Blooming Lovley

Yeah another ta da moment, if you remember as I embark on my voyage into crochet I set to on a blooming flower cushion, tutorial closely poured over courtesy of Attic24 well I’ve only gone and done it, so now not only can I do a basic granny square I can go round in a circle as well…..Bonus 🙂

The front of my version of  Lucy's pattern, I've used the same yummy yarn as I used for my ripple blanket
The front of my version of Lucy’s pattern, I’ve used the same yummy yarn as I used for my ripple blanket featured in the background

I’m really pleased with the back to boot

Two looks from the same cushion, yipee
Two looks from the same cushion, yipee

Was it as difficult as I first envisaged no, thank goodness. Now my little corner in the crafting den looks warm and inviting, during the grey winter I’ll always have a little summer reminder.

Now what can I make next ??


66 thoughts on “Blooming Lovley

  1. Oh,Roma,I’m so in love with your cushion!!!!!!!!!! It is so beautiful and the colours are so gorgeous!!!!!! Oh,how I love that yarn!!!! You make me wish coming in England just to purchase it!!!!! Great great work!!! I’m so proud of you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Although I have yearned to crochet for a while it was reading your blog and seeing all your amazing works of art that gave me the push to jump in and give it a try in earnest, I still have sooo much to learn, but each project I complete gives me a little more confidence xx

      1. I’m happy that my blog is useful!I love to craft and would like to have a magic wand to make all my ideas come real in a sec…. 🙂 LOL But you don’t need much instructions,your works are awesome!!!!!

      2. do not worry,it is just a matter of practice…..I still remember my Mum’s astonished face when she saw me reading a crochet chart for the first time…. if I made it,you will in a few trys 🙂 but if you check on line there must be some explanation table about…..give me a minute,I’m on my way to search for it………

      3. WOW thank you soo much for the link I’m going to download it and print it off, along with my comparisons of UK & US crochet terms 🙂

      4. Ok,and me,I’m off to knit,have to write a small article this evening on my blog….there’s something new among my stuff…. 😛

    1. LOL I’m now back on FB but under a pseudonym, I was banned after deleting Cottage On The Green as I wasn’t deemed a real person I’ll send you a friend request, and a like, look out for Beth Graham… my middle & maiden name 😀

      1. I’ve just tried to get onto FB and they have kicked me off again LOL I’ll been thrown out of better places let me tell you 😀 so I will continue to chat to you through our blogs 😀 😀 😀

    1. Many thanks for taking time to comment, Lucy on Attic24 sure writes a brilliant tutorial, she makes it all look so simple… so my thanks go to her for getting me thus far on my crochet journey !!

      1. LOL thanks for the info 🙂 I’ll check about in a few minutes and decide if order it or not….well,I’d like to make me a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig blanket but that possible blanket could cost an awful lot…………..have to think about………..then I see your work and my desire increases wildly

  2. Mrs.P….your blooming cushion is absolutely wonderful!!!! 🙂
    I’m not surprised you did a happy dance when you finished it, I think I would be in party mode for a week if I had been able to do what you have in such a short space of time, and I just love the colours! I can’t wait to see what comes out of the crochet corner next! 😉

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment, I’m really pleased how it’s turned out, I’m on the look out for a new project, after I’ve finished a commissioned order first 😀

      1. *News press* I now have 3 commissions OMG one I’m starting today and 2 I have to sit down & design!!!! so I need to get my thinking cap on …..if only I could remember where I left it LOL I’m sooooooooooo looking forward to the post on Mr & Mrs quilt, I bet it surpasses my wildest imaginations 😀

      2. 🙂 Woweee! That’s fantastic!!!! It’s a bit like waiting for the pony and trap to come…and then three arriving at once! ;-/ At this rate, you will become known as ‘The Green Cottage Industry’! I hope your thinking cap turned up in readiness for planning the two new orders, if not, I generally find wearing the bread mixing bowl helps, when I misplace mine!
        Your Beloved is either going to have, a lot of peace and quiet while you beaver away in your little craft den on your new commissions, or, be witness maybe to a new style Mrs. P , apparently taking lessons from your dear cat, whilst in the throws of creative perfection….btw…make sure your vase on the mantle is filled before you start !!! 😉
        I can’t wait for your big reveals….As for mine, I’m not sure I shouldn’t start some kind of official count down of its public unveiling…maybe I’ll have a word with the Town Crier on his next visit 🙂

        PS You could always charge a fee tomorrow, for those witnessing your exploits on the castle…it might enable you to keep it to yourself for longer…enjoy! 🙂

      3. I enquired if Beloved had perchance seen my thinking cap…..he said I never had one LOL The bread mixing bowl is usually place upon our heads when a hair cut in needed….how else does one keep the fringe straight I ask myself 😀
        I have a vague idea of what is required for my next 2 commissions, either that or I’ll just wing it…. while accompanying the Dr on his rounds at ‘The Workplace’ last week I got him to fit an intravenous drip that I can hook my gin to, so now I don’t have to stop for gin breaks any longer…genius or what.
        I think the town square will be a hive of activity when the Crier advertises your big reveal, the church bells will surely peel when the day finally arrives.
        Boss Lady said when I tire of the bouncy castle I can supervise the ‘White Elephant Stall’……..what the L am I going to talk to an elephant about ??

      4. Wow! the bowl thing I can take any of three ways., as my bread mixing bowl is very deep..
        1)you all have very long fringes
        2)you all have rather high foreheads
        3)the bread dough is in the bowl and you use it to set the height, by squishing down. for the fringe cut! LOL!
        What a wonderful helpful doctor you have at The Workplace, and so kind of him to administer such a time saving device! I wonder if this steady drip feed has helped with the ideas for the commissions?!? 🙂
        Gosh! a week today and the deed will be done in the matters of matrimony, and I shall be able to show ‘The Quilt’! I’m really not sure what people will think of it …! But, Hey Ho…My Lady was thrilled ;-/
        Do share any gossip the ‘White Elephant’ may have had today… LOL! 🙂

      5. I was totally gutted it turned out not to be a real elephant at all !!!!! and as for the bouncy castle what can I say …..we have a real ‘Yorkshire Lass’ at ‘The Workplace’ who took to the apparatus, and as she is over 90 I felt it would be inappropriate to push her off, so I had to sit and fume inwardly 😦 Of course I leave the dough in the bowl as you rightly said it can be used for hight adjustment while also any stay hair clippings remains in the dough as it’s added fibre, and a Lincolnshire variation of granary bread LOL. One week and we get to see ‘The Matrimonial Quilt’ I’m over excited by this news …..I need to readjust my drip feed !!!!!

      6. OMG! I need to switch to Yorkshire Tea leaves in my reusable hang and dry t-bag thingys and see if I can find out what else the sprightly Yorkshire Lass adds to her daily brew! Though I can quite understand your inner frustrations at not being able to perform your best acrobatics for the crowds, especially if you were wearing your crocheted ankle obscurer s too ;-/

      7. ‘Yorkshire Lass’ puts us all to shame, and she is soo droll I commented on her slender youthful figure, her reply …’Tis no use gettin fat, yer only as to carry it round wit yer’ she refuses to get up before 9am as she says she’s not worked all those years to be woken up before the Church bells are near enough in double figures, so I really couldn’t deny her an hour on the bouncy castle, although I did bribe her with a slice of chocolate cake to get off !!!!!!!

      8. Yorkshire Lass sounds a wonderful character and I couldn’t agree more with her about getting fat, and, the time she rises, if I ever get to that ripe old age, I should jolly well hope people leave me be in my bed till I’m ready to attack the day as she does;-) I bet you have some amazing people to assist at The Workplace if this Grand Lass is anything to go by, for all those not…at least there is the intravenous now!!!

        Good to know chocolate can bribe just about anybody too …I hope you gave it your best in the little time you had?!? 🙂

      9. I don’t think I’m ready for the 2016 Rio Olympics just yet I’ve not quite got the hang of holding me wig in place, but by the time the qualifying rounds come round I think I’ll be in with a chance….or both ‘Yorkshire Lass’ & I can enter then that’s gold & silver in the bag LOL

      10. LOL! I have no doubt as to you both being medal winners, even without the Olympics!…though, I do look forward to seeing how well you keep the wig in place as it obviously stores the intravenous supplies !!!!!!!!! ;-/

  3. Oh wow, great job! The cushion looks amazing & that yarn is just brilliant… It’s incredible how using it with a variety of stitches can produce two pieces that look so different but still match perfectly! Congratulations on another crocheted masterpiece!

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