Little Library And A Long Walk

The first day of the school holidays also coincided with me having a 3 day weekend …I know me on a 3 day weekend !!  Anyhoo this means Moo can come to stay, so how do you entertain a young man who is nearly 7,  LOVES being outdoors and is into cooking at the moment ???  firstly a gentle stroll of a mile to the next hamlet to visit the ‘Little Library’

Little Hale Library
Little Hale phone box has been home to a library for as long as I can remember, although the defibrillator wasn’t installed until 2015

As luck would have it there were 3 cookbooks for our approval, Moo being the discerning chef he is, thought this one was the right choice for us ..the almond pastry featured inside  had no bearing on his preference what so ever

Cook book from Little Hale Phone Box Library
The deal in the community is ..if we decide to keep the book rather than just borrow it we simply drop off any book to keep the stock replenished

Now we could simply just have walked back the way we came …OH NO …lets go the long way round  Moo uttered ..Bear Grylls please be aware the next generation is snapping at your heels!!!  so began our 6 mile odyssey meandering down country lanes, taking in the scenery, drinking at least a gallon of water, while Moo chattered away ~ the topics covered subjects from HIS rules for being kind to butterflies to Roman bricks ???

So here  is the photographic evidence of our afternoon

Over the fields & far away
Helpringham Church can just be seen in the distance
Cornfields at Little Hale
The heatwave has really ripened the crops
Working Farm
Just one of four farms we passed along the way

If your wondering about the ‘Almond Pastry’ that Moo gave the thumbs up to …

Almond desert
As I am on day 3 of a healthy eating regime making this just to watch everyone else tuck in will be a MAJOR undertaking !!


On Line Dating …For Cats

Have you ever had the experience of perusing posts when BOOM an image of what could be the love of your life appears on screen ??? There was I peeping at Cobs blog when I saw him ..Mr Alf,

Go on admit it …isn’t he just the Bees – knees

I was going to be all lady like and wait for his slave Mum to make an introduction on my behalf ..then I though ” I’m a modern Woman … I can handle this myself” so I’m taking things into my own hands, so here is my online dating profile :-

My name is Neurotic Cat, I’m a dainty 6 yr old  black ‘ghost tabby’ complete with a white bib & tummy, I have a meow on par with a car alarm …which is a good thing when you require the attention of the highest calibre, I also have  healthy appetite ~ I can eat my own body weight in meat, so when you take me out for dinner there will be none of this picking at my food (men like to see food appreciation right??)  I am thoughtful (read that as I gaze into space for long periods of time) undemanding …unless you count the times I lie on Beloveds chest during the night causing him to believe he is being subjected to the medieval torture reserved for witches..feel free to gloss over this last statement if you wish. Oh I have to add a photo don’t I

Neurotic Cat
I though a less formal pose would capture the ‘essence’ of my good self

Likes :- Long walks ..well as far as the hostelry next door where I can be found strutting my stuff so the locals can ooh & aah over me.

Dislikes :- Rain …I have the tendency to look like a skinned rabbit when I’m wet ~ not a good look !!

What I can offer my future date :-

Neurotic Cat
Charm, wit, good looks and a comfy quilt What is not to love ??

Rainy Day Out

I’m not sure if you are aware but just for the record…the UK is having a washout of a summer, it must have rained for part of each day for weeks & weeks ~ so what do you do when you have planned a day out ?? go anyway !!

Big sky
One of the joys living in the countryside is the big skies …even if it’s raining

Today we are off to our nearest city ~ Lincoln, to show Gelfling Grandson something a little special …according to me that is

Although Moo has seen Lincoln Cathedral before many times, he did ask if I could show you a photo we took from the top of steep hill

So what is so ‘special’that I wanted Moo to see ?

Lincoln Poppies
The wave of poppies to mark the centenary of WW1 it was even more poignant in the rain, Moo has grown up seeing poppies wreaths all year round on the war memorial which we can see from every room of the cottage so he knew the significance of the wave.

There was only one thing more to do ….Lunch

Moo aged 6 yrs 11 months
Goodness than that boy eat !!!








Yarn Elf Advisory

Mrs P has brought myself to your attention in one of her posts ~ yes I’m a ‘Yarn Elf’ & yes we do exist,

gormley the troll under the bridge on the fairy walk
Go on admit it …I’m not quite what you expected am I ?? I know ~ who knew ‘Yarn Elf’s’ wore dungarees🙂 … photo from the wonderful world wide web 

I have to hold my hand up to ‘borrowing’ a few ..oh alright quite a few rows of her crocheted blanket ~ it was sooo warm and comforting you understand, but never fear while Mrs P is asleep I appear in her dreams dropping little nuggets of crafting magic, how else to you think she suddenly understood a crochet chart ? where does her imagination for future projects come from ? an idea for a knitted rabbit ? ….yep that’s me and just so you know her blanket is growing, here is the proof

Growing Sweet Nothings Blanket
See she is further on than she realises, I will soon have to give her a few ideas for a boarder

Do you know what ? I think Mrs P would look darn cool in a knitted vintage inspired jacket .. I’ll wait until this blanket is finished then I’ll drop the bombshell whisper in her ear just what her next project should be…. I’m sure she will thank me for it🙂


Glamour Personified

This last Saturday Beloved & I were later than usual taking K9 for his morning constitutional due to the showers,

osacr 20 months
This was the weather when we set off, half way round a 3 mile loop it decided to throw it down ..obviously we had no coats on

When we arrived home ‘The Postie’ had delivered a pile of mail, one contained our bank statement ~ a payment had been deducted from a cancelled direct debit, looking at the time we had approximately half an hour to get into town, which was doable if we left immediately, earlier in the week ‘Postie’ had left a card stating  a parcel had been undelivered could I call in and pick it up? so now would be the perfect time for me to call in the post office while Beloved went to the bank !!

At the edge of town I jumped out of the car making hasty arrangements where Beloved & I should meet up,  anyhoo I made a dash to the parcel collection area at the post office.

well dressed queue
Who would have know 17 mins before closing time is THE optimum time to pick up a package …while wearing your very best attire,

I caught wafts of fabric conditioner, aftershave & I swear one woman was wearing Chanel #5, while the stench aroma permeating from my good -self is a combination of wet dog and wet sheep (thanks to my rain drenched cardi) mingled with just a tad of badger poo …which is just as attractive as you are imagining ~ I’m thinking of marketing this desirable perfume to the young city dweller under the name of ‘Country Style’

After claiming my prize parcel I made my way to the prearranged meeting place…then the penny dropped, today was the very first time I had been in Beloveds company car ( he’s had it 6 weeks mind you ) I have no idea of the made or model, I only know it’s Black or Brown …or possibly dark Grey,

I know for definite this isn’t Beloveds car …because it’s the wrong colour

I’m having to peer into every dark car the passed by, I  received the odd wave, strange look and double take, then after a complete age a car drew up looking suspiciously like it was kerb crawling, YEAH  it’s Beloved…it transpires he’d forgotten where we were to meet!!  I jumped into said car –  it was only when I arrived home to be greeted with a full length mirror in our entrance vestibule …(it’s not large enough to be considered a hall) I notice my khaki’s are covered in mud, with dog snot down the leg, my cardi is button wrong due to cardi on, cardi off syndrome due to the humidity & showers and to top it off my hair is plastered Hitler style to my head, perhaps not the best look …but do you know what ~ I can carry it off

Feeling Sad

I don’t usually do ‘serious’ posts but this is an exception, I came home from ‘ The Workplace’ this afternoon, logged on, answered a few e-mails, checked a few blogs,and as I had a moment to spare thought I’d have a quick look in on FB, I knew straight away something wasn’t right by the amount of private messages awaiting me, my account has been hacked, a VERY EXPLICIT video proclaiming to feature my good self … (AS IF !!!!!!! ) has been sent to family, friends, work colleges & goodness knows who else. I’m fortunate enough to have some trustworthy friends who reported it for me,  I’m absolutely gutted, what has someone gained by doing this ?? Did the person who did it feel it’s just a laugh & that no one will be hurt ? Well I am hurt, I’ve deactivated all my accounts & feel isolated & in tears, I may be missing quite a while until I come to terms with such cruelty

Slow Going

My latest project has begun, as my confidence is growing with crochet I thought I’d give another blanket a whirl, firstly because I LOVE BLANKETS and secondly repeating row after row of stitches really fixes them into my scatterbrain. The blanket I’m trying I found at Cherry Heart here is a sneak  peek at my version,

Sweet Nothings Blanket
I’m going to name this clamshell stitch blanket ‘Sweet Nothings’ by the way it is perfectly normal to name your blankets isn’t it ??

This isn’t a difficult stitch ~ if it was I’d have given up by now .. BUT  I have found fault in the equation of time, it doesn’t take into account slow projects !!! I spend hours crocheting away, apart from fitting in specific K9 feeding times ~ I can set the clock by him demanding his food !! then of course there is  Neurotic Cat whom I’m a slave to, the mandatory showing my face at ‘The Workplace’ not to mention

Enough said on this one

And other numerous interruptions too boring to mention, may be this is why when I retrieve my blanket it isn’t growing … well not very fast !! my yarn is decreasing, but just where is it going ?? I think I have a ‘Yarn Elf’ who is unravelling my blanket and is stealing my yarn for her very own project ~ I think somewhere in ‘Middle Earth’ there is one very busy ‘Yarn Elf’ crafting up a storm !!

By the way as soon as I find my way to ‘Middle Earth’ I’m moving in