Feast Day

Once a year the Villagers, Church & local hostelry join together to hold the village feast, after the storms yesterday it was a great relief when the sun was shining this morning. The Village Green gets transformed to a social arena

At 9am sharp the green becomes a hive of activity
At 9am sharp the green becomes a hive of activity, the locals gather to spend the day together

The other great attraction is the History Society’s displays which are held in the Church, one in particular proved very popular

All the ladies from the village made a bee line for this display of the latest fashions to be hitting the catwalk, after all we don't want to be left behind by the big towns & cities
All the ladies from the village made a bee line for this display of the latest fashions to be hitting the catwalk, after all we don’t want to be left behind by the big towns & cities

And of course there is the tower walk, I have to admit this is my absolute favourite every year Beloved & I charge up the tower to see the village from the steeple

This is the view towards the green, you can get a sense of how rural we are if you gaze towards the distance
This is the view towards the green, you can get a sense of how rural we are if you gaze towards the distance

After dark the there will be live music performed from an articulated lorry trailer and merry-making till the small hours, my we sure know how to party in these parts


18 thoughts on “Feast Day

    1. šŸ™‚ it’s great that there is so much to enjoy within the confines of the village, the band is just beginning to warm up yeah let the evenings entertainment commence šŸ˜€

  1. Oh My! I have surpassed being green with envy of the dear little village you live in, I do believe I am now an unsightly shade of turquoise ;-/ Not only…do you have the best fashion displays (By the way, I did wonder if the garment on the far right of the church display – very fetching !! – could be construed as a male shift?!? Its simplicity and elegance combined with the decorative vented band would be super for male chest aeration!) but also a there’s a super, proactive community of folks, who obviously know how to have a good time, from dawn till dusk and way beyond…and, even before the hay barns are restocked!
    It’s amazing how agile you both seem, to romp up to the ramparts of the surveying spire each year – do you go into training for the event ???- or, are you both naturally athletic?!? Maybe the fact that you are renovators gives you the advantage!
    I wait with bated breath for the full version of unfolding events of your super day ,evening and potential hangover!!! LOL šŸ™‚

    1. One has enquired about the pricing for the fashion items….. a thrupenny bit for the nightshirt!!! mmm quite expensive, as it is nearly harvest season I have made enquiries with Farmer Field about a purchase, and for a halfpenny I will have obtained enough bailing twine to knit Beloved a ‘Male Shift’ great news don’t you think šŸ˜€ As for the preparations for the assent up the church tower…I rely on my foolhardiness and general excitement to carry me through, although I’m positive a gentleman from Health & Safety has never frequented the event or he would have a seizure on the spot LOL, the stone steps are quite steep, in total darkness (the Church Warden fiercely defends his right to carry the only candle) there is no handrail, and when you reach the widows walk the wall is a mere 3 foot tall, how none of the villagers have perchanced to sustain physical harm is indeed a miraculous, there are 2 stops along the way, the clock mechanism with an ancient ladder available for yokels to clamber up for a closer look….yes I am one on them, the second stop is in the belfry, which has to be timed so not to coincide with the hourly chiming of the clock if you wish to retain your hearing šŸ˜€ But the view to behold when you reach the viewing platform can not be rivalled ….I’m looking forward to next years expedition already,

      1. Goodness me! The new fashion ranges are rather expensive, I can see your need to resort to bailing twine for Beloved’s modesty on the draining board! Though, I would think he may have some disturbed nights too if it is also intended for sleeping purposes, may I recommend a division of pillows in the marital bed, to save you being irritated by the said yarn ;-/
        I can quite understand, now you have explained, your determination to reach the top is obviously fuelled on two counts by adrenalin, the thrill and the danger of the yearly perilous hike trying to stay in eye shot of a dim flickering candle and also to see what the body count below will be when you reach the top! LOL! šŸ™‚

      2. We are asked each year to sigh a visitors log prior to the ascent of the tower, at first I thought it was simply a record of who was brave enough in the village to complete such a perilously activity, then the following year upon signing in I wondered if it was a waiver for the Church to relinquish any responsibility for any injuries occurred, this year however upon making my mark on the parchment I distracted the Church Warden with an unseen perspective of my bustle so I could get a better view of the contract I was signing… to my utmost surprise it is neither a waiver or visitors log …..but a suicide note !!!!! regardless of this discovery I made the decision to continue secure in the knowledge if Beloved was to slip and fall over the rampart I would forever know he passed over doing what I loved LOL

    1. Beloved & I were both brought up in villages…myself in the Midlands, himself in the South, although we lived on the very edge of a town for a few years …within 5 minuets walk of the countryside .. the town was beginning to grow so we made the decision to move back to a tiny village and I love it, would you ever exchange the rural lifestyle for the thrill of the city again?

      1. I try not to say “I never would do…”, but I will say that I hope to not live in the city again. At least not a big city like I grew up in. I love the quiet and beauty of the country. I have always wanted to be in the country I think. I know I always wanted to own a horse growing up. I suppose I might consider living on the edge of a city if I had to, so I could still get away and keep a few farm animals. So glad you both were able to find a wonderful village to live in again.

    1. Many thanks for your comment.The day was brilliant from start to finish, I was very sensible and didn’t drink at all during the evenings entertainment as Beloved & I were going out for the day on Sunday and the pair of us wanted to be full of beans for our outing šŸ™‚

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