Time To Move On

I have not rushed into this decision lightly, but now is the time to move on…….I’m going to move on from granny squares and try something new in the world of crochet, I know exactly what I want to do next, a ripple blanket, but where to start? I knew Lucy from Attic24 would guide me through the process, so I set to downloading her tutorial

I left the photocopying to Neurotic Cat, as you know what I'm like with modern gadgets they are all in the realms of witchcraft as far as I'm concerned
I left the photocopying to Neurotic Cat, as you know what I’m like with modern gadgets they are all in the realms of witchcraft as far as I’m concerned

I’ve chosen a random effect wool as I love the colour combination in the one I’d been drooling over for ages, and would you jolly well believe it, a ripple is soooo darn simple to do, why have I been dragging my heels for so long

My very first ever ripple blanket, within 2 rows I didn't need the notes any more, Thanks Lucy for the great instructions
My very first ever ripple blanket, within 2 rows I didn’t need the notes any more, Thanks Lucy for the great instructions

Now full of confidence I’ve seen an amazing crochet  “Joseph Technicolor Dreamcoat” with my name on it, well perhaps just a cushion first ;-D


30 thoughts on “Time To Move On

  1. Thank you for showing me the way to this pattern. I will soon try it out.

    I love that Neurotic Cat joins you in your projects. It reminds me of Apan (tiny black cat that was curious about everything).

    1. I’m so glad you found the way to Lucy’s pattern…. I’ve been toying with the idea of wanting to try a ripple blanket for ages, give it a go I hope you will enjoy the process as much as I did, as for Neurotic Cat she only shows an interest in crafty projects, all the DIY that goes on at the cottage doesn’t intrigue her in the slightest, but as soon as yarn or fabric makes an appearance there she is, I wonder if I could set her on as an apprentice 🙂

  2. Ooo, lovely, great colours – I must find time to try one – I have been thinking of doing it – so many projects call to me!

    1. I know what you mean about projects calling LOL I’ve stuck with a basic granny square for so long I’d got stuck in a rut, but Attic24’s tutorials are a doddle to follow so I bit the bullet & gave it a go, I’m so glad I did it’s nowhere as difficult as I’d envisioned

    1. Aww thank you soooo much, for some reason I’ve really been bitten by the crochet bug LOL I figure strike while the iron is hot 🙂

  3. I love that neurotic cat is so intrigued by the new pattern emerging from the techno witchcraft gadget thingy! I secretly feel though, she is interpreting data off the image from another planet, rather than admiring the colourful pattern LOL!! My wonders never cease to be amazed by your prowess with that crochet hook, if I practised from here to eternity I reckon I would eventually be able to make a whole world globe cover,eventually, as for all I try, I seem only to be able to crochet circles. I take my hat off to you in admiration of your new found techniques and the lovely results! 🙂

    1. Awww thanks, I really don’t know who is more impressed that I’ve moved on from a granny square me or the cat LOL goodness knows how many folks will receive various crochet practice pieces over the coming years while I try & master the ancient art of ‘one stick and some yarn’ for whoever said if you can knit you can crochet was telling a big fat fib, having said that I have rather been bitten by the bug of trying to improve my crafting skill set, and you will no doubt be honoured to learn that through chatting to you I have been hit by a thunder bolt of inspiration……..it may take a little time to see the light of day while I work out the details but I’m very excited to see where my thought process will take me ….apart from the nearest mental health facility of course 🙂

      1. I feel like the female equivalent of Zeus of the craft world LOL! Though, I feel I should draft a disclaimer immediately, along the lines of ‘…I accept no responsibility for any or all mental damage incurred to those who receive an inspirational thunderbolt from any conversations I have penned whilst lounging on my chaise…! ;-/
        I’m utterly intrigued!!! Could it be, you have taken on the challenge of filling the female knitted toupee niche??LOL! OR maybe my mad insane waffling s about crazy ideas of stitching portraits and famous scenes on quilt panels has got your sewing needles all of a quiver?!? I don’t know how I am to contain my excitement until your big reveal now, maybe you would like to drop by the asylum…. we have tea and straight jackets at 10.30 every morning 🙂 LOL!

      2. I would dearly love to call by your asylum ….alas at 10.30 am me , myself & I have to receive counselling at that hour regarding why we feel a compulsion to commit subtle alchemy with sticks and yarn or needle and thread, don’t worry though I had the great fortune of assessing my psychotherapist was in urgent need of a hand knitted liberty bodice, which I whipped up in next to no time, now she is convinced as to my sanity, so I’m am available for day release into the community in the near future, surly your doctor has you under close scrutiny as your grandiose schemes greatly out way anything I could ever dream up 🙂 how is your binge drinking inducing quilt coming along ??? ps the spy cam is on hiding the bottle behind the cushion is not such a great idea you may spill the contents, just decant into a vase & leave it on the mantle like I do LOL

      3. Ahhhh…the quilt… I’ll come back to that!!!
        Such a shame you and your alter egos are tied up too at that time of day, I think 10.30 am must be a good time for assessing the insane amongst us! Nice move on the liberty bodice though! 😉 Do get me up to speed on what the latest street urchins are up to when you get out! 🙂 You mentioned my doctor, whom I really can’t wait to see again, so many sessions, wonderful lady, and all talk on the ward about her is really good…apparently, I think I have only a day or two before I see her again, I know she’s been tied up of late, but after things quietening down they should be opening her cell door soon…:-) It will be almost like being roomy’s as we are right next door to each other!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Apparently, we now both have the same new psychotherapist!.. not really sure what happened to her, I was her first and only case……………LOL!
        Wow! I didn’t think the spy cam would fall so easily for the bottle behind the cushion decoy! Now I can clearly enjoy peace while drinking from a strapped on cyclist’s bottle with straw. If only me old stout was a lighter shade, then maybe I could get away with having it in a vase, all well and good for the gin and vodka drinkers though! LOL!
        Closer to irreversible total insanity, by six and a half panels, I am still trying to work out who gave me the hallucinogenic which I was obviously under the influence of, at the time of agreeing!!! Still, only one and a half to go and then I can start piecing together while I mentally fall apart, what a juxtaposition, and wonder just what the heck I was thinking when I took on this project…So Yeh its going well thanks:-) 🙂 @-)
        Suddenly I think my skill set needs to learn the soothing art of crochet! LOL! 🙂

  4. Oooh, what a lovely blanket! You’re rows are so neat and I love the color of the yarn 😀 If you’re feeling adventurous after this one, maybe you could try the Scale (crocodile) Stitch? It looks far more advanced than it really it is and it works up so quickly! Congrats on adventuring in crochet 😀

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment, I’ve had a quick sneaky peek at youtube on how to do the crocodile stitch, it would make the most superb shawl don’t you think, or a bag, or a throw……yep I think I might just have to give it a whirl thank you sooooo much for guiding me onto a new project, well I have 2 more to finish first LOL

      1. I made a scarf out of it and I have to say that the finished product will be very heavy with the scale stitch. I used about three times as much yarn, but the outcome is so beautiful that I would do it again in a heartbeat. On a side note, if you continue the stitch and then fold it, the scales will go in the opposite direction. So if making a bag, I would make two separate pieces and then join them. When I wrap my scarf around my neck, the scales go one way and then the other. Oh well, c’est la vie.

  5. I know what you mean, the ripple stitch is quite addictive isn’t it? What a great idea to use colour changing yarn – how I loathe weaving in loose ends! I’ve made a ripple cushion and may well start a ripple blanket after I’ve finished my latest project – a Greengate-style one in cotton:)

    1. Sorry for my ignorance I hadn’t heard of a Greengate style crochet till I Googled it…….wow how beautiful I can’t wait till you post lots of photos of your finished project, see I have sooo much to learn LOL and soo much fun to be had along the way 🙂

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