A Surprise For Moo

Would you believe Moo is 9 next week?? for a few weeks now Beloved & I have been harbouring a surprise for him. Last night was the night for project ‘Amazement’ to commence

August 2018
For a boy who loves dinosaurs only one thing would fit the bill the superb show ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’
Walking with Dinosaurs
These bad boys are LIFE SIZE ….. just wow


T. Rex
Moo’s absolute favourite the magnificent T. Rex

At the end of the show Moo burst into tears …. Beloved & I were mortified until Little Man uttered the words “This is the best day of my life” Awwwww bless him ❤


A Special Guest Blogger

Grandma lets my big brother Moo write on her blog now and again & she said at the grand old age of 2 months I could do my first guest post … obviously she will be doing the typing I’ll be just laying here looking adorable 🙂 Sooooo what does a babe have to post about WELL …

Lets talk sleep

no sleep
Who needs sleep ?? not me that’s for sure

Daddy has been studying for y e a r s, he’s done lots of procedures, work experience in Africa for a month and just lately been doing 3 months experience at a prison !! and now guess what ??

daddy nurse
Yep he’s only gone and done it …my daddy is now a fully qualified nurse and in a couple of months mummy will qualify too

He tells me if there is something I really, really want to do when I grow up and that if I work hard I can do it ~ isn’t that cool

Fox 2 months old
I’m listening honestly daddy, but come on, how can I take you seriously when you talk to me in that babyish high-pitched voice, even if it does make me giggle

That is my first guest post over

All my love



Where Have I Been? … Well

In my wisdom rather than coughing up a lung each month for an expensive internet charges I thought I’d change providers …. BIG MISTAKE as you may or may not know I live in ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ ~  it transpires not all internet providers are equal, the new provider had a download speed something akin to the light a penny candle gives off in a hurricane

slow internet
Let’s just say it’s a good job Beloved and have been married for 72 million years ~ he already knows I have the patience of a 2yr old in a sweet shop

Anyhoo back to the old provider it is …. I’m currently booked in for surgery to remove a kidney for this months charges,

What was I going to tell you ? oh yes a few weeks back Beloved & I took Moo to Woodhall Spa’s 1940’s festival ~ I love it we get to travel hold up all the traffic in Millicent Morris while we pootle along at 35mph (45mph downhill LOL) while we are dressed in our finest 1940’s gear.

We discussed with Moo the importance of good manners and decorum while out & about and how discipline had changed over the years …. I don’t think he believed us UNTIL

Moo 2018
It was demonstrated just how a policeman would take an unruly child by the ear and give it a good darn tweak !!

No child was harmed during this photo shoot (although political correctness may have taken a bashing)  many a passer-by was heard to be chuckling and stories being told of how the very same thing had happened in their youth….. listening to some of tales I’m not  surprised some of them had their ear tweaked 🙂



Bragging Rights

Just a super short post as my broadband in pants – changing it next week so I can access the internet without pulling my hair out …. anyhoo look who has made into the final 3 in the Oscar Pet Food Company monthly Pet Idol competition ~ our very own D4

Otter 4 months
 Mrs P says all 3 pets are winners -Beloved was duty bound to vote for me though because I know how to get into the shoe cupboard and his new boots would have been history if he hadn’t 🙂

I’ll let you know how I got on at the end of the month when the votes are counted ….





Update On Baby ‘Fox’

Many thanks to all you who have offered kind thoughts, best wishes and prayers for ‘Fox’ guess what

coming home

He has responded well to the antibiotics for suspected meningitis ~ his lumber puncture was tainted with blood and the decision was made rather than put him through the procedure again they would treat him as if he did indeed have the infection. While still a little jaundiced he’s feeding well and the best place for him now is at home with Mummy, Daddy & Big Brother Moo

Mummy and Fox
Happy days, now he can begin the new exciting adventure of family life xx

This Is Not The Same As Other Days

Otter AKA as D4 joins ‘The Cottage On The Green’ family today

A German Shepherd at The Cottage On The Green

This is not the same as other days for me ~ because today I’m going to live in my ‘Forever Home’ with Mrs P and her Beloved (and Neurotic Cat of course) As well as being super excited I’m also a little nervous and  I already have dates booked in my diary!!

Otters Calendar _LI See all the dots?? they are the dates I shall be socialising with the locals over the next few weeks 🙂

I see the V.E.T. person on Monday then the ‘Pet Shop Girls’ who run the local ‘Domestic  Family Member Emporium’ plus I’m going to ‘School’ to teach me how to be a ‘good citizen’ I start with my puppy foundation classes in a week or so with the same ‘Dog Training Lady’ my Late Brother From Another Mother and a different father come to think of it, had lessons with. I have an appointment with the queue…

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2 Weeks Early And A Long 31.5 Hours

30/5/2018 – 16.00hrs 2nd Born rang to inform us Mum To Be’s  waters had broken so could I have Moo overnight ~ I hadn’t realised it was half term ~ so cue a garbled message to work that I wouldn’t be in tomorrow

31/5/2018 – 16.00hrs Still no baby

After 31.5 hours I do believe 2nd Born would not DARE go down this road

At 23.25hrs babe was born ~ a 7lb 10oz boy named Theo-Fox unfortunately not all went quite to plan, little man is in SCBU ~ Special Care Baby Unit, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he possibly has an infection as his respirations are quite rapid so they are going to keep a close eye on him for the next few days before he comes home. So get well soon little man we are waiting patiently for you

Theo- Fox
I did get to enjoy plenty of cuddle time this afternoon ~my I’d forgotten how small new-born’s were

So a new member of the next generation of the ‘Von Trap Parry’ family has arrived Happy Days 🙂