Morning Visit

Up for work this morning at 5am to be greeted by  visitors on the Green

Good morning Deer
Good morning Deer

10 thoughts on “Morning Visit

    1. When I looked out over the Green at stupid O’clock I thought I was seeing things LOL I almost spilt my gin let me tell you !! although deer do roam the outskirts of the village it’s only the second time I’ve seen them this close to the cottage, what a wonderful start to the day

      1. It’s nice to know there are advantages of being up and awake a silly o’clock,! Just think, had you still been in bed warm cosy and asleep, you would have missed out on this lovely scene…and a sneaky gin too LOL!

  1. What a great surprise. They are so pretty and cute. What kind of deer are they? They are small. I was expecting something a little larger. Glad you got to see them. Hubby gets up pretty early at that silly hour as well.

    1. They are Muntjac deer, and would you believe they actually bark like dogs, while walking up the fen of an evening they can be heard quite clearly, the mornings are really drawing in now I don’t think it will be too much longer before it will be quite dark at silly o’clock LOL

      1. That must be what the little deer were that our zoo had many years ago. They looked just like these two and they were supposed to bark like dogs. Sadly they were killed by stray dogs that got into the zoo. That was when it wasn’t fenced in as well as it is now. So glad you are able to see them in their natural surroundings.

    1. Don’t do it would be my advice I’ve been on earlies all this long stretch at ‘The Workplace’ apart from yesterday & today I may be turning feral … well according to Beloved that is LOL

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