3 Bears Shawl

A couple of months ago now I was asked if I could knit a shawl for a work colleague who is expecting,  “Dear Friend” paid for the 4 ply yarn and I donated my time, the first attempt was too fussy, the second not fussy enough, hence why it’s called the 3 Bears Shawl, the thing to remember about knitting a shawl is ….DON’T DO IT WHEN TIRED

I knitted, frogged, knitted frogged
( Photo courtesy Pinterest)    I knitted, frogged, knitted, frogged. I did teeter on the edge of sacrificing said knitting in a mass of flames to appease the Knitting Lords on more than one occasion

All in all it took me 4 weeks, sometimes knitting for only for 10 minutes at a time, and at other times for up to 6 hours a day, each and every day I panicked in case “Pregnant Lady” went into labour, but bless I didn’t realise she had gone onto maternity leave early so I had an extra month to create her pressie.

Ta Dah the finished article, I'm delighted with it, "Dear Friend" loves it, now we are waiting for new arrival to appear to see if "Pregnant Lady" is enamoured with it
Ta Dah the finished article, I’m delighted with it, “Dear Friend” loves it, now we are waiting for new arrival to appear to see if “Pregnant Lady” is enamoured with it

Baby is due any day now, very exciting times


16 thoughts on “3 Bears Shawl

  1. The 3 Bears shall is so lovely, pregnant lady and new baby will love it for so many years, it will become an heirloom, worth all the hardwork…I would love to learn how to knit and crochet..I especially like the pattern of the weave of this shall..lovely art work…I wont show Angel, I don’t think he can knit with paws 🙂 K

    1. Many thanks for your kind comment, as “Pregnant Lady” has chosen a traditional pram I thought why not knit her something in keeping, all the time and effort was well worth it once I saw the shawl finished, now we are just waiting on baby 🙂

  2. I think ‘Pregnant lady’ will be overwhelmed when she sees your beautifully knitted shawl – and full credit to your persistence and patience. I’m sure a bottle or two was consumed after the completion and very well deserved too – I would say! 😉

    1. I do hope ‘Pregnant Lady’ likes her shawl, I think it may be quite a while till I knit another one LOL all the time I was panicing of her impending labour and now she is overdue would you believe it !!!!!

      1. I’m very sure ‘Pregnant lady’ will absolutely love it! And, appreciate how much hard work and how many tears have gone into all those balls of four ply she provided – not to mention the escaping expletives every now and them! LOL!!! I hope all goes well for ‘Pregnant lady’ when ‘Baby’ eventually decides to come 😉

    1. ‘Pregnant lady’ acquired her shawl a day or so ago and it received a glowing reception I’m over the moon that she likes it, baby still hasn’t made an appearance yet LOL

      1. You do such beautiful work. I can’t imagine anyone not liking anything they receive or buy from you. If you ever come to Northeast Kansas, let me know. Maybe you can help me learn. Lol.

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