Playing around

I’ve loads of work to do, but strictly speaking this is working or at least that’s what I keep telling my self. My website Bunny Bureau is under construction hopefully I’ll be adding an  e – commerce page soon …well as soon as I find out what the heck I’m doing

As the name suggests it's all about the rabbits
As the name suggests it’s all about the rabbits,

I’m open to any critique, and remember all you crafters’ out there

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Mmmm must buy chocolate on the way home from ‘The Workplace’


27 thoughts on “Playing around

  1. Your website is more and more beautiful!You’re doing well and I like it a lot!If you ever get nervous or annoyed with what you’re doing,just remember that you’re a calm and witty woman!!! (Well,I do not want you disappear again from the blog sphere,ok…!!!!)

    1. I don’t know about calm …there is soooo much going on at the moment the next 2 weekend are full to bursting , but I’ll agree with you on the witty, I’m that witty I even make myself laugh 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thank you so much Lainey, I think I’m quite happy with the lay out ….for now LOL all I need now is about 4 hrs extra each day to get everything else in my life under control 😀

  2. I hate to mention it – your bunnies are gorgeous BUT . . . they do need to be CE tested – not sure if you are in the process or have done it. It;s a harsh world – anything that looks like it could be a toy (i.e. a crocheted or knitted bunny) is a toy. You aren’t allowed to label it as a collector only item or only for over 14yr olds etc. Art items have to be able to be sold through an art gallery etc and be very obviously an artisan special item (that isn’t your bunnies I’m afraid). It’s not too onerous a system – but the fines are horrendous if caught out £5K and a possibility of 6 months in jail – a lack of knowledge is not a defence.

    I am really happy to help out if you want to go down that route. I have files and links and your local trading standards advisor is normally incredibly helpful (mine is). But please, do check it out.

    1. My rabbits are not listed as toys and are not recommended for children & I use approved filling. How come Etsy hasn’t picked up on this !!! as this is where I’ve been selling up to now, but I will certainly follow your advice any information will be gratefully received OMG I hope I haven’t walked into a mine field I need to get onto this issue immediately thank you for bringing it to my attention

      1. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter that they aren’t listed as toys – they look like and could easily BE toys so they must be CE tested. Etsy is unfortunately multi national (mainly US) and can’t over see all countries laws so you are expected to be up to date on it all yourself. UK law is stricter than US law on this as well. I started going down the toy route and have had to stop to CE test all I was doing – it will seem like a bit of a mine field – but once up and running (and you only really have two patterns that need testing) you will be able to declare they are safe and CE tested and you will be amongst the best of the best. 😀

        email me – and I can point you in the direction of the conformance pack and a few helpful Facebook groups etc. and I can help you go through it as I do. I had no one to talk to and it’s taken me a year just to get the courage up to start the process but actually it isn’t too hard. You need CE certificates for all the materials you use fabrics, yarns, cotton, fibre fill, and you need to personally test your designs to see how safe YOU make them.

        Thank you for not taking it personally – I always wonder whether to mention it when I see these things for sale – and I’ve had a lot of abuse from some – but I know I couldn’t afford the fine, nor want to spend time inside for it.

        Speak soon.

      2. Many thanks for all your input, rather than taking it personally I’m grateful you have taken the time to point me in the right direction, and of course I feel a little silly for not being aware of the regulations involved in the route I have chosen, I hope this doesn’t impact on my ability to appear professional.

      3. Mrs P you look ENTIRELY professional with your ability to take advice. I didn’t know until it was pointed out to me. email me if you need help.

  3. Loving all the new developments over on your new website, and I totally agree it’s lovely to see them all lined up together – can’t wait to see the new lines you have in mind!!!

  4. I’ve just spent a happy few minutes exploring the Bunny Bureau – looking good! The Bunnies look amazing when you see them all lined up together… You are indeed a genius! Now, where do I send the chocolate?

    1. LOL As Beloved is at home for the next week any chocolate won’t get past him…he can detect it at 1000 paces and will eat it within moments of it entering the cottage,

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