hoard of supplies
A very silly dog that today will be mostly doing his Dinosaur impression


A very sleepy Neurotic Cat

Oh there is just one more thing …

*SQUEAL* and yes she does have a basket Easy let me introduce Millicent Morris after all there might be just one person out there who is oblivious to her

now I’d like to tag some blogs that make me happy again in no particular order

Caren Taylor

Mrs Cobs

A whole host of knitted Beasties

The Rabbit Patch

Mrs Craft

and of course I must mention everyone who calls by the cottage & all the blogs I follow …YOU ALL MAKE ME SUPER HAPPY



OH MY!!!!
Many thanks to ‘one creative family’ for hosting a giveaway, I’m one very excited girl to be announced the winner ..yes little old me !!! to be a recipient of such a hand crafted prize is an honour Thank you ‘one creative family’ for your generosity … why not call over & show this blog some love ..it will be a visit to be savoured

One Creative Family

We are so happy to announce the winner of our 1st Giveaway.  The winner is…..(drum roll)…Roma1912. We are so excited to be sending her the cozies.

Today was filled with sewing.  I am making this wall hanging and just can’t seem to leave it.  What have you been doing?

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It Could Only Happen To Me !

Today I’ll be adding Follow my blog with Bloglovin for any one with a inkling to follow me over there
K9 hardly ever chews the mail …Today obviously being the exception !!  was it junk mail ?? OH NO !! was it a flyer for something we won’t ever need OH NO !!  it has to be something important doesn’t it !!

Why K9 chose to chew my verification for my application for college I have no idea

Now my quandary is do I just return it …or return it with a note explaining K9  took a fancy to it .. or just write a link to this blog  on the envelope so they know exactly what my life is like. I’m  sure my long running drama’s with our local postman should be documented somewhere in the postal system, this can now be added to the list🙂