A Little Time For Me

I’ve just finished a   L.. O.. N.. G   10 shift in 9 days stretch at work …..during the hottest period of summer, to say I’m a little fractious is well to be frank a mild understatement, what is in order now is a little down time

A lovely fellow crafter donated a few old quilting magazines to pour /drool over, and I couldn't resist a cosy mystery book
A lovely fellow crafter donated a few old quilting magazines to pour /drool over, some of them are over 10 years old but will be an invaluable source of knowledge and I couldn’t resist a cosy mystery book, I know no shame in my choice of  escapism book reading

While conversing with the multi talented Caren I was suddenly hit by a thunderbolt ….not her fault you understand, a flash of inspiration of how I would like to adapt two commercially available patterns to achieve the look I’m after, it’s going to be a slow process and one I’m going to relish

So far I'm only part way through my thought process and these two rag dolls just a teaser of where I actually want to take my idea
So far I’m only part way through my thought process and these two rag dolls just a teaser of where I actually want to take my idea, I’ve still a way to go and the end result probably won’t resemble anything like this !!!

To this day I’m amazed how and where ideas come from, I hope I can achieve what I can see in my mind’s eye


12 thoughts on “A Little Time For Me

  1. You’re a hard worker,I have no doubt in your achievements 🙂 ❤ Love a lot the old magazines and the book as well as the rag dolls….

    1. Sometimes circumstances dictate how hard I have to work, I don’t intend any disrespect yet it’s amazing how many folk ring in ‘sick’ at work when it’s warm and sunny ….or am I being cynical ? I now have 3 days off so I can potter around doing as little or as much as I wish, and who could resist spending time with a couple of rabbit rag doll prototypes 🙂

      1. I couldn’t agree more!!! Wow,this words of yours are so right,a perfect fuel for me in these last few days when a bit of depression rules…. :/

      2. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling under a dark cloud at the moment, I hope you feel brighter soon, if there is anything I can do please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m sending big hugs your way, I do so hope you find solace in your beautiful crafts that you create. Take care of yourself, xx

      3. You’re so sweet!!!It is just a momentary breakdown,I’ll be soon on my feet again (as always…. 🙂 ). It is hard to be away from home sometimes because there’s an illusory but very useful shelter missing….. I have no problems to argue with my Mum but it is not the same with my parents in law…. 😛 :/

  2. Your rag dolls are sooo cute! Thanks for the mention too, you make me sound cool ;-/ LOL! I’m so pleased our chats somehow sent you full steam ahead with a host of new ideas, I think after the long, hard stint at The Wprkplace, you jolly well deserve some R&R! Looking forward to more inspirational developments – meanwhile enjoy your time off 🙂

    1. Many thanks for taking the time away from your chaise lounge to leave such a delightful comment, your more than welcome for the mention, I’m hoping to become known as cool by association LOL There were times during my stint at ‘The workplace’ I feared for my temperament due to the heat, I was almost sure I was being mummified. The rag doll rabbits are sat waiting patently in my crafting den while I partake a yarn adventure or two, my the crochet bug has bitten hard…..I wonder if I can obtain cream for it from the apothecary.

      1. And, I thought I was hankering after the… cool by association! LOL! 😉
        It’s true, this grand old weather we are experiencing, is almost as good as the seventies, if I remember correctly?! – it does seem to be turning quite a few meek and mild middle aged ladies into rabid dogs (wiping the drool from my chin as I type) LOL!
        I do hope the apothecary had something suitable, if not I should ask if they can run up a suitable tincture of clear liquid heavy laden with juniper berries! I’m sure all the ‘hicks’ will distract from the bug bitten distraction/or add to the creativity! 🙂
        I recline in wonder at what amazing crocheted delights are on the horizon….

  3. I find it realllllly hard to throw out old crafting magazines especially because you know that, as soon as you get rid of them, you’ll remember the one thing you just HAVE to make was in one of them….

    1. There is something totally adorable about a rag doll rabbit, perhaps I ought to write a little story book to regale their adventures 🙂

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