Tears Twice In Two Days

So still feeling a little raw after Sunday evenings bad news it was an early shift on Monday at ‘The Workplace, where I held it together admirably you will be pleased to know. When I arrived home Gelfling Grandson met me at the door to announce Grandpa was cooking lunch….(Beloved has a weeks annual leave whereas I couldn’t get the time off hey ho) then he requested after which could we go for a walk. So off Gelfling I went, down past the beck

Due to all the warm weather there isn't much water in the beck, but there is enough for Gelfling to admire
Due to all the warm weather there isn’t much water in the beck, but there is enough for Gelfling to admire

We clambered over the 5 bar gate, yep I’m still nimble enough to hurl my self over one of these bad boys, ambled through the cow field, devoid of cows much to Gelflings annoyance, and came upon the signpost

I let Gelfling choose which path he wanted to take ....knowing full well he would chose the longest route home as he loves being outdoors in the countryside
I let Gelfling choose which path he wanted to take ….knowing full well he would choose the longest route home as he loves being outdoors in the countryside

Gelfling didn’t disappoint,the longest route home it was, I caught his attention with a couple of dandelion seeds


I proceeded to tell him how local folk law knows these as fairies, and how you should  pick them up make a wish and blow them up into the air so they float away granting your wish
I proceeded to tell him how local folklore knows these as fairies, and how you should pick them up make a wish and blow them up into the air so they float away granting your wish

He picked them up and blew them into the air, I asked him if he made a wish… he replied NO, he didn’t need to make a wish as he has everything he wants, cue tears from me…this time with happiness that a young child is so content to live in the moment and be secure in his own little world.

A lesson learned wouldn’t you say


18 thoughts on “Tears Twice In Two Days

    1. I know I half expected him to give a list a mile long of things he was wishing for….when reality he was perfectly happy with a sunny day, walking in the countryside and time spent with yours truly !!! nothing like having a small child putting things into perspective. Of course when he wins a Nobel Prize he will congratulate me for being his inspiration in life …..LOL

      1. Its really heart warming to read that he is so very happy with his lot in life! Certainly it would seem rare these days for little ones to be so mature and happy.
        He does sound like a very special little gentleman, and, I have no doubt you will be the first he blows kisses to when he receives his Nobel prize! 🙂
        To be honest it probably seems the best thing in the world to be walking with his grandma in the countryside on a beautiful summer’s day! I too loved nothing better than being with my grandparents when I was little 🙂
        Thought you might like to know… I have finished the quilt – my hair regrowth is scheduled to begin as of tomorrow! ;-/

      2. WOWZER the quilt has been finished ???? Many congratulations, I suppose your hair..or lack thereof hasn’t been too much of an issue during our unseasonable summer, I was going to ask if you have been wearing the appropriate level of sun cream on your sparsely covered cranium, yet I doubt you have seen the light of day while undertaking such an arduous role. What on earth will you do with your time now you are not eating, drinking and breathing the ‘Matrimonial Quilt’ a small less stress inducing project perchance ? I hope you get the opportunity to showcase your handiwork on your quilting goddess blog so I’ll be able to salivate over your crafting….while muttering incoherently about fabric, thread and something about not a cat’s chance in hell of me being able to attain such a level of craftwomanship … well not till I’ve mastered the art of fabric cutting & breathing at the same time 🙂

      3. Thank you most kindly Mrs P for your congratulations!

        My shiny cranium has in fact been a godsend in reflecting the suns rays whilst slaving away for 13 hours each day over three weeks in a south facing conservatory! Maybe the fall out was for the best…though I do seem to have some stray Tibetan monks who think for some reason think this is a Summer retreat?!? LOL! 🙂

        In celebration, I have cracked open two bottles of the dear old stout and treated myself to two straws as well! I am in no doubt of being deserving of such a treat…I just hope My Lady likes how I spent the last 273 hours of my life! The sad fact is…if she doesn’t like it… I have enough time to make another.. or find a very high cliff!

        I do hope I can have permission to blog about my new little creation, but maybe, I think it will have to wait until after the 23rd, the big day, as I know I have at least one follower who is related to the happy couple!

        My mundane task of tomorrow is to hoover the hell out of my house, I know its still here somewhere?!?, beneath the shifting dune of fabric and threads! LOL

        Then Who knows??? 🙂

        Keep working on that breathing…..;-/

      4. How jolly good of you to be hosting a summer retreat for monks seeking peace, tranquillity and a warm sunny spot 🙂 I can not for one moment imagine your creation languishing unloved, I’m more concerned one of the monks may commission you to recreate a quilt featuring the ‘Tigers Nest Monastery’… which you will be pleased to note is situated on a high cliff which you could put to good use if you feel compelled. You must let me know if the new fangled hoover gadget actually performs as per advertisements in the local press, or should I still retain my Witches Broom ?? personally viewing the photographs of the hoover I can not for the life of me understand how the said apparatus lands or indeed takes to the air in the first place. Good luck with your inaugural flight

      5. If you need a decent cliff then that would surely suffice without a doubt!
        I was hoping to feign a hangover (from my double stout intake), or even a drunken stupor melodramatically on my chaise, whilst my mum dashed around with the witchcraft wall driven device ‘thingy’ on her planned visit, watching happily as my home reappeared from beneath the fabric layers…! Though as it goes with all best laid plans…my mum put off her visit until tomorrow. Aarghhhhhhh….When My Lady is calling to collect her matrimonial quilt gift for the happy couple:-0 A few frantic screams later… I had everything under control, heaps of piles are now residing under my table on the chairs, huge amounts of batting of dust from floor to ceiling with my feather duster and a quick yell to my son (who’s home from college) resulted in me escaping the need to find out how to fly said contraption, though from what little I know of flying, I think opening a window and pointing it the direction of the breeze might help…Much better to stick with the broom and a few scatter rugs if you ask me! LOL! 🙂

  1. Happy tears are always good. Children can make things so simple. We adults should take many lessons from them. Jesus said that we should be like little children. I can’t remember the exact words from the Bible, but it is a good lesson I think. Sorry he missed the cows.

    1. Every time I see a dandelion seed now I smile and think to myself I have all I need…..out of the mouths of babes as they say, I think it was intended that I should take that walk to be taught a valuable life lesson, as you have said previously we are never too old to learn 🙂

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