The Designer Bathroom Saga

Beloved and I are now 9 months in on ‘The Designer Bathroom’ yes I realise some creative types can create a whole new human being during this time, but what can I say we only slightly under estimated how long it would take creating our bathroom LOL. For those of you are unsure why it’s called ‘The Designer Bathroom’ it’s simply because it was designed by our good selves on a serviette while out for a meal one evening

Beloved hard at work creating a beautiful home for the two of us to grow old together in
Beloved hard at work creating a beautiful home for the two of us to grow old together in

Beloved may look like a sea of calm, this is a post blasphemous photo, the bath and sink have been removed twice so far, once for tiling, and once to fit the flooring, it couldn’t be done all in one go as it’s the only bathroom we have….apart from a downstairs loo, and who could live without bathing facilities for a whole three-quarters of a year. Very soon we will be on the home straight buying the little extras that define our style such as wallpaper, light fittings and the such, on an outing at the weekend I bought something that I don’t think too many folks would consider putting in a bathroom.

I'm totally in love with this tiny pair of wooden babies shoe lasts, aren't they just adorable
I’m totally in love with this tiny pair of wooden babies shoe lasts, aren’t they just adorable, they are going to sit on a shelve above the sink.

Beloved assures me the bathroom will be finished some time before Christmas, I think all the hard work will have been worth it.


38 thoughts on “The Designer Bathroom Saga

  1. The designer bathroom is looking better every time I see it! And imagine the smug sense of satisfaction you will feel the first time you lie back in your bathtub with a nice big G&T. The shoe lasts are brilliant too…what a super find!

    1. Awww thank you for your lovely comment, after I did all the ripping out and knocking down of walls Beloved has done an amazing job of resurrecting a bathroom from the debris, I couldn’t wait for the finishing touches and have snuck a few object d’art in, I’ll have to take a few pics to post LOL

  2. If it’s any consolation to you honey, I had my kitchen updated a few years ago, now my hubs Is great at DIY, and he does a lot o f woodcarving etc he made all the units out of light oak and they look gorgeous. He treated me to an AGA which I had always wanted, I was so excited, the down side was it did take 6 months to complete, but when you are doing all the work yourself you have to give it time. But the big one is when you have designed the project yourself it is exclusive to you and nobody has the same design. The good thing was, I was able to use my kitchen to cook the whole time the way he organised his workload. So keep faith and it is worth the wait xx

    1. Your kitchen sounds divine, the work your hubs has done goes beyond monetary value, ooooh an AGA my I can feel myself swooning at the very thought šŸ™‚ I’m trying sooo hard to keep motivated as the renovations are taking forever (7 yrs !!!!) but in all fairness we are doing the whole cottage and garden and we both work full time then some as well as doing all the renovations ourselves….apart from a pet plasterer, still if the cottage had been fully renovated we would never have been able to afford it, or had the home we dreamed of

    1. After the kitchen the bathroom is my favourite room we have renovated so far because they are both to our specific needs and because the difference from before to after is so vast LOL

    1. Thanks for the comment, although I’m not in love with the tiles they are sooo right for the bathroom suit and the cottage. Good luck on the fence & deck šŸ˜‰

  3. Your bathroom certainly looks like it is heading in the right direction..YAY!.. and, I envisage a beautiful end result, especially with your unique finds of finishing bits and bobs! I love the ‘last(s)’ touch! LOL!! šŸ˜‰
    It was really considerate of you not to post Your Beloved’s Tasmanian Devil moments, though, if they are anything like my Dear One’s they would definitely have been quite entertaining ;-D
    With all you and your Beloved have on your plates, I think you have done jolly well in the time so far…carry on the good work and it won’t be long before your design is fully finished in 3D!

    As your shiny white tub does seem quite a lot larger compared to my strict Saturday night tin tub regime, I do wonder, how many times you will have to light the copper, which I assume is in your new ‘fangled’ kitchen in order to get enough ladles of hot water into buckets to take upstairs to fill the large bathing tub ‘thingy’ ?!? šŸ™‚

    1. Beloved’s Tasmanian Devil moment was quite mild until he tried to amputate his finger with the hacksaw then his range of expletives knew no bounds, I was silently impressed he could string so many obscenities into a sentence LOL Your observations are quite accurate the tub is on the large side but I must own up ……it’s for show only … Beloved & I will continue our usual bathing regime….using the butler sink in the kitchen, we take it in turns to sit on the draining board our feet submerged in the water then have a good strip wash apiece using the finest carbolic soap on the market, sometimes we even take the pots out of the sink first šŸ™‚

      1. Beloved ensures to nail the hessian potato sacking up at the windows, which is of a great comfort, but this also alerts the villagers to the fact the ‘Great Wash South Of The Waistband’ is about to commence much to the delight of the local revellers partaking of a shandy at the hostelry next door, as we need the sacking for the drying ritual !!!! of course one always wears ones shift while bathing so I’m safe in the knowledge I’m unseen, where as Beloved has to take his chances and has to remember to blow out the candle before removing the window treatments. The local constable is always present in case of an unfortunate incident as he relishes the thought of being able to march Beloved across the village green for a night in the stocks šŸ™‚

      2. LOL! !! šŸ˜€
        Such a relief to know one’s modesty is preserved during your ritual bathing, though I do wonder whether your Beloved could be convinced of wearing a ‘man shift’ especially during the light nights ?!? – Although, this would probably see a fall in the Shandy sales.too… ;-/

      3. Beloved & I will discuss your radical idea of a ‘man shift’ although one does wonder where theses new fashion trends will end !!!!!! he will be asking for a combination suit complete with rear flap next šŸ˜€

      4. Not knowing what the fashion advancement of a combination suit was entirely… I had a look on the witch craft box screen ‘thingy’! Now, I do realise my flickering candle light and my array of decorative spider webs adorning the black box, may have given me a somewhat distorted impression of it, but, I must say it does look quite cosy! I think he will be well equipped for the next ice age, and of course a back flap is always useful for advancement into the senior years! But still….trying very hard… to visualise the image of Your Beloved encased in it?????!

        LOL! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

      5. That is great news!… but, even better, there is a girl’s version too, maybe you can snuggle together through winter in a his and hers set! LOL šŸ™‚

  4. I have almost missed that post of yours,Roma….I’m a bit distracted lately,sorry…… can I say that I love the wooden flooring your husband is installing…. white facilities and brown wooden flooring…… wow,so awfully chic……

    1. Awww thank you for your comment, I know what you mean about being distracted, things appear to be sooo busy of late!!!! Beloved & I need to go on a suitable wallpaper and light fitting hunt, not sure if I’m looking forward to that or not LOL

      1. Go ahead, I’m sure you’ll find something suitable….if you like Occitan style,a nice light shade of lilac could be fine with brown and white,but,of course,it’s a matter of one’s own taste………

      2. In a post coming soon I’ve photographed some objects I’ve sneaked into the bathroom LOL that I want to incorporate into the colour scheme, so I’d love your input on some colour schemes šŸ™‚

  5. Your floor is going to be lovely! I love the wood Beloved is putting down. It will all be worth the wait. And as it was mentioned, it will all be yours. No one else will have the same. I also like the little shoes. They are cute.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Beloved has yet again created another fantastic room from the bear bones up, I smile to myself every time I go in there….one reason being now it’s tiled it shows how the cottage walls slope, when the room is completed I’ll post a photo to show what I mean LOL

      1. I will look forward to seeing the photos. You are blessed to have someone that can be a good Do-It-Yourselfer. If I tried, I would probably have to pay someone to fix it! Lol. But I can do some things and it turns out okay.

      2. Beloveds gift for DIY came about through necessity, we have to do as much by our selves as we can, if we had contractors in we wouldn’t be able to have afforded the cottage in the first place šŸ˜€

      3. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer, then we can start on the master bedroom and the airing cupboard as a joint renovation, afterwards the outside of the cottage needs a total makeover…..we figure by the time we retire in 10- 15 yrs time we should be on top of it LOL

      4. You are building a whole new house! But in the end it will be YOUR home and you will love it. Hang in there. Prayers sent for strength and energy to get it done. ā¤

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