My Best Friend

At the risk of sounding like a 12 yr old I’m going to share with you the tale of my best friend. When I moved into the cottage Hillary introduced herself on my very first trip to the local post office, stating as the garden to our new home is a mess we will be needing advice, so I should company her to the local gardening club. This is how Hillary is brash, loud, opinionated yet in her own way oh so thoughtful.

And this is exactly how are friendship has evolved
And this is exactly how are friendship has evolved

Collectively we are known as Mrs Mare & Mrs Moo due to the fact one of us a nightmare while the other is a cantankerous bovine, I refuse to say which one of us is which. We have shared many a Christmas together, lazy sunny afternoons in the garden….consuming way too much red wine…entirely her fault. Winter mornings would find us drinking copious amounts of tea while sat around the stove putting the world to rights. Hillary is a wizard in the kitchen she can cook like no one else I know, her garden her a sight to behold. Although I have many friends in the village, she is my best friend.

This evening my friend died, I have cried a million tears,


35 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. Oh Mrs P, I don’t know you and yet this brought a tear to my eyes, so sorry for your loss, a good good friend is hard to find and is a huge loss. Cherish those memories. Thinking of you.

    1. Many thanks, although I have quite a few good friends, that one special best friend is a rarity, there are so many great memories that I shall re visit when this hard time has passed

      1. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ………………. ❤ ❤ ❤ …………… maybe the hearts are a bit scenic but are very sincere 🙂

  2. I am truly,so, so sorry to read that you have lost your best friend! I wish I had better words…

    I was reading along. smiling to myself, at your lovely references to how your dear friendship began and developed…then suddenly it felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks! I am sure this sad loss, not only for you, but also Hilary’s family feels much the same way. I hope in time you can look back and cherish the times and fun you shared, without so much of the pain you have right now


    1. Many thanks for commenting, I live in a great village with many friends and we are all feeling a little bereft. To loose a best friend is a very sobering experience and makes to stand for a moment to catch your breath,

      1. Even in the short way you described Hilary in your post, she sounded like a very characterful, fun, charming lady and I am sure she had many many friends within your village who feel exactly like you too. Dear friends like that come along seldom these days, and, I am very sure you are as pleased as she was to have shared treasured time together! I am convinced a small community such as yours will miss her greatly, but, will keep her memory alive with little reminders to each other of her colourful ways. 🙂

      2. It transpires I will have a gentle reminder of Hilary, as this morning I received a phone call regarding ‘Eric The Red’…..her beloved ginger tom cat, all the cat re homing societies are full to brimming so are unable to take him in. If Neurotic Cat and himself are willing to share the cottage he will be taking up residence. All being well there will be posts in the near future of a glorious strawberry blonde feline reposed on my chaise lounge

      3. What a wonderful gesture to take Eric, I’m sure your friend Hilary would have been overjoyed knowing he was to be cared for by someone so close to her, and, of course you will have a lovely gentle reminder of her too! Who knows??? Eric’s calm composure on the chaise, might even rub off on Neurotic cat 🙂

      4. As soon as Inherited Cat joins the household…..he’s proving rather elusive at the moment, I’ll post photos of a handsome strawberry blonde male reclining on said chaise, who knows I may even photograph the cat as well 🙂

  3. Dear Roma, It has happened to me losing a friend, I thought about the good times we had together. She will be sitting on your shoulder helping you along to deal with the sadness, in time it will get better, and you will have your treasured memories of you both take care

  4. Mrs P & Neurotic Cat, Somebunny Loves you ❤ Angel is very sorry for your loss, I am very sorry also, its so sad to lose a friend you have had so many moments of joy and laughter shared. Angel Atticus will keep you in prayer, please send sensitive greetings to Neurotic Cat

    1. Bless you for your kind comments, I miss the old dear enormously, the funeral hasn’t even been arranged yet due to a delay with the solicitors, so I don’t have a sense of closure, I’m also having trouble catching her cat which I said I’d take in, I know he is safe & well as he makes a guest appearance then leaves again, I feel Hilary would enjoy the merry dance he is leading me. Neurotic Cat is being a tad naughty, she is sitting on my crochet work and refuses to move…I’ll let her be while I have a cup of tea 😀

      1. It sounds as though Neurotic Cat is keeping you company right now Mrs P, letting you know you have a good friend with you always, I lost my best friend at 21 and I often feel her, we also had such fun and it is such a comfort to have truly known a friend. Maybe when Hilary’s Cat comes to visit put a little butter on his paws, my grandmother did it when moving house with all her cats, it may not ease grief but it may help Hilary’s Cat feel adjusted to the idea of spending more time with you and Neurotic Cat especially at the moment to give each other comfort..Angel will say a prayer and enjoy your tea, Mrs P ❤ Angel Atticus & K

      2. I’m sorry for the loss of your best friend,I know it’s not something to get over, more something you learn to live with, but I’m so grateful for the times we sent together. Next time ‘Inherited Cat’ calls by I’ll try the butter trick, as we are such a close knit community there are quite a few of us keeping on our guard for him, secretly I think he’s playing us all off one another before he makes a commitment as to where he enjoys the best reception !! the gentleman across the green had his company a day or so ago then ‘Inherited Cat’ stalked off without a backward glance, love to Little Lion Cat

      3. I am sorry for the loss of your best friend too Mrs P, we must always remember the times we had with our friends that are not with will take time for grief to pass, I will have Angel Atticus say a special prayer for Inherited Cat that he will be feeling safe and loved in this difficult time..Little Lion Cat is on top of his tower and doing his night hunting,I must sleep so I can get up when Bossy boots Little Lion Cat wakes me with extreme purring, headbutts and flopping…it looks so lovely where you live, Angel would love the country :)!

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