How Long !!

Many moons ago when Beloved & I were rather young if truth be told, we walked up the aisle and today is our Wedding Anniversary, 33 years !!! how did that happen ?? the time has flown by. So to my Beloved I say “Thank you” . Do I have the secret to a long marriage, NO, it’s all bout  love, laughter, and being a team. When my children ask how do you know if this partner is the ‘One’ I always reply if you have to ask, the chances are they probably aren’t, because you just know.

Tonight Beloved & I are off to Old Thorns Hotel & Country Estate, then off to Goodwood revival tomorrow, originally we were only at the hotel one night but this has been very kindly extended to two at no cost to our good selves exciting !!

The documents have arrived, the trauma of finding a period dress has been solved
The documents have arrived, the trauma of finding a period dress has been solved, which was no easy feat, women back then were a good foot shorter than me and at least 2 stones lighter, not that I flatten much grass… but the ladies were tiny !!!

Neurotic Cat has been left in charge of the cottage and has to supervise 2nd born & Gelfling Grandson into the bargain, any fall outs and my money is on Neurotic Cat.        I thought it would be quite funny to take Ruby Rabbit with me, Beloveds not convinced but hey ho

Pattern by Debi Berkin WW1 rabbit in traditional grey dress
Ruby the WW1 Nursing rabbit in traditional grey dress, she will be right at home at a vintage social occasion,

Lets hope she photo bombs a few folks if she does I’ll post for you all to see


43 thoughts on “How Long !!

    1. Aww thank you, 33 yrs it feels like yesterday !! I can’t believe how tiny the women were in the 1940’s, and the gents come to that, I’m just about to finish packing, waiting patiently for Beloved to get home from work then we can spend the next 3- 4 hrs in the car with me doing a mental check list to see what the heck I forgot to pack !!

      1. Many thanks for your e-mail, I id get the photos, but for some reason I couldn’t e-mail you back there must be a problem with the wi-fi connection, that’s country living for you LOL

      2. I was having trouble with the internet yesterday off and on. It finally just quit. I don’t know what the problem was. It seems to be working fine now. I what you mean about country living and internet. I get mine through our local phone company, so that helps a lot. I hope the cow was to your liking. I couldn’t get any closer without crawling through a barbed wire. I didn’t want to do that.

      3. The photos were simply stunning, thanks to you I now have a clear image of what I’m looking for for the painting, our internet usually isn’t too bad, but as for mobile phone connection …..forget it LOL

      4. I am glad you like the pictures. I thought she was a very pretty cow. I love her markings. I seen one on another place yesterday that had a complete heart shape on it’s forehead. I thought about getting her picture too. Lol. (we do know the owner) You can use the name of our heifer if you wish since I couldn’t get a tag picture.
        I know what you mean about cell phones, I like the computer better.

      5. There is always something you may forget. Just buy it. You are on vacation and a second honeymoon! 😀
        Hubby and I have been married 16 years, but have been together for about 30. Guess I know he is my soul mate. 🙂

  1. Congratulations on 33 years! We’ve just celebrated our first anniversary:) You’re going to have a blast at Goodwood Revival – glad to see you’re getting into the spirit and dressing for the era. Ruby will be a conversation starter for sure!

  2. Many congrats on your 33 years of marital bliss, Me and my Dearest are not too many moons behind you, !!!! Ireally hope you both have a lovely time tonight and over the weekend too! 🙂 I wonder if neurotic cat can behave herself without you at the helm…and for the sake of second born!

      1. LOL !!! 😀

        I shudder at the very thought of ever having to go through all these years of training again with a ”newby” Think of all the effort….put in by You with Your Beloved and me with My Dearest I think they are both extremely lucky to have had such devoted (trainers) wives as we ;-/

        I hope you both thoroughly enjoyed your lovely weekend – can’t wait to hear all about it !!!!! 😉

      2. Beloved & Dearest are incredibly blessed ….as I remind Beloved at odd random moments LOL Some things are meant to be and myself being such a dedicated trainer is one of them 🙂

      3. Goodness knows how they would have ended up without our dedication – you only have to look around to see the waifs and strays without proper control…Invariably from behind a freshly starched and pressed apron and mop-cap I do let Dearest know how lucky he was too, to have fallen across my path………LOL! 🙂

      4. I dread to think where Beloved would be without my intervention the poor lamb, now after all these years he can breath easy knowing he is well protected from the ruffians in society 🙂 why even his halfpenny spending money per year is spent wisely ……he donates it to my yarn fund LOL

      5. Obviously, your powers of gently concealed persuasion, combined with all your years of intensive training have without doubt started to pay dividends to your crafting as well….I must congratulate you on a spectacular combination !!!
        Hmmmm….now this makes me think I should possibly start thinking of giving my dearest an annual allowance as well…….LOL! 😉

      6. LOL beware of the slippery slope of an annual allowance I granted Beloved a halfpenny on the understanding it was in payment for man chores around the cottage … it is his responsibility to empty the slop bucket and draw water from the well, Mmmm I hope he remembers to clean the slop bucket out before fetching our daily water requirements, must dash as I check that one out

  3. Many congratulations and best wishes for your anniversary, I hope your enjoying your break away and I wish you many more happy years together. Looking forward to the photo bombed pictures.

  4. Happy anniversary! What better way to celebrate, as well… And there’s nothing wrong with bringing a bunny (or two) along with you! I rarely leave the house without a Beastie in tow… although admittedly they have a habit of stowing away in my handbag, so it’s not like I have a choice!

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