Today …You made me laugh out loud

Today ….You made me shed a tear

Today ….You heard me say thank you

Today ….You made me feel gratitude

Today …. You made me feel your presence

Today ….Like you has now turned into yesterday

‘Memorial’ Poem by Roma Parry

Yesterday a handful of folks helped me arrange a memorial afternoon tea for Hilary, for all the village to attend. It was a beautiful late summers afternoon, as the sun streamed in through the windows, filling the village hall with light, I stood back and took in the scene, groups of folks were stood chatting, there was joy, the old couple were sat in quiet contemplation, there was the odd tear, yet through it all I was aware of a golden thread that bound each one of us by the actions of one person.


11 thoughts on “Today

  1. It’s while that I’m struggling to find the right words, but sometimes it seems it’s better to stay quiet and contemplate in silence….that’s one of that moments….. the heart from the previous comment stays for my understanding and a tiny solace..

    1. Thank you, yesterday was a good day, to be in company of friends gathered to celebrate a life well lived was a special gift, there was much more laughter than tears, now I’m going to move forward and take a little of her essence with me 🙂

    1. Aww thanks it’s not something I’ve turned my hand to before, life defining moments bring out hidden depths ….. perhaps I ought to contact my publisher while I’m on a roll 🙂

      1. They certainly do, and it was nice to see another side of your creativity 😉 By the time you read this, I hope you have signed a contract for all your up and coming prose!!! 🙂

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