My Little Jolly

Good evening Ruby here with a little update on my weekend at ‘The Goodwood Revival’ it was soo jolly to be out with my friend in vintage dress, the champagne breakfast was a real treat

Normally I wouldn't indulge in Champers at this time in a morning ....but it is a special event, so it would be rude not to
Normally I wouldn’t indulge in Champers at this time in a morning ….but it is a special event, so it would be rude not to wouldn’t it

Would you believe it I met a lovely lady collecting for the RAF

Look she's dressed as a nurse just like me
Look she’s dressed as a nurse just like me

Then I called by the St Johns Ambulance, you know just to have a peek around

Are you sure the lens cap is off....oh yes I can it is now !!!
Are you sure the lens cap is off….oh yes I can it is now !!!

Although I have lots more to tell and show you I’ll leave you begging for more but just one more photo

Mrs P & Beloved looking oh so refined in period dress
Mrs P & Beloved looking oh so refined in period dress, don’t they scrub up well

Thank you for taking a stroll around Goodwood with me
Kindest Regards
Ruby The Nursing Rabbit


21 thoughts on “My Little Jolly

  1. Wow!!!What a great day you had,dear Ruby!!!A lot of fun and nice and lovely people!!!And the same we can say about your creator 🙂 ❤ You look so great in that vintage dress!Both of you,my dear!Great and handsome couple you are, Mrs and Mr Parry! (Y)

    1. Aww bless you Tajana, Ruby was in great company, we have had very busy weekend full of good food, perhaps a little too much drink ….but who’s counting , and time spent with great people AMAZING 🙂 🙂

      1. I’m glad to hear that!And have to say again….I WANT TO MOVE IN ENGLAND…… 😛 😛 😛 Well,I think you know how to face the “bloody hangover” 😀 😀 😀 so do not worry much about drinks 😀 well,you’re in good company,too much wine today at my parents’ in law 😀 😀 😀

  2. I’ll change a topic for the moment….. maybe I’ll have to ask you for some help…..I’ve found some knitting toy patterns on Rowan official website…. I’d like to make a basket full of those goodies for my Big man first nephew who’s going to be born in January next year….if I’ll have some troubles while knitting or making them up, can I cry out your name,please ……………………?

    1. Ooooh Rowan website is gorgeous, what goodies are you going to knit ???? you can ask my help at any time not that you will need to your crafting is amazing to say the least !!!

      1. I had a quick look to the toys patterns and found some elephants and a bunny…. the idea came up to my mind today because my Mum in law is going to knit three sweaters and my Sis in law a blanket….nobody will knit or crochet toys so I suggested that to my Big man and he agreed.I have to study better the patterns and the overall look of my not yet done basket….then I’ll let you know….the picture in my head is quite nice,I hope that the real items will be too…

  3. I think without doubt Ruby, you will have left a big impression, on the good folks at Goodwood this weekend! Your stylish uniform completely outshone the dear Lady dressed in vintage nurse attire! Though heaven knows how you remained vertical all day after a glass of champers as big as yourself – though I must say by the time you were in the St John’s display you were looking a bit hazy ;-/ LOL maybe the effects were starting to show a little…?????? ! But for the consumption you did an amazing job…Well done I say! 😉

    An absolutely wonderful picture of yourselves Mr & Mrs P, loving the fact you did actually get a fitted outdoor coat after all – YAY! (and…no sharp stick in sight to prompt Mr P to smile so well…Hmh.. you’re not wrong about the training !!!!! LOL) ;-D

    ……… certainly have left us all waiting for more 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Dear Mrs Taylor
      You should have seen me by late afternoon LOL a strong cup of tea was in order, I may have to do a follow up post with a couple more candid shots 🙂 I was soo proud of Mrs P ALL day in heels and she still managed to make it to the night time social till the small hours, Mr P did a fabulous impersonation of a bootlegger he even managed to smuggle some cheese into my room for me to snack on while I waited them to return from their cavorting, they do look rather spiffing though all dress up, a jolly good time was had by all. I’m ready for a rest now
      Kindest Regards
      Ruby The Nursing Rabbit

      1. My Dearest Ruby,

        …if only a cup of strong tea was required, I’m figuring you have an amazingly strong constitution against the effects of Champagne, especially in such quantities! …how wonderful,,,:-0

        I take my hat off to Mrs. P! I , with my conditions, cannot spend more than a few hours away from my ‘do all fluffy boot slippers…’ so, to be elevated for all that time and under the influence of certain ”stuff’s’ she did a remarkable job….bet she’s paying for it a bit now though ;-/

        I must admit to being a bit disappointed at Mr. P not having a ‘Tommy Gun case’ in the photo for the fact he looks so much like an official bootlegger!!!!!….. though, please don’t upset him with this sad fact, as he was obviously enjoying his prominent role, and forgot about the essential equipment – plus he brought you cheeses! LOL

        I certainly agree that Mr & Mrs P looked ‘spiffing’ and I’m so glad Mrs P didn’t have to resort to those gap solvers, I mentioned, maybe chopping off some of Beloved’s leg solved this problem?!?

        Do go and lay your head somewhere comfy,watch out for wooden blocks with strong coiled wire though …you have had a heck of a weekend!

        Look forward to your next exploits Ruby!

        Kindest and more regards

        Mrs. Taylor

      2. Dearest Mrs Taylor
        Thank you for your reply to my letter concerning my exploits over the weekend, I feel Mrs P may have had something to do with Beloved not toting a gun case around, she feared for her nylons being snagged and if you saw how long she spent making sure her seams were straight you will understand her anxiety at said nylons not making it through the event intact. Beloved was oh so fortunate at the 11th hour to actually find a hand made suit in a vintage emporium …what were the chances of that happening …although he had a back up alternative of a tweed jacket I think he looked so much more appealing in the Mafia Dons pre loved suit.
        Mrs P was feeling a tad how shall I phrase it ….delicate as the event wore on Mr P said she had a hangover when anyone with any medical training could clearly see the poor woman had a touch of an approaching migraine …..after I prescribed the good lady a Gin she was back on full form I think the poor woman was merely dehydrated.
        Until next time
        Best Wishes
        Ruby The Nursing Rabbit

      3. Dearest Ruby,

        I can see it was extremely good forward thinking on Mrs. P’s part to have you along for many reasons this weekend!!! Not only were you there to oversee the perfect stocking lines – myself, I resort to drawing the line in place, so much easier – though always a must to do it before a stout session – I can only imagine the frustration of getting two perfectly straight lines….But, most importantly….You were there to prescribe a good shot of Gin at a crucial moment ;-/! Poor Mrs. P, she was obviously feeling the effects of unplugging her intravenous for the weekend – no wonder the poor Dear was dehydrated!!!… plus of course, factoring in standing in heels as well all day, how on earth could anybody think it other than a migraine ?????! I hope she is back to her normal drip dosage and feeling herself again by now 😉 LOL
        It is without doubt a miracle that such a befitting suit appeared at the eleventh hour for Mr. P!!! And what luck, it doesn’t seem to have any bullet holes in it either, it must surely have belonged to a very respected TOP Mafia Don !
        Keep a good eye on your wards, I look forward to our next correspondence Ruby goodness knows what you’ll let me know then?!?
        Best Wishes
        Mrs. Taylor

  4. Looks like Ruby and Mr and Mrs P had a wonderful time. I like the picture Ruby with the nurse, and especially the very nice picture of Mr and Mrs P in their period clothes. Very nice. I won’t mention the wine, since it was already mentioned. 😀 Looks like a lovely time.

    1. Dear Mrs Robb
      Thank you so much for reading about my adventures, it was wonderful to be away from my busy work schedule as you can imagine, there were only a couple of nurses at Goodwood so although I did have champagne at breakfast I did have to keep a clear head just in case of any medical incidents what with Mrs P wearing high heels all day I needed to be close at hand in case the dear tripped or had a fall
      Kindest Regards
      Ruby The Nursing Rabbit

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