The Finish Line Is In Sight

Although ‘The Designer Bathroom’ is just shy of the finish line I just couldn’t resist sneaking in a few of my favourite objects that have been in storage since we moved into the cottage

This Victorian bowl & pitcher was the first item I ever bought at auction for the grand sum of Β£26.00 I intent to pick some of the colours out for the curtains and wallpaper
This Victorian bowl & pitcher was the first item I ever bought at auction for the grand sum of Β£26.00 I intent to pick some of the colours out for the curtains and wallpaper

Next are a few mementos that bring back memories for Beloved & I

Beloved & I picked these items up from Egypt and Thailand, the lion was actually bought from an antiques fair in Lincoln
Beloved & I bought the cat Β from a visit to Egypt and the head was from a holiday in Thailand, while the lion was actually bought from a day trip to an antiques fair in Lincoln

I love the next item

This canvas photo came with us from our previous abode and reminds me of the lime tree avenue in Clumber Park Nottinghamshire, which was within a couple of mile of our home
This canvas photo came with us from our previous abode and reminds me of the Lime Tree Avenue in Clumber Park Nottinghamshire, which was within a couple of mile of our old home

So before too long I’ll be able to show you the finished room


24 thoughts on “The Finish Line Is In Sight

  1. Can’t wait!I’m in love with the bowl and the pitcher…..these two items are really really gorgeous!They remind me on the glorious past time…. πŸ™‚

    1. Since purchasing that bowl and pitcher I’ve bought another set from auction to display in the guest bedroom, of course they are now packed away as Beloved & I have to change bedrooms so the master room can be renovated, I can’t wait till we have everything where we want and all the works had been completed…then we can knock the rendering off the outside, replace & paint, I think Beloved & I will be old age pensioners before we get all our plans finished LOL

      1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Start a slow unpacking….if I understood it right,the cottage renovation is a way of living with placing meaningful objects all around as a testimony of a life full of love and respect….

      2. Beloved & I are only trying to buy things we really love, or have a story to tell, that way when we go from room to room memories and times spent together always come to mind πŸ™‚

  2. The most important thing about any new room renovations in your home , is to make it your own!!! And, with all your lovely items and their memories/connections for you both this can only be a success in your boudoir bath chamber! I can’t wait to see the finished images πŸ™‚
    ……….I’m sure it will be a great relief not to have to place yourselves on the kitchen sink draining board for a daily wash!!! But what will the neighbouring public house patrons now do for entertainment whilst partaking their shandies???
    On the other hand, I’m sure your visitors will appreciate you having a new and completed functional wash room….they will no longer need to bring along smelling salts/incense and handkerchiefs for their comfort on visits….LOL! πŸ˜‰

    1. I’ve been doing a lot of overtime at ‘The Workplace’ and have been super extravagant and bought some GORGEOUS wall paper for the bath chamber by the new up and coming designer William Morris I say up ans coming…. he started hand blocking paper in 1861 so he’s been at it a couple of years now, I do try when ever I can to be a patron of the arts, hopefully my commission will help put his name on the map πŸ™‚ As for the locals entertainment I’m going to sit ‘Awesome Rag doll’ on the draining board this Saturday evening, that should send patrons scurrying home to their loved ones thinking they have had half a shandy too many LOL I do hope all visitors will appreciate all our hard work at the newly installed conveniences, as long as they realise they are not to be used as it’s all for show only !!!!!!

      1. It’s good to know that your hard labours have a pleasing end result, all those extra coppers must surely have made Mr Morris very happy with the new commission, I look forward to seeing what a block stamped paper is, maybe his work might catch on…??? ;-/
        If I were you… I would grab a couple of chairs and seat Yourself and Your Beloved at a good vantage point, to gaze on the perplexed reaction of the regular Saturday night voyeurs at your local establishment, I’m sure they won’t believe their eyes at what is draped on your drainer obscured only slightly by the sackcloth will be a mix of looking at your window and then to their glasses, before hot footing it home…!
        I’m sure all visitors to your abode will be transfixed by your new state of the art conveniences – be sure both You and Your Beloved stay firmly fixed in the room with them at all times – so preventing any danger of them trialling new fangled fancy bowls…though it would also be polite to offer them a tin bucket and direct them outside to the bushiest shrub – should they have an emergency :-)!

      2. Perhaps house guests trailing their tin buckets across the village green to the beck to commence their ablutions should keep the local hostelry patrons amused of a Saturday evening …well I certainly hope so because they are sure as hell not going to use my new bathroom !!!!!

      3. I can already foresee the patrons taking bets over the length of time it takes ‘one’ to fill their bucket…I’m sure they will not miss their weekly window voyeurisms owing to the newly found fascinations of beck and bucket bets!!!!!
        I did wonder though….do you have a century time frame whereupon the new conveniences might be trialled???

      4. Beloved has informed me not to rush head long into the progressive world, due to my radical design techniques ie employing Mr Morris’s services of having paper hangings in the bath chamber, and a indoor toilet I may be shunned from society, he informs me I may be heading towards the ducking stool at the village pond if my rebellious ways become common knowledge !!!!

  3. Oooh, I LOVE that photo! You must be excited to get all these beautiful things out of storage… I know I was thrilled to finally have all my belongings back under one roof (after nearly 2 years) when Beastie Towers relocated recently! Good luck with the final phase of the Designer Bathroom Odyssey, I’m looking forward to a photo feature when it’s all finished!

    1. It’s all beginning to come together, while in the loft Beloved found tons of boxes that we had forgotten about I guess you could say if I’ve not seen them in a while I don’t need them !! all the same I can’t help wondering what we have stashed away LOL

  4. The wash set is gorgeous and a great price if I’m not mistaken. I love a home that is filled with personal items that recount an interesting life. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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