Knitting galore … I need a cup of tea

I have finished my mystery knitting commission, Oh my I hope it was the sort of thing Lady Student is after, I tend to get a little jittery when someone wants something specific

I hope the student nurse likes her little good luck mascot
I hope the student nurse likes her little good luck mascot, I’ve just started creating one with a traditional grey WW1 dress for the Remembrance Sunday display at the Memorial Hall

While my needles were out I got the urge to knit one of my diminutive rabbits to put in my newly re – openedΒ Folksy shop

It's not wrong to have a 'thing' about rabbits is it ?
I love rabbits…… Oops I said that out loud didn’t I πŸ˜€

A package has arrived, I know what it is, the wool I ordered yesterday, yet I’m still excited about it,time I put the kettle on for Beloved I think


38 thoughts on “Knitting galore … I need a cup of tea

    1. Awww bless you, as always you have such kind comments for my handicrafts πŸ˜€ I did change the dress colour to match the nurses uniform we have in our country, and of course I had to use buttons for eyes as that has become one of my signatures LOL

    1. Ooooh now you may have started a creative whirlwind LOL similar to the nurse uniform with a black cape perhaps ?? I’ll finish my WW1 nurse rabbit, then knit a midwife one and post the photo for your critique πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks for your physic comment, I’m already thinking through a uniform for everyone’s consideration LOL I’ve missed my little world of bunnies… it transpires they are the cure for the lurgy

      1. And I can see why…their super cuteness can’t possibly be matched by an ugly mug bug ;-/
        I’m so looking forward to seeing the new passing out parade of all your new uniformed creations !!! πŸ™‚

      2. Spill the beans !!!! I’ve not perchance to have glimpsed an ugly mug bug, is this a new design creation you are bringing forth to see the light of day ??

      3. Watching…I’ve cleaned my looking glasses so I don’t miss a thing, I’m sat upon the edge of my rocking chair, turning up my drip to sustain me till you focus your image capturing contraption at your new work of art πŸ˜€

      4. I love I have your attention !!! But also worry about your increased heart rate and blood pressure due to over increasing the drip feed..! Please try and maintain a steady pace of rocking,, for, I fear, you flying foully onto your flagstones from over excitement !!! ;-/
        Do keep yourself in check, as I will be MIA for a couple of days due to youngest one and oldest one with partner being home for a long weekend and various day trips planned into the bargain…!!!
        I shall reveal more soon………………..! πŸ™‚

      5. My what a day yesterday!!! My daughter and her partner had planned, arranged (and even paid for – so extremely kind of them) a days family outing to the Lake district! With three generations in tow Nothing but style all the way πŸ™‚ Open topped charabanc rides to here there and just about everywhere !!! A steam mini cruise across Lake Windermere AND all done in a full day of sunshine, what could be better ??? then…rounded off perfectly at a little Italian Restaurant – and of course a good sampling of their house reds!!! Simply a must…LOL
        Today I have spent receiving visitors whilst reclining on my chaise, so good to catch up with My daughter’s old school chums, they are like having occasional extra children having known them for 14 years πŸ™‚

        Being let loose into the world, on an extra long leash, and of course with the required straight jacket, was like a breath of fresh air..aaahhh πŸ™‚
        Not sure when the next trip will be, depends on the analysis of the reports LOL

      6. What a delightful day release experience πŸ˜€ it sounds an idyllic way to spend a late summers day, what with all your crew in tow, you were very civilised partaking of red wine instead of the usual stout…..still when in Rome and all that LOL are you sure you weren’t shackled to the chaise today to keep you in check after yesterdays exertions ?? still it makes the heart glad to see care in the community is still going strong πŸ™‚

      7. LOL my repose on the chaise was obviously blown by your spy cam!!!…and indeed of course it was more of a recovery session…not only from the hobbling around all day on a now fully dysfunctional pair of legs ;-/ but also of partaking in the luscious red liquid the Italians find irresistible….:-) let’s face it, if a seven foot tall Italian waiter stood over you waving around a bottle ”insisting” (not that I needed the insistence – LOL! ) that you sample the contents would you send him away ???

        Obviously though stout will be my main preference…HICK @-)

      8. One hopes your support hosiery stood the test of time, I think it was quite cosmopolitan of you to pass on the stout when being faced with such an insistent Italian wine toting waiter, of course I would have done exactly the same in your situation….it would never do to be seen to be uncouth in front of the children πŸ˜€

  1. I love bunny rabbits too ! Your student friend will love her mascot, your creations are so lovely Mrs P, mum will have to save to get me a bunny from your shop too πŸ™‚ Mum just got a sewing machine to start up her shop too and I may even have makes some bunnys too, very inspirational, enjoy your afternoon tea Mrs P ❀ Angel Atticus

    1. Dear Little Lion Cat
      My mum is busy knitting away, I sit on her knee and help her keep count of the rows. I like her bunnies but she doesn’t let me play with any of them…….but she does let me have a pom pom to stalk LOL. Please ask your mum to post pictures of her sewing as soon as she can
      Love Neurotic Cat x

      1. Thank you Mrs P, yes I am working on mum getting me some new mouses’s asap, I am the VIC (Very Important Cat) around here, I will get right on it…well I would want to play with them bunny’s too they do have floppy ears…well pom pom is pretty good too Neurotic Cat, dont let any of the pom pom get away, they will try..I know I can rely on you Neurotic Cat πŸ™‚ Your sincerely Little Lion Angel, fluffy headbutt and bow:)

  2. What a lovely nurse rabbit! I am sure Student will love it. I would like to see the one you are making for the Rmembrance Sunday display. And I like the new little bunny for you shop.

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