Grand Re- Opening

I have bitten the bullet and re opened my Etsy Shop CottageOnTheGreen, everything is hand crafted by yours truly using quality materials, here are a few things I have on sale

A hand crafted bag in Harlequin fabric
An exclusive hand crafted bag in Harlequin fabric £30 plus p&p


A Rag doll rabbit in Clarke & Clarke fabric, pattern by JD Conwell £27
A Rag doll rabbit in Clarke & Clarke fabric, pattern by JD Conwell £27 plus p&p
A hand knitted dressed rabbit, pattern by Sarah Youde £17
A hand knitted dressed rabbit, pattern by Sarah Youde £17 plus p&p

Thank you for taking a look 🙂


24 thoughts on “Grand Re- Opening

  1. Mrs P, those are some nice bunnys ! Great you have reopened your shop, your craft work is lovely 🙂 My mum is going to start to make some things for etsy too so I will keep you posted ! I have to fly, give my sincerest pawshake to Neurotic Cat and Inherited Cat when you see him 🙂 ❤ Angel Atticus

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment Little Lion Cat, you must tell your mum to let me know the minuet she opens her shop so I can ‘follow and favourite’ her work, look after yourself ❤ Mrs P

  2. I hope it works out well for you. I like the purse and I may have to consider the rag doll rabbit. It is so cute. What does a pound transfer to in American money? I can never remember. I didn’t get to check out the shop before it was shut down. I am clicking on the link now.

    1. Many thanks for checking my shop out 😀 £1 = $ 1.67 approx. I’m adding new stuff over the next week or so then I’ll be creating some new goodies LOL

      1. Thanks. I went to the Etsy site and registered so I could buy something. I don’t know when I will be able to order, I am trying hard not to use any credit cards and buying when I don’t have the money on hand. Hubby is getting a little upset with me. I did see a rabbit in pink dress and a beautiful flowered bag I would love to order. The rabbit would be for my granddaughter. The bag for me of course. Do you do anything with kittens? Granddaughter likes puppies and kittens. I also figured out I could click on United States and American currency. DUH! But I am glad to know the ratio. I will have to really check on that bag! I even showed it to Hubby. Of course he didn’t commit to anything. Gotta love him.

      2. Awww bless you for taking a look 😀 I know what you mean about not using credit cards ….I’m still saving like mad for a cow painting for the kitchen, I don’t have anything with kittens at the moment but I have seen a couple of patterns that I’d like to try out, as for Hubby not commenting I did smile, I’ve shown Beloved some light fittings for ‘The Designer Bathroom’ and not a word was said LOL

      3. Men! What can you say? Hubby probably figures I have too many purses as it is. I can carry only one at a time right? Lol. But I want that purse! I will keep an eye on it and maybe get it later or another one if it sells.

      4. I was telling him about your comment on husbands and I repeated how I wanted the purse. It was so pretty and handmade by you. He then asked how much was it! Um maybe it can be for Christmas!? Love my husband.

      5. I do some stamped cross stitching. As on many things in my life I haven’t done anything for awhile. I have so many started and unfinished pieces. What do you like? And I do some Loom knitting. About all I can do fairly well is scarves and some hats. I like the idea of gift exchanging. But my work is not near as good as yours. I will have to post some pictures of something sometime. Thank you for the thought.

      6. I haven’t had time to try cross stitch but it is something I do love the look of. A fellow crafter did an image of Old Dog for me, the size to fit on a greetings card for Beloved, if you could find the time to do something similar of Neurotic Cat……well a basic black cat really I’d gladly do a gift exchange, let me know if this is acceptable and we’ll go from there

      7. I will check and see if I could find something with a black cat. I don’t know if I could find one on stamped cross stitch. Counted cross stitch has just about everything. I can’t see the squares good enough to count correctly sometimes. I can do small ornament sizes of counted cross stitch sometimes. Well enough that it doesn’t look to crooked. Lol. I will definitely check and see what I can find. Thank you.

      8. I am not as busy as I should be. I kind of make my own schedule. Then when I really need to clean house I wear myself out. So far I can’t find anything with a black cat. If I could figure out how to make a picture into a stamped cross stitch, I could take a picture of our cat Shadow. She looks similar to Neurotic Cat. I’ll try and think of something. Maybe I can find a cow for you. Lol.

    1. You ought to give it another whirl, I closed mine for a short time due to doing quite a lot of craft fairs, it needs some jiggery pokery I need to take some new photos for some of the items…perhaps while I have a few days off 😀

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