Finished Ripple And A New Project

Would you believe it, I’ve finished my ripple blanket and it’s a personal keepsake … I’m going to keep it for the Autumn/ Winter so I can snuggled up on the sofa when Beloved is in ‘The Capital’ doing busy work type stuff.

My blanket reminds me of an impressionist painting, the colours sing of sunshine, white fluffy clouds, and clear running water so it's sure to brighten up any dull grey evening
My blanket reminds me of an impressionist painting, the colours sing of sunshine, white fluffy clouds, and clear running water … either that or I really ought to put tonic in my gin.

As Beloved & I now have a blanket apiece, I need to strike while the oven is hot on this crochet malarkey. I purposely kept some of the wool back I used on my ripple blanket to embark on matching cushion again under the guidance of a Lucy’s Attic24 tutorial

I'm keeping calm, I can do this,
I’m keeping calm, I can do this, how hard can it be ?????  hopefully I’ll have a masterpiece blooming flower cushion in the not too distant future

As I’ve not done a cushion or indeed crocheted a circle before I’m not sure how my foray into this new project will go, wish me luck as I set sail on a new venture


22 thoughts on “Finished Ripple And A New Project

  1. I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a masterpiece you’ve done!!!!!Great job!!!!!Told you that Attic24 has great patterns!Just follow Lucy’s tutorial and there will be soon a beautiful flower pillow on your sofa!!!Oh,yeah,life is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awwww thank you so very much for your encouragement, the blanket is sat alongside Beloveds Sherlock blanket in my crafting den, when autumn arrives I’ll be fetching them down to put them to good use 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment, as a fairly late new comer to the world of crochet I’m so impressed with myself when anything turns out vaguely similar to the pattern photo 🙂

  2. I’ve done the blooming cushion no less than, like, five times? It’s super easy!!! You’ve got it in the bag. I did it once without petals, I did all half double crochet instead all around and it made an interesting pillow! I have some notes on it, if you have trouble, which I seriously doubt you will, but let me know if I can help! It turns out great!

    1. I’m impressed with your confidence in my crochet ability LOL As I’m not going to be changing colours due to the yarn already having variations I’m hoping my joins in each round look ok … they should right ???

      1. I pulled out a variation I did, the half double one because that used a multicolored yarn (hideous, it’s candy corn colored, I couldn’t resist!) and it looks like I just joined the rounds as usual. Slip stitch into next stitch, ch 1. I do see that I wove in some ends, so I think I cut the yarn off after each petal round, and then ch 3 into the next round to start it. I don’t see weaved in ends on the inside double crochet rounds. I think that helps the petals pop a bit. Hope that helps! Don’t forget to increase every other round! 😀

  3. You seem to have taken to crocheting like a duck to water, I am totally in awe :-)! its something I know I will never be able to do, no matter how many lessons people have given me, all I seem to remember is how to crochet on my fingers as my grandma showed me whilst very small, or a peg doll bonnet! I can’t wait to see the finished blooming cushion! Though I do wonder if Beloved will feel deprived, him only having a man blanket?!? Maybe that is a ploy… to have him rest his head on you instead??? Hmmm! 🙂

    1. Not quite like a duck to water…more like a swan I’m gliding across the surface yet paddling like merry hell underneath LOL Now you have sown the seed for a Man Cushion 🙂

      1. LOL! now I have a perfect vision of you sitting perched elegantly on your padded window seat in your finest opulent silk Mantua with of course the largest of powdered wigs whilst primly crocheting your newest project ;-/! Of course its a good idea to let your Beloved have his own cushion…just think if he gets the man flu, the last thing you would want is him sneezing into your blooming cushion! I wonder if you could crochet bow ties instead of flowers to make it super manly for him?!? LOL! 🙂

      2. Of course you have captured the image to perfection, the Mantua serves two purposes, the generous proportions around the hip area are perfect for balancing my work upon for example my yarn and customary glass of something, the bottle may be safely stored in the wig for easy access, also if I perchance to partake of an extra portion of Flummery one would never be able to tell. I’m considering crocheting Beloved a one piece bathing suit for our upcoming visit to foreign climes, after all one needs to keep abreast of current fashion trends.

      3. LOL! I’m sure there is probably enough room in your wig to house a good size cocktail cabinet’s contents ;-/
        How wonderful your Beloved is to be the height of fashion on your next jolly jaunt sporting a crocheted cozzie , though, do make sure he has enough buoyancy aids in case he ventures further than ankle deep water…..! 🙂

  4. Your blanket is so beautiful! I love the soft colors. They are so soft and quiet. Great for snuggling. And it looks like you have made a wonderful start on your flowers. Your pillow cover will be lovely.

    1. Now you have said seaside I want an ice cream LOL but yes I can see what you mean, just think on grey evenings I’ll be able to reminisce about long summer days full of sunshine and happy memories 🙂 bliss

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