Quality Control

Have you any idea how many hours you can spend rearranging pre cut squares when trying to achieve a pleasing overview when quilting ?? OMG i’ve not been sooo absorbed or satisfied in a mundane task in like for ever…..is this normal or do I need to step away from scraps of fabric ?? Anyhoo I’ve spent ages sewing the pieces together (while having my tongue stuck out apparently)

Happiness personified I just love the way this is coming together, although I can feel an obsession calling
Happiness personified I just love the way this is coming together, although I can feel an obsession calling

At the point of cutting the borders I was very impressed by how long I’m able to hold my breath for….so much so I’m toying with the idea of taking up freediving

Of course there has to be a strict quality control in place at all times when charging into the unknown, and it appears “Neurotic Cat” has promoted herself to this role, she has stalked my every move apart from the pressing of course, as this task is way beneath her.

Who would have thought "Neurotic Cat" would have taken to quilting so seriously, the quilt she is so expertly posing against is my reason for trying my own project, it was a wonderful parting gift from a delightful lady I had the privilege to care for.
Who would have thought “Neurotic Cat” would have taken to quilting so seriously, the quilt she is so expertly posing against is my reason for trying my own project, it was a wonderful parting gift from a delightful lady I had the privilege to care for.

I am now anxiously awaiting some curved pins so I can move on to the next stage, yes I am aware I could just baste it all together but hey it meant internet shopping which is another one of my callings. Apparently cats like carrot cake, you don’t think that was her ulterior motive when deciding if I really did need supervision in my crafting den do you ?


14 thoughts on “Quality Control

    1. As this is my first attempt I’m only doing a very basic quilt using supposedly simple techniques, due to my previous crafting … I think the 6 foot rabbit swung it LOL I’ve been invited by 2 master quilters to join “The Pearoom Quilters” which around these parts is a big deal,( it took one of them 4yrs to get in) but I feel unable to accept until I have a couple of quilts for appraisal, so a lot of patience on my part is needed to learn this new skill πŸ™‚

      1. I just had a kook on the pea room blog,if I understood it right,it is a comunity quilting or something alike….well, soon or later I’ll try to do a block.For now I have too many WIPs on…did you see my blog lately?I have finished the front side of my BM sweater and have to do the sleeves.After that I was asked by Rossana to knit her a top….already found the pattern,a Rowan’s one πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ …. there are some gifts I’m in (obliged to do because a couple of friends are going to have a second baby boy….)….I do hope that with September there’ll be some time to try quilting…. I forgot,I sewed myself a tee but…I have to adjust it….tell me why sewing garments is so difficult….. 😦 😦 😦 ….. πŸ˜›

  1. You’ve been bitten by the patchwork bug πŸ™‚ Wonderful colours and arrangement! I can see you drowning in an ever increasing mound of fabrics, fluff and threads soon, especially with a lethal combination of internet shopping and your passion to create. I warn you now though, there is nothing better(well of course there is…but not go into that just now- being before the watershed) than having a colourful pile of cottons to stroke every now and then, Though all this will mean, of course, that Beloved’s wardrobe needs a little Spring clean, to make room for all your new creations – ALSO, its a great way to get pure cotton products for FREE, using up all those shirts you hate ironing! I wondered if your supervisor is also a little bemused by your new facial expressions, her intrigue plus the added bonus of carrot cake must just be heaven on a rainy day! Keep working on that breath holding too, you’ll need it when you eventually remember housework, that usually happens for me when I see the mice leaving in their wellies, Its a good technique to have when shifting all the fabric dust!
    Looking forward to your next development! πŸ™‚

    1. I already have a master plan for Beloveds shirts, the ones he has pushed to the back of the wardrobe are allocated to me, his current supply of work shirts (as a daily suit wearer he has a plentiful supply) I have the cunning idea of cutting a square from each shirt tail as this will be unnoticeable to the general public, the bottom 2 buttons from every shirt he owns can contribute towards my stock for the rabbits eye jar, so I think I’ve covered most bases, now come to think of it I haven’t tried felting yet, Beloved must have a woollen jumper that he wouldn’t miss, now a felted rabbit project really ought to on my to do list, as for housework, that is something I’ve seen in films, I’ve read about it in books, does it live up to the hype ???

      1. I do hope your Beloved doesn’t end up with a chill on his kidneys after said removal of the sneaky square selections. Maybe you could alternate the sides which you take them from to give his organs chance to recover from the draft! On the subject of housework, I really can’t see the appeal, though I will ask my mother next time she breezes in for a visit – generally she pets the dog, nods at me and grabs my hoover, before any chance of a chat! ;-/ Just a quick thought, maybe you could crochet a string vest for Beloved – or, better still a needle felted draught excluder to pop under the shirt square deficiency?! πŸ™‚

    1. It seems breathing while using a rotary cutter is a skill I have yet to acquire, of course as my obsession grows I should be able to master it in no time, until then I’m looking into what other qualities are needed in competitive freediving as I might have an edge with my training πŸ™‚

    1. Thank goodness I’m only making a small quilt, if I’d been cutting the borders for a king size quilt I very well might has passed out how embarrassing would that have been LOL

  2. Your layout is coming along beautifully. And the quilt your cat is laying on is very pretty and apparently comfortable to lay on. Neruotic cat looks just like one of our cats. Right down to the white mark on it’s chest. Hopefully she is a little better tempered than our Shadow. She is pretty hissy and sometimes lethal with her claws.

    1. Neurotic Cat is surprising well behaved, and far too lazy to be bothered with hissing, mind you she has a set of lungs on her, when she starts yelling for food the next door neighbours come out as they think their car alarm is going off LOL … she sends her regards to Shadow x

      1. Glad to hear she is a nicer cat. Shadow is mellowing out as she gets older. She hasn’t ripped Hubby’s ear open for awhile. And I was the one getting on her for being on the counter behind his chair!. She is not a loud meower, but you can hear her hiss at you. Shadow says hi too.

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