A short story

It was my own fault really I was rushing round this morning like an idiot when I accidentally  tried to cave my head in on a cupboard door I had left open, the next thing I knew I was a hospital day room with the other walking wounded

I must have done a little bit of damage as they have given me a walking stick as I'm a little unsteady on my feet
I must have done a little bit of damage as they have given me a walking stick as I’m a little unsteady on my feet

Beloved was nowhere to be seen so I presumed he was in ‘The Capital’ at work and he had been summoned to my rescue, as time wore on I began to get a little anxious, I knew 1st born was out of the country on business, and 2nd born is at college so neither of them would do ‘The officer & a Gentleman’ enactment,  I asked the nurse if Beloved had been informed…she assured me everyone knew where I was. I’m not a great one for technology but I do have a mobile phone,  I sneaked out into the garden then upon trying to ring Beloved would you believe it the batteries were dead..Poo, when I came back indoors a middle-aged gent greeted me with a cheery “Hello” and thrust chocolate in my hand….I didn’t know this chap from Adam but hey ho chocolate is chocolate, I spent a good half hour passing the time of day with said gent, I think he was there to visit someone else but perhaps felt sorry that I was sat with no family to claim me, then the cheeky whippersnapper got up bellowed ” Later’s Grandma” and left…..that’s it on the way home Beloved can damn well call by the chemist I need to up date my beauty regime

This will be me from now on Grandma indeed
This will be me from now I will be the best preserved  Grandma within 20 miles

By now it was evening and still no Beloved I asked again if Beloved was coming to fetch me, she replied I was staying here for a while WHAT???? where is Beloved ???? at this point I began to cry,on my way to the loo I passed the office where the nursing staff were holding handover
” The only major concern today is Mrs P she is very unsettled asking for her husband…..she seems to have completely forgotten that she has outlived him and both her sons, her grandson visited her today and she didn’t recognise him at all, at one point she was out in the garden using the TV remote as mobile phone…please observe her offer TLC and I’ll ask the Dr to review her meds still for 87 she is in rather good shape ….apart from her memory of course”

POST EDIT     This story relates to how an individual living with Dementia can loose the perspective on time, place & people I’ve written it in the first person to highlight the confusion,


23 thoughts on “A short story

  1. omg Roma, that made me pmsl!! Wonderfully done, I’m still a bit rattled, lol. It confused me too, was it inspired by a trip to the docs? Are you ok? I’m still giggling….xx

    1. I actually work in Dementia care, this is an empathetic tale of how folks living with dementia get stuck in a moment in their lives …..you are suppose to be confused btw as to what is reality and what is perception 😀

      1. Your was exactly the reaction I was looking for !!!!! you were suppose to be unsure if I had banged my head, had a memory lapse, had Dementia or caught in a time loop so please don’t feel terrible, your reaction was spot on, humour is one of the coping mechanisms in living with and treating Dementia. PS I will sit & talk to anyone if they are armed with chocolate 😀 whether I know them or not LOL

  2. Wow, I wonder just how many people live in this kind of ‘frozen in time’ state and lost from today’s realities ??? The statistics must surely be very scary!!! Your story was so very well written, that, I had to go through it again to make sure it was a story 😉 ! I have only come across a couple of people that I have known quite well, though not related to, up to now in my life, with this condition, From the little knowledge and experience I have of being around these people, in the different stages, its very sad and often extremely frustrating for both the patient and especially the close relatives. Good people like yourselves are a Godsend to both those patients and the relatives in keeping spirits up and alive, not to mention having the patience to sit, listen and share with them their repetitive cherished memories they still have left. Having a great personality (and of course being just off centre of mad and deranged – like you have quoted of yourself – LOL), gives you the perfect fit for the job! I have no doubt of the many colours you add to each day for these people with your strength, wit and seemingly boundless energies to keep them all bumbling along happily (referring to the bouncy castles here of course 😉 !!! )

    A great and unexpected post…Loved it! 🙂

    1. I’ve just had to write a post script at the bottom explaining that it’s a story…..I deliberately wrote it in the first person to add to the confusion so you don’t know what is happening or why, I know I’ve left a couple of folks bewildered as I have had phone call from a villager thinking I was in hospital after banging my head !!!! perhaps I’m not literary person after all and should stick to knitting rabbits LOL

      1. LOL that is so funny! I can see why they thought it was true, and really, that goes to prove your literary skills did the trick! Nice too of your friendly neighbour to be so concerned after your convincing tale. If you get enough people asking, you do realise you will be feeling for the bump on your head yourself.. LOL .

  3. Simple writing which makes me live every single moment of the story!Initially I really thought it was you who beat your head in the cupboard door ….. and then the cool shower……… love your empathy 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, personally I find I can make a connection with someone living with Dementia by joining them in their world rather then expecting them to conform to our perception of what is happening in the world

  4. You scared me Roma!! I was going to do a Are you alright? Hope you are doing okay. I am so relieved it was just a story to make a point. My Mother-in-Law had Alzheimer and lived the last 11 of her 80 plus years in a nursing home. It was such a sad thing to see. I cannot imagine not remembering my husband, children, or anyone. I have had a concussion (falling from my mule) and lost about two hours of my life. That just about drove me crazy trying to remember what all transpired after the fall.

    1. The majority of the time folks living with Dementia appears perfectly settled, but every now and again they relive an event so vividly that they seem to be caught in the moment, I have first hand knowledge of a lady who hadn’t received her weekly wage and gets quite anxious wanting to see the wages clerk !! another person thinks they have called by for a spot of lunch and enquires what the bus arrives to take him home, I hope I got my point across in an eloquently way 🙂

      1. I think you made your point very well. My mother-in-law sometimes knew Hubby and other times didn’t. She usually didn’t know me. But then she didn’t like me too well I don’t think. She told me once I wasn’t good enough for her son. I told her it didn’t matter what she thought. It was what Hubby and I felt for each other that mattered. Then it was as if nothing was said. I am not sure if it was the Alzheimer or not. It was before she went into the nursing home. She was forever a busy lady. She even managed to get out of a locked ward once.

      2. My Father in Law escaped from a secure ward once, every one assumed he was sat in the foyer greeting all and sundry when he was actually watching how the code mechanism worked, don’t dwell on your conversation with your M in L it sounds like frustration talking due to the fact that you are connected with your Hubby while she was loosing her relationship and ties with him as her illness intensified

    2. Thank you. I know she was already in the first stages of Alzheimer. I was sitting with her that day while Hubby and his Dad went to an auction. My father-in-law tried to keep her at home as long as he could. We got along fairly well. I really didn’t get a chance to know her really well before she started getting it. Hubby and I weren’t married at the time. He said she was difficult to get along with in his youth too. She was a nice lady all in all.

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