Auction Fever

My it’s been a busy weekend, there was a 2 day antique auction in Lincoln which Beloved said we really ought to attend…and who am I to argue

At Bracebridge Heath which is about 4 miles from Lincoln you get the first clear view of Lincoln Cathedral
At Bracebridge Heath which is about 4 miles from Lincoln you get the first clear view of Lincoln Cathedral, sorry the photos isn’t too great but I think you get the idea

We had a good old nosey around at the lots for sale and sat down to make ourselves comfy, the bidding got quite competitive on a couple of lots ..usually the ones I wanted !!  I was out bid on quite a few as I sensibly stuck to my budget, but there was one lot I did manage to get


Did I ever tell you I LOVE old books ....NO
Did I ever tell you I LOVE old books ….NO !!!!! Books especially old ones are one of my passions.  I managed to get a selection, 3 old Punch Almanacs from 1881-1883 very interesting ….if you like that kind of thing

Ooooh and my absolute favourite

Cassell's household guide from 1869, inside was a hand written recipe for biscuits and  cake
Cassell’s household guide from 1869, inside was a hand written recipe for biscuits and cake,

After reading this beauty I’ll be able to perform my household duties to perfection, as well as knowing if I managed my children correctly, and the chapters on domestic medicine ….very informative not that I’ll be putting any of them into practice as who knows where you can purchase chalk water or dilute sulphuric acid unless you know different of course


25 thoughts on “Auction Fever

    1. I didn’t say I had common sense LOL I would have been able to buy more if Beloved nipped to the loo but he knows what I’m like every time he leaves the room I buy something 😀

  1. Oh,love the books!I’m curious about biscuit and cake recipes …. my mum still make some cakes by following old recipes passed on to her by her family …. and the Lincoln Cathedral….the photo makes me wish to come and visit England…..

    1. I can’t quite read the recipes, as the paper is very frail, but just to find it amongst the pages was a delight 🙂 some of the information in the books really do speak of an era gone by

    1. I only glanced through the household guide and I fear I’ve a lot to learn!!!! for instance I don’t even own a short haired furniture brush, on the bright a split stale loaf rubbed over the walls in a circular motion is the cheapest plan to clean paper hangings, I wonder after said cleaning of my paper if the bread will still be ok to make a bread & butter pudding for Beloveds supper ??? I can envisage many a referral to my new guide for all matters relating to the CORRECT way to run the cottage in the appropriate manner. Oh dear I may have a malaise and take to the chaise, drip turned up for maximum effect, if you are in need of assistance regarding household etiquette please don’t hesitate to correspond with the maid as I’m sure she will be more than willing to oblige

      1. LOL! I Maybe better not to try the engrained soot dust bread and butter pudding on Your Beloved. I think I might have to have a session on my chaise as I seem to have caught the worst case of (wo)Man flu, don’t worry though, I have the stout already decanted…unless your new guide has better suggestions for a stinking cold ?!?

      2. So sorry to hear you have a case of ‘Crafter’s Lung’ it seems all the fresh air at the weekend has had a detrimental effect on your health !!!!! I’l peruse my guide for a suitable cure for your ailment although I’m positivity convinced that stout is the recommended antidote …. By the way you are using the best crystal decanter aren’t you ??? anything inferior could cause prolonged sessions on the chaise, take care x

      3. You know being coped up in my own environment seems the safest place to be! My decanted liqueur is in the best plastic I could find, so maybe I should stick around on the chaise and indulge some more – just to be on the safe side….of course! 🙂

      4. Due to my parlour maid’s clumsiness, the plastic was a recommended leap both into the future and of saving my remaining crystal !!!, Though, I’m not really sure that plastic beakers with lids have yet caught on outside the nurseries, but I do find it reduces liquid escaping when I roll of my chaise….;-/ LOL

      5. Between us I’ve had to let the maid go …..I’m sure she was pilfering the gin supply …I can’t possibly get through that much per day LOL What are these plastic beakers you speak of ??? one has never hear of said plastic ;-D

  2. I like the old books. Wonderful find. We like auctions as well. Sometimes it is fun just to watch two or more people having a bidding war. It can be quite funny at times. Your picture of the Cathedral turned out quite nice I think.

    1. I can not lie I have been in a bidding war LOL I’ll have to look up the chapter ‘Animal’s kept for profit’ in my manual to see if I have any top tips from 1869 😀

  3. Oooh, what great finds! Maybe you could do a weekly feature on your blog where you share an insight from the domestic guide? I think I could definitely benefit from advice on keeping animals for profit!

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