Trouble At Mill

I’ve done quite a bit of research on my family tree, on my maternal side I’m back to the 1600’s and there doesn’t seem to be many any skeletons, no great historical figures , no lost inheritances, just hard-working folks, the main occupations of my forbearer were Agricultural labours,  Servants to the middle classes and then Workers in the cotton mills. There has been a series on TV of late called ‘The Mill’ set in the cotton mills of 1830’s which I have been riveted to as it was like looking through a mirror to envision how my ancestors lived and worked.

Image courtesy of maxresdefault
Image courtesy of maxresdefault  This picture is from the series and depicts how the mill girls dressed, so this is how my relatives dressed in the 1830’s

I then got to thinking, I love it when an idea comes to life.

The second in my range of Heritage Rabbits , The Mill Worker Rabbit, complete with her integrated clogs, removable shawl and apron
The second in my range of Heritage Rabbits   ‘The Mill Worker Rabbit’  complete with her integrated clogs, removable shawl and apron

I didn’t recreate the hat as I didn’t want to flatten her ears, I’m wildly excited where this journey is taking me,


44 thoughts on “Trouble At Mill

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t consider a hat that her ears poked through…. She is truly fabulous. Even her face looks a bit downtrodden. And you’ve managed a perfect semi lop – my rabbit Ollie is a lop x and his ears sit exactly like that. 😄

      1. I’ll have to get you to knit his and Flora’d portraits for me! He’s a big grey rabbit with a semi lop and she’s a feisty (not aggressive as my husband says) white bun with sticky up ears and an attichooood.

  2. Hello, I am pretty much the same when it comes to my family tree but I still love my ancestors all the same, they’re our history. I have been meaning to watch this tv series, I will have to catch up and this bunny is so cute! Well done, I love her floppy ears.

    1. Thank you , I’m on my long stretch at work now so I’ll have to sneak a little rabbit knitting in as and when LOL My love of social history and rabbits combined I’m in 7th heaven 😀

  3. Mrs. P….She’s wonderful!! 🙂 Your new little creation , the first of many millions more I’m sure..What a niche market you have made — SO BRILLIANT !!! With the inspiration of history and your newly acquired manual, there will be no stopping you now! She, is a joy to behold !!! She has just enough of a look to be overworked and quite dejected and doleful, but, also to be uuuuuuber cute as well 😉 I congratulate you on an amazing new path of creativity 🙂

    1. Thank you for you lovely words, I’ve had a sneaky little peek around the tinternet and haven’t found anything quite like them so lets hope the range is something folks are looking for LOL I really don’t know if it’s an idea to create a website just for them, I must ask my computer literate 2nd born for advice, Beloved has asked me to knit a specific one I’ve put it on my list of rabbits to create….which is growing by the way, and as for the quote “they breed like rabbits” it’s not true!!!!!! I leave them alone and when a check on them they sit chatting about how cool it is to see moving pictures with sound on the box in the corner, or how a cold storage cupboard in the kitchen keeps the milk fresh …..doh that’s rabbits for you LOL

      1. I certainly think they deserve their own Website, they are adorable and made with such obvious love, which only a genuinely passionate Bunny Lady could muster 😉 Their quality, detail and uniqueness should make for nothing less than a ”hopping” success !!! I hope your 2nd born is able to get one up and running for you soon!

      2. I think the best idea will be to partake of a stout or two while you ponder over a suitable answer that will not offend the senses LOL

      3. After trying to open many stout bottles and failing miserably due to lack of energy imposed by this dreaded lurgy, I went in search of an answer… I eventually resorted to the scariness of a visual image to determine the answer…my conclusion after viewing both a mad cat…as below

        and then…… mad bunny

        I decided whichever guise you decided to take, if you look like either of these two, although a close call, I would definitely say……Mad Cat Lady wins hand down!!! LOL 🙂

      4. Mad Cat appears to be the winner LOL I’ve been perusing the same contraption as you in search of how to summon up a Website ….. I was thinking of one that can import my blog, contain a shop and have my own domain name, alas not one of them pertains to help with the cooking or cleaning !!!!!! how rude. After my trip to foreign climes which alas is still another 2 + months away, I may seriously consider relieving myself of some of my duties at ‘The Workplace’ to concentrate on building a career in the world of ‘Rabbits On The Green’ some serious soul searching ahead it appears

      5. I’m so glad we are in agreement about the cat/rabbit doodah!
        I hope you have tied second born down until he accomplishes all required with the new on line set up?!? LOL I have no doubt he will endeavour to equip you with the best all round in your new site and hopefully that it encompasses all your requirements….if so, may I borrow him??? BUT,only if it comes with a built in maid! LOL 🙂
        With time fast approaching till your foreign jaunt, I hope you have had the sufficient fittings of Your Beloved’s crocheted bathing one-piece by now? And, please remember to pack the buoyant timber and string aids…that is if you are planning bringing Your Beloved home! LOL Having rethought that, YOU REALLY MUST PACK THEM!!! Or, who would help you at bunny craft fairs? ;-/
        I am so excited for you about your new venture with putting the social historic bunny range into the creative craft world, they can be nothing less than a ‘roaring’ (Thumping/Screaming/Teeth Chittering) success though I am sure Your Workplace will be sad at loosing your existing hours!
        Whilst it is good to consider others, sometimes we have to see our life as a one time doing, SO, go for it girl! !!!!!!!!
        I wish you every success and more – you totally deserve it!

      6. Beloveds bathing suit still awaits my attention due to other distractions, of course his health and well being are of utmost concern due to the master bed chambers imminent renovation !!!!!! I’m still pondering over said website….I’m not sure whether to re brand Cottage On The Green or close my Etsy/ Folksy shops down and sell directly from my webpage due to the domain name Cottage on the green having already been taken, I don’t want to limit my horizons by narrowing my options. Oh my the foray into the commercial world is so perplexing, of course I could just remove all rabbit related paraphernalia to my web site and leave the shops open with my other crafting goodies, or just remove the stock them and retain the shops title, and my final option …. turn the drip up and contemplate a while longer….. yep the decision is made….the last option it is /:-}

      7. OMG…OMG…OMG… You only just managed to get that drip feed up to speed at the last second……..I thought you were about to become self combustible , or worse still, faint from the thought processes!!! I hope after being lulled into sedation your brain will eventually see a clear path for you to take on your new journeys 🙂 🙂 🙂

      8. I’m sure everything will turn out just as it is suppose to, every new journey seems daunting at first then you get a turn of speed and just run with it …. well that’s what I’m counting on LOL

      9. OMG if you could stop the world for one moment I think I may need to get off !!!! I’ve received another commission this morning !! Been informed the recipient for the shawl is ‘further on’ than she first thought !! And could I do a ‘light tea’ for 60 people this Sunday at the Memorial Hall. Very exciting times, or they will be if I survive LOL

      10. Looks like you are in for a quite weekend this week then! LOL

        Maybe installing a new bottle to your intravenous might go a way to helping things along !!!! :-@

        All the same, well done on yet another commission YAY! A couple of boxes of water biscuits and a thinly sliced cucumber should be adequate for a light lunch ;-/ if you get pushed for time! Especially as you’ll be spending so much time on speeding the shawl commission along!

        However, it all turns out, I hope you have a good weekend 🙂

  4. Have I already said that I love your review of historical rabbit character?Well,I’ll say that more and more and more …. each time you share your beautiful rabbits I stare at them with awe!!!

    1. You are soooo kind in your support 😀 I love social history and to connect it to the next generation through a range of rabbits just might spur a youngster on to take an interest in history

    1. At the moment hours & hours at ‘The Workplace’ 😦 wouldn’t you know it inspiration strikes and several other things crop all all at once……very exciting times though I’ll post as soon as I can 🙂

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