Yeah a few days off work

How brilliant a few days off work then ……..

I feel proper poorly Boo Hoo
I feel proper poorly Boo Hoo

27 thoughts on “Yeah a few days off work

    1. Obviously ‘Medication’ & bouncy castles have taken their toll, still I’m viewing this little episode as a diet / sleep fest and I get to watch dull day time TV

      1. Poor you! 😦 To have caught some unimaginable mystery bug either from the intravenous or random deposited yuk on the rubber bouncy castles, especially as you were enjoying both activities !!!. I hope that while one side of your brain is being lulled to sleep by the mind numbing day time TV the other is hard at work on inspirational creative ideas for when you feel better 🙂
        If you still have the drip in place ?!? I should turn it up a notch…then it should kill or cure the alien invader of your body ;-/

      2. I’m definitely on a kill or cure mission today as I’m far too busy to be bothered by invading micro-organism, I’m enjoying a reviving cup of tea …..yes I know me, tea who would have thought it 😀 I have a post to write, a package to unwrap and a entrepreneurial mission to complete all before my 4 o’clock afternoon tea LOL

      3. Wow! Tea, who’d have thunk?! You definitely sound like you have no time for a lingering Lurgy… LOL.
        Hope you are feeling better today though 🙂

      4. I’m in the fortunate state to be able to ignore the last lingering feeling of yuckiness ;-D possibly the tea drove the last few bugs to find a new host either that or they couldn’t stand another moment of dull daytime TV LOL

      5. Obviously I’m well enough to go to an antique auction tomorrow with Beloved, but I’m not well enough to do any cooking or cleaning yet LOL

      6. Goodness me !!! Who could possibly think you are up to such arduous tasks, after your debilitating bout ??? It could take weeks, even months before you have the strength to lift a saucepan from the kitchen cupboard or even put the plug in the sink !!! LOL
        Though, to be absolutely sure of a continuing recovery, I suggest holding Your Beloved’s credit card high in the air at the auction tomorrow,and do give it a quick waft every now and then! It’s sure to detract from the last lingering after effects of your Boo Hoo moments…for sure ,Your Beloved could wish nothing better than a full recovery and would not possibly deny you this little indulgence, especially if you care to donate a little of your intravenous in generous amounts to him before the proceedings start!!! LOL 🙂
        I do miss my days in the auction houses, as part of the backstage staff, we had such fun people watching in between the madness of finding, bringing and displaying items, so if you see a couple of gigglers in the corner do think of me, as you spend Your Beloved’s credit balance! OH! and I’d love to see what your investments will be 🙂

        PS I do also think keeping a generous reserve of your intravenous supply, is also a good idea (if you can bare to be parted twice , that is) ;-/, to be administered to Your Beloved for any induced shock too!!!

        PPS Do enjoy your outing tomorrow, and be sure to milk the fact of not being well for as long as possible – take away s are a wonder – no prep and no washing up either – wow, literally, the recovery from this bug could go on and on and on for years……………..! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      7. HA hahahahahaha There can be no better ailment reliever than the spending of Beloveds bank balance on small investments of the antique kind, on viewing the sale catalogue there are a couple of items that captured my heart, of course one can never tell if they live up to the dream until viewed in person. I often wondered what the staff were giggling about, on more than one occasion I had to check my attire in case I’d made the faux par of having my gown tucked in my bloomers, if Beloved does fall prey to a malaise due to shock that might give me a few moments of extra card waving time until his revival LOL

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