Let The Fun Commence

For no particular reason, other than it’s something I’ve fancied doing for a while now, I’m about to embark on making my first quilt, nothing fancy mind you, and it will only be a cot size quilt, not that I have a small person at the homestead, more of if it’s the perfect size for a dog bed should things go awry. So I’ve ordered a Tilda Charm Pack, a how to book and various other necessities ……such as a carrot cake & a HUGE mug to hold plenty of the tea to sustain me while I workout exactly what on earth I’m suppose to be doing.

Don't you just love starting a new project,  all I need to do is hunt down my tape measure
Don’t you just love starting a new project, all I need to do is hunt down my tape measure

This could be quite an ordeal and one I don’t intend to rush, so be prepared for numerous updates on my progress or lack thereof. Dog is rather excited as I embark on my quest, mainly due to having thoughts of grandeur of being donated a wonky handcrafted quilt in a fit of pique if things don’t turn out as I envision 😀


8 thoughts on “Let The Fun Commence

  1. I know you will have fun and will do a great job. Your other crafts are wonderfully done. Do you not have the Cottage on the Green page any more? Did I miss something? Or am I just behind as usual?

    1. I deleted Cottage On The Green as I felt I had become boring !!!!, then I realised I missed blogging too much LOL so re started again with a new site, I have deleted my FB accounts as well as I have come to the conclusion either rightly or wrongly it’s a carnival of idiots and while ever I was networking I could be crafting 🙂

      1. Now I know what had happnened!!!! I agree about FB even if I’m still on it mostly because I have a lot of folks living away from me and that’s the fastest way to be in touch somehow…. but Blogland is something else…it is like (if we talk about craft) a big workshop and a place where to find ideas,inspiration,solutions and,most of all,beautiful people!I missed you a lot! ❤

      2. I have really missed you and your blog, that was one of the main reasons I reinvested some time into blogland…. the friendship, the community of crafting and seeing the amazing talents of fellow artisans, and as you rightly said the help and advice is invaluable xx

      3. I wondered and am glad I figured out that you had a new page. I would miss your blogs. I am afraid I have been too lazy to do much blogging lately. I have been having some interesting experiences tagging calves ears with Hubby. I will get to it eventually. FB can be a royal pain. I have often thought about shutting mine down, but I have too many friends now that I have no other way of keeping track of what’s going on with them. And family as well. How is your Etsy shop coming along? Well I hope.

      4. Hellooooooo, thanks for calling by, I did smile when I read that you had been tagging calves ears, Gelfling Grandson & I went for a walk at the weekend and his amusement at the cattle having earrings kept me chuckling for ages, I’ve shut my Etsy shop for the summer as I’m out at shows/ fairs nearly every weekend, and I’ve been invited to a weekly craft market that is running right up to Christmas week, I love the banner photo on your blog page, I’m saving all my crafting money to have a painting commissioned very similar to your photo for my kitchen, every now & then I call at yours to coo over said photo and say to myself not too much longer and I’ll have my painting 😀

      5. Lol, Glad you like my cow. I thought it was pretty cute. And the younger calves do stick out their tongues sometimes. They think I have milk in my fingers I guess. Will your painting have it’s tongue sticking out too? Lol. Blog a picture for me. I would love to see it. The earrings do help us keep track of who belongs to who. Especially the heifers we keep for replacement. Glad your grandson got a chuckle out of it too. Hope to post about it soon. Take care and have a good summer. Ours is very HOT the last few days.

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