Back to knitting

I haven’t done any knitting in what seems for ever, then quite by chance I was asked to knit a little something for a student…..I don’t know what impressed me more … being given a commission or having a student following. I tracked down a lovely pattern by Debi Berkin

Oh my it feels good to be knitting again, have you any idea what this little pile of bits & pieces will be ?
Oh my it feels good to be knitting again, have you any idea what this little pile of bits & pieces will be ? nope for those of you who know me well it’s NOT a rabbit šŸ˜€

And talk about an exciting week I’ve made a small sale on my Etsy shop

Off to America thanks to Debbi for the order
Many thanks to Mandi this cute little gift bag is being shipped to America

One more shift at ‘The Workplace’ and I get 5….yes that’s a whole 5 days off, time just for me to do a little crafting ….Ooooooh heaven


31 thoughts on “Back to knitting

  1. How wonderful a sale in your first week of re-opening, YAY! šŸ™‚ ! I’m taking a stab in the dark of your new knitting creation being a blue sheep!? Maybe a male one given the central knitted shot! ;-/ I think it’s brilliant that you have a commission from one of your students! What an inspiration you are to the younger generation šŸ™‚
    I hope the intravenous is still providing you with inspirational moments when turned up to full !!!? :-).

    1. I’m in much need of ‘medication’ due to the amount of hours I’m putting in at ‘The Workplace’ I swear some of my Lovely’s think I have moved in !!!!! still only today to go then I have a few days respite so I can craft, create and possibly clean the homestead, as for being an inspiration to the younger generation I like to think I impart important relative information…..who am I kidding they thing I’m some sort of deranged mad woman even Boss Lady introduces me to respective clients relatives as & I quote “and this is Roma….there is no other way of describing her” which I’m taking as a huge compliment especially as one of the Dears shouted out during the same informal tour of the ‘Workplace’ ” You hoo Roma have you been arrested yet?” I’m pleased to say the relatives conceded it would be an apt place for their loved one to stay as we were such a jolly bunch LOL

      1. I hope you manage to see it through the day and then you can uncork your medication ;-/ LOL!
        For some reason I imagine The Workplace becomes rather dull when you take time off, but quite right you should take their descriptions of you as huge compliments !!!
        Enjoy your stint in creative craft mode…I can’t wait to find out what the blue knitted piece will be?!? oh!, don’t waste energies on tidying the homestead, I’m sure your time off can be put to much better uses šŸ™‚

      2. I’m taking your very sensible advice concerning the cleaning….I’m sure it’s over rated anyway šŸ˜€ plus I worry if I tidy up I might not be able to find anything !!!!1

    1. I get a major buzz when ever I sell anything no matter how small, the feeling you get that someone likes what you have put time, love & effort into is like nothing else šŸ˜€

      1. Your work is beautiful, of course folks would buy something you created ā¤ I really would give it a go your hand crafted goodies are just too amazing not to be out there šŸ˜€

  2. I just love to see your photos and read your words!Can’t wait to see your knitted goodie finished!And I absolutely love the bag,have to sew one for me too!But,first it’s Catia’s turn!I feel so thankful that that kind woman helped me with my knitting that feel to make her a gift!In fact I was thinking about sewing her a bag and make a small crochet lace to add on…I have already the fabric at mine….must must find time to do it…

      1. Oh,you stole me a smile of tenderness with your comment! ā¤ Well,I wish I had a store like hers one day and treat the custumers exactly as she does,with kindness and firmness in the same time šŸ™‚

  3. I don’t know how you went without knitting for so long… I get the shakes after a couple of knit-free days! I can’t tell yet what those knitted pieces are going to be – maybe a portrait of said student, lovingly recreated in yarn?! Congratulations on your latest Etsy sale as well, may it be the first of many more!

    1. Many thanks for your comment, my knitting is being blocked at the moment so the big reveal will be in a day or so, you may be closer than you think on your answer LOL

  4. Might it be a nurse bear? Haven’t knitted for years – last thing was probably a mohair cardi as was all the rage back in 1986!! Well done on your Etsy sale:)

    1. OMG I also knitted a mohair cardi around the same time, mine was sky blue & I wore it with red jeans !!!! I still have about the same amount of fashion sense, the knitting will be featured in a post over the weekend LOL call by to see if you were right ;-D

  5. Congratulations on your sale! I hope I can an order myself. You have such pretty creations. I still want the purse. <3. As for the picture, I can't guess. The black pieces remind me of a set of head phones. Yes you can laugh, but that was my first thought.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, the mystery knitting is sooo nearly complete, Mmmmm now you have given me an idea……I wonder if I can yarn bomb earphones šŸ˜€

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