Neurotic Cat

Beloved & I have had a cat all our married life, not the same one as that would be some feat has we have been married for over 30 yrs, all have been individual, I thought we had cornered the unique character market with our last cat, a stray which took Beloved 3 months to capture … it had been living under a burger van, we finally got it home and gave it the name of Ellie, ย only to discover on a well being check at the vets that she was actually a boy hence we had him “done” so we has a male neutered cat with a girls name. At the age of 18 he passed thus new cat came to live with us

Why she loves to sit in the planter I've no idea. still it keeps her happy
Why she loves to sit in the planter I’ve no idea. still it keeps her happy, she has to sit where she can observe everything & everybody…..I think she may have been a stalker in a previous life


In the beginning she had a little problem with over grooming, with love & time she is slowly giving the habit up, then she fell out of a tree, unsure if she had broken her leg back to the vets we went, which resulted in sedation and more love and devotion, thank goodness it was merely a bad sprain. One thing is really puzzling me though, even though the back door is wide open & she wanders in and out at will she ALWAYS has to come in from outside to use her litter tray.

Can anyone tell me why she always uses the litter tray
(Photo uploaded from pinterest ) ย She obviously has some sort of ‘issue’ with the litter tray, if I ever did find a scull in there I swear I wouldn’t bat an eyelid

She isn’t a lap cat by any means she will only have a cuddle on her terms and who can blame her…. like a petulant teenager she takes to her bed at the drop of a hat

Do you think over time she might settle in ??
Do you think over time she might settle in ??

And you wonder why we call her “Neurotic Cat”


7 thoughts on “Neurotic Cat

  1. First off, I am so pleased you made the previous cat eventually fit its name by removing any trace of male ‘bits’! I’m sure it was oh so happy and all the less confused after, and, no doubt wholeheartedly then embraced its new identity ๐Ÿ™‚ – though I do wonder if keeping his bits and being given a new name was ever an alternative option?

    I must say your new cat seems to have the eyes to put anyone in their place!, I know I wouldn’t ague with her! But, there again, I have a tendency to attract all deranged felines, they seem to see me as some kind of exciting target practice – screeching and pouncing on me with claws bared ๐Ÿ˜ฆ – probably why I have never been a cat owner!

    I just can’t imagine why coming indoors for her tray, outweighs ‘doing it’ away from home? Though, If you never find a skull or any other human bone in the litter tray, please make your Beloved the first port of call, you just never know what these wild, supposedly domesticated creatures, want rid of…to rule the roost!

    1. WHAT !!!! you mean I could have just changed previous cats name instead of having him ‘seen to’ ?? LOL New cat is … now how did the vet put it yes….. feisty …we like to think she just has a healthy disregard for everyone except ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚ as we live within spitting distance of the church and the old churchyard there is a distinct possibility she could drag home a prized trophy or two. You now realise I have visions of you in full Victorian regalia,making a dash to the local food emporium being stealthy pursued by a slightly deranged feline intent on doing you psychological harm or even worse.

  2. Lol! She sounds like our Shadow as well! And Shadow has out grown some of her nastiness, so I am sure Neurotic Cat will too. It just takes awhile. Hang in there. Shadow likes a lap on her terms as well.

    1. I wouldn’t say Neurotic Cat is nasty …I wouldn’t dare she might hear me and goodness knows what the consequences will be, she’s more …..her own cat if you know what I mean, only yesterday she had a snooze on my lap and spent the rest of the day in the same room as me, only because I was finishing my quilt off and for some reason she thinks it’s going to be hers when its completed

      1. Lol. Maybe you should make a cat blanket next. I know our dogs like to make a nest out of them. Especially our dachshund. She can wrap herself up like a cocoon. It is so funny.

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