Nurse …..Quick Call The Midwife

I have been beavering away on my knitted rabbits of late, the WW1 nurse in traditional grey dress is now complete I’m pleased to say and ready to leave the warren to join the local History Society

This time
Pattern by Debi Berkin This nurse rabbit is off to be used in the display at Helpringham Memorial Hall on Remembrance Sunday

Although I don’t find the time to watch Call the Midwife, while on my travels last year I did read the book by Jennifer Worth which was the inspiration behind the series

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of, back in the 1950’s this is how community midwife’s looked when in uniform

Clare from claregetscrafty asked if I did a midwife rabbit, I gave it a little thought, took the above photo as my starting point and voila here is my  ‘Call The Midwife Rabbit’

My interpretation of Call the midwife rabbit style.The basic rabbit and Cardi pattern is by Barbara  Prime the rest I just went with my instinct, the Cardi & apron are both removable
My interpretation of  ‘Call the midwife’ rabbit style. The basic rabbit and Cardi pattern is by Barbara Prime the rest I just went with my instinct, the Cardi & apron are both removable’ so does it look anything like a midwife ?

I’m so thrilled with her I’m seriously toying with the idea of crafting a ‘Heritage Range’ of bunnies, what do you think ?????


37 thoughts on “Nurse …..Quick Call The Midwife

  1. Roma,the nurse rabbits are brilliant!!!You are telling the WW1 in such a beautiful personal way which makes me wish to head in the local library and study again that period!Better,I realized how useful my College years were….don’t have the proper words to tell how amazed I am and the desire to read more and more and more you raised in me by sharing your sweet wooly creatures …

    1. Thanks you soooo much for your wonderful comment your words mean so much to me ❤ I love social history, and with my connection with The Memorial Hall and the WW1 Remembrance Sunday display Nurse Rabbit was a must 🙂 Call the Midwife Rabbit is the beginning of my Heritage Rabbit range I'm going to slowly create if that's what folks are interested in of course

    1. Many thanks, I’m going to jump into new territory and create a whole range of ‘Heritage Rabbits’ in period costume I have a few ideas I’m toying with, is there any you would like to see ?

      1. What a wonderful idea, I will enjoy looking at the them all as I love all things heritage and even though your heritage is not my own (mine is more Celtic and Irish) I still enjoy very much looking and reading about them.

    1. This last week has revolved around knitting rabbits. My alter ego is back at work tomorrow, I’d much rather be at home crafting ….deep sigh

    1. Awww thanks for your comment, I think I might make another in more ‘traditional’ midwife uniform as Beloved says this one isn’t obvious enough to be marketed as a midwife rabbit LOL

  2. Your bunnies are so cute, and being an avid fan of call the midwife bun midwife is gorgeous well done you. I love knitting and crochet, but have never attempted the animals, you have inspired me. Carry on the good work x

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I find knitting & crocheting so relaxing after being at ‘The Workplace’ I’d love to be able to craft full time ….apparently my alter ego has bills to pay LOL

    1. I’ve been really wondering about re branding Cottage On The Green and setting up a comprehensive web page just for my rabbits (with a lot of help from 2nd born LOL) lots of serious mulling over time ahead …. perhaps I’ll put the kettle on and have a cuppa while I’ll day dream a little more 🙂

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