The Finished Article

How long ago was it now since I began my foray into quilting, ah yes about 3 or 4 weeks ago, my goodness is that all ??? it seems sooo much longer. Anyhoo  I have actually finished my first quilt.

My first ever quilt, artistically arranged to show both sides
My first ever quilt, artistically arranged to show both sides, it may not be the most astounding quilt in the crafting community…. but hey I have to start somewhere

Yes its a bit of a cheats quilt, the squares of Tilda fabric came from a charm pack so were pre cut, I chained pieced them together. The border was cut by myself mind you, a proud moment indeed although it did take nerves of steel and several sessions of breath holding to accomplish, instead of using bias binding I merely brought the backing forward to frame the front,  the quilting was machined so now doubt quilting purists will be smiling to themselves, shaking their heads…… saying that’s not quilting  this is quilting as they grab their king-sized, hand fussy cut, hand quilted masterpiece and thrust it toward the screen for all to gasp in awe at, and I congratulate each & every one of them, at the same time I’m hugging myself in wonderment at own little piece of fabric heavenliness

Another view just in case you missed my little gem
Another view just in case you missed my little gem

The back is deliberately such a stark contrast because  A) Tha’ts was what I wanted,  and B) Because I wanted to entirely different feels to each side of said quilt

There are mistakes aplenty, I don’t quite have my eye in for stitching in the ditch, and there are a couple of things I may do differently in the future but all in all I’m a happy bunny, it’s mine and I just love it to pieces


24 thoughts on “The Finished Article

  1. Your efforts inspire me. I admit, I am a bit of an old grouser — I get hives in the “quilt section” of fabric stores; what I loved most about quilts I saw in my childhood was that they were made of real scraps of clothing, sewing projects and the like.

    Once the summer’s rigors (of several sorts) are over, I am contemplating a quilt-like project. I want to do it in the style of a Victorian ‘Crazy” quilt — but then, I do not want to quilt it, but plan to affix it to the top of a duvet cover for my feather comforter!

    1. Many thanks for your comment, I have grand ideas above my station, my ultimate goal is a very traditional hand tied quilt, I am very fortunate to own a glorious quilt made around the time of WW1 I’ll write a post about it sometime, Your idea of making a duvet cover topper is brilliant, I can’t wait to see your creations brought to life 🙂

      1. Let’s see if I get it done this winter… I am really not gifted at sewing arts! Soon as the house renovation/re-arrange is done, I have to start hunting for fabric bits and such. I have a small stock, but not enough. And I need to get some contrasting embroidery threads.

      2. Good luck on the house renovation/ re-arranging, Beloved & I bought the cottage as a renovation project, the reason I craft is to keep me sane !!!!!

  2. Mrs P, Its wonderful!!! 🙂 And,all done so neatly!
    Congratulations on your first completed patchwork quilt, I’m not surprised you are a happy bunny! 🙂 🙂 :-), Now you are hooked on patchwork too, I look forward to many more of your beautiful creations

    1. Aww bless your soul for your kind words, I know it’s the basic of quilts, I saw so many mind blowing creations on WordPress ….yours included, and then I thought NO don’t make comparisons I’m teetering with baby steps whilst others are sewing a full blown marathon, and this attempt will forever hold a place in my heart because of it’s simplicity 🙂 secretly I have been coveting making another one to push my boundaries a little LOL

      1. Mrs. P…. DON’T put yourself down! Yes it is simplistic in design, though simply stunning too and basically…it’s Beautiful to boot!!! I love how you have two very different options as well, it can become a light pastel, or a stylishly sumptuous boudoir 🙂 I can’t wait to see where you take the next quilt with your designs, and of course you will need to stroke many fabrics and get a great stash to be sure you have everything you need – I sooo love that bit!!!
        To be honest, I’m wishing after seeing your design, I was back in baby step mode ;-/, My newest commission, which I mentioned in my last quilt post – for a Wedding gift – might just end up making me a ‘bald old coot’ before I get it how I want it due to the very unique inclusions My Lady wants on the panels! A brief of what is required, firstly…please be seated, for I fear you fainting and damaging yourself at said requirements;

        1) Panel of Trevi fountain, Rome in sketch style embroidery! (Its where he proposed)

        2) Panel of two dogs, again in sketch embroidery – a Shih tzu and a Sharpei (Their most treasured things ever) But… OMG OMG OMG!

        I have clumps of hair leaving my head as I type………..especially as this one is causing my spleen to rupture as well every time I work on it……….

        3) A caricature applique panel, of the soon to be happy couple, enjoying Glastonbury 2014!!!

        Okay, sorry, just sweeping the hair on the floor to one side with my foot……

        4) A pieced patchwork scene of their wedding venue, an old wooden beamed old barn with applique Mr. & Mrs centre stage

        and it goes on…….

        I have only one conclusion as to how I will benefit after finishing it….. (Oh and I only have 4 weeks left ARRRGH!)…….. the amount of money I will save on buying shampoo!

        Hysterically and insanely… LOL!

        I so, so, so love YOUR quilt! 🙂

      2. OK OK OK I’m convinced….baby steps are exactly the place to be LOL as for hair condition inducing quilt I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your predicament I don’t suppose an abstract design would even be entertained by Mr & Mrs which is a blow for you, yet I also have the sneaky feeling your quilt will meet and indeed exceed your clients exacting standards and all in 4 weeks? piece of cake 🙂 As for your spleen rupturing…you can meds for that, an annoying condition I’m sure but you will live 🙂 Have you considered saving your hair to either experiment with a new weaving technique to make a lady toupee, or knitting a modern hair do? if all else fails sick a few ringlets to the edge of your bonnet to give the impression of having a full head of hair, oh and the money you save on shampoo you can always spend on niceties which you have to admit is a bonus. I’ll leave you to your fit of malaise and once you have recovered and raised yourself from your chaise- lounge your quilt will be waiting, good luck with your masterpiece and please try not to bay at the moon quite so often as it’s getting on Peppy’s nerves 🙂 🙂 🙂

      3. LOL!… If only I had the time to be designing a lady toupee! Instead, I resorted to double sided tape and plopped a sufficient amount of hair, for now, around my work wear mop-cap. I have the rest waiting to be worked with at a later date, or for attaching to my outing bonnet as and when. I do like the idea of knitting a throw over hairpiece-shall add to my to do board! ,I fear, after lounging in pensive thought on my chaise, time mightn’t allow for a second embroidery panel and have since drawn plans, whilst sipping my daily bottle of stout, to amend to a more light hearted design for the dogs….
        ….burp!…. OOOOps shorry!, Thish brown schtuff dush get the better of me ;-/
        Ash ai make mee woo to the bottom of thish bottle ai’ll treee ta ‘member no howling teneet…HICK!

  3. It is quite hot here in Parma and I don’t have a lot of energy to work so I let myself some blog surfing….well,I don’t know whether to smile or to cry after read all those comments (I’m observing my sewing machine with a sort of fear….) but one thing is of great relief to me: even the best masters have their tough nut to crack…. Forza e coraggio! 🙂

    1. Although I don’t wish anyone to struggle with their chosen craft…..inwardly I’m feeling the same relief as you that creating on whatever scale takes time, patience and a lot of hard work which makes the end result even more spectacular in my eyes

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I can’t believe it’s your first go, it looks amazing! And finishing it in 3-4 weeks?! I started my first quilt when I was 13 and it’s still not done! I can’t wait to see what you do next…

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