Either it’s a phase or a problem….not sure which

If you could help me out with your opinion I’d be grateful….I’m either going through a phase or I’ve developed a problem. Firstly I seem to have contracted OCD Obsessive Crochet Disorder, which in itself is fine, the phase / problem is variegated wool

I spend ages looking for just the right yarn for each project which is perfectly acceptable right
I spend ages looking for just the right yarn for each project …..which is perfectly acceptable right ? as the last few projects are being crafting for myself the right colour combinations which scream for my attention are of utmost importance

It seems ever since the untimely passing of Old Dog and as new pup hasn’t been born yet, I’m not taking my usual stroll around the local countryside, so I’m using yarn as a substitute for the colours of nature, Β when I look at variegated yarn it’s as though I’m seeing an abstract painting


These photos don't do this yarn justice, it's hues of green with a little blue thrown in to complete the image in my mind
These photos don’t do this yarn justice, it’s hues of green with a little blue thrown in, well Β the images I see are all too apparent to me, when I post the finished project I’ll describe what I see and hopefully at least one or both of my faithful readers may say ‘oh yes I know what you mean’

Three things may come of this issue I’ll outgrow it, when new pup has arrived and my daily walks resume I’ll move on or …..a new career as an art critic awaits


46 thoughts on “Either it’s a phase or a problem….not sure which

    1. My condolences on your old dogs passing, Beloved is now in fear of my yarn stash taking over the cottage !! but as you say it’s one way of keeping busy until a new pup finds it’s way into our lives x

  1. That’s beautiful. πŸ™‚ I realize that variegated yarn and crochet don’t always mix, but your sample works just perfectly, especially with the occasional stitches picked out in lilac. As for the OCD, as a clinical psychologist I have to tell you that there’s no hope. πŸ˜‰

  2. Look forward to the finished product. Life moves along in waves. When you get a new pup you’ll have little time for sitting and creating. For now if it keeps your mind busy, yea. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    1. It’s the lack of motivation I’m struggling with, before I had to be up, out and had plenty of exercise now I feel sluggish I just don’t go out walking alone and I kinda miss the company *Deep Sigh* please feel free to remind me of this conversation when I’m run ragged when we eventually find a new pup LOL

  3. Oh,if it is a matter of crochet or knitting,please do not worry (that because in that case I should admit that I have the same syndrome as you have….) I agree with The Twisted Yarn who happened to calm me down once because i was worried about my newly discovered insane passion, the cross stitch….

    1. I suppose there are worse things to become obsessed with !!! at least we are creating something tangible which give pleasure πŸ™‚ either to ourselves or others

  4. My dog is getting old (12) and, as I hate the transition (for which read ‘grief’) between dogs, we introduced a pup nearly a year ago now. Once a dog owner, always a dog owner. Lovely wool by the way:)

    1. The cottage seems quite empty without Old Dog’s presence, it’s never ceases to amaze me how a pet can take a piece of your heart when they leave, yet leave you with the capacity to yearn to love again, if yarn be the bridge between the two phases so be it, *note to self go buy more yarn*

  5. I am the same about yarns myself , the chosen one is beautiful as one that dabbles with watercolour painting I see colours of the skies in your yarn with its blues and greyish colours it is inspiring, and nature pops up with a variety of shades. Your project will look beautiful, so sorry to hear about doggy we are in a similar situation’ as our dog is coming to the end of her days just dread it, good luck with the new pup when it is born.x

    1. Sounds like I’m in good company on the yarn front which comes as a relief LOL Beloved & I had the pick of a litter from the same blood line as Old Dog yet as Beloved is specific about having another male it was a blow when only bitches were delivered, we then found another litter with Old Dogs blood line & would you believe only bitches were born once more !! We have now filled an application form in to re home a rescue dog so who knows where this journey will take us ….till then I’ll carry on keeping busy with my crafting projects πŸ™‚

    1. I really have a thing about variegated yarn at the moment which is a win win in the yarn stash stakes LOL Energetic Terrier sounds a wonderful character beware if we can’t find a new furry friend soon I just might take you up on that offer !!!!!!!!!!

  6. In between missing Old Dog and yearning for New Pup, I’m sure, is a hard place to be right now ;-( I think your obsessive crochet disorder is the perfect thing to take your mind off both and I’m loving the little circle of nature, sage greens with little puddles of blue – I’m intrigued to know what the finished WIP will be….and more so, your critique interpretation of it πŸ˜‰ !!!!!

    1. I’m loving this little project, not that I have any WIP you understand …a new rabbit is 3/4 finished, the Autumn Shawl is oh so slowly coming along, I have just about sussed out how I’m going to do my interpretation of the super hero rabbit I’ve been commissioned, so I thought what the heck I’ll make something for myself and of course Neurotic Cat is on hand to me in check LOL

      1. I love that neurotic cat seems to be only ever a paw away from overseeing your little creations! For reasons, best known only to her, she obviously needs to keep close tabs on you ???! ;-/
        You certainly seem to have a lot of NOT WIPs at the mo…I envisage lots of little craft items dotted about your homestead with a stopwatch next to each one and an elegantly poised Mrs. P dashing between each one whilst keeping the perfect countenance !!!!!
        Maybe…this is an effect of a daily intravenous – OR – just to confuse neurotic cat a little more…………..LOL ! πŸ™‚
        Which, or, whatever, I am looking forward to their outcome…and of course knowing how much fitter you have become because of the crafting sprints! Do they make an equivalent of Aspirin for cats?????

      2. I’m having to swap crafting projects due to Beloved trying to talk to me while I mumble to myself while knitting the Autumn Shawl… knit 1, purl 7, yarn over ect, the minuet I change crafts he wonders off never to grace me with his presence again until the shawl makes a re appearance, I swear my sanity is teetering on the edge, Neurotic Cat has managed to find the most inconvenient spot as Beloved painted the guest bedroom floor, on the window ledge on the opposite side of the room no less, D’oh life at the cottage….never a dull moment !!

      3. LOL! Sounds like the Cottage on the Green is all go ;-/ just not all in the right direction for you at the moment ;-(
        I have a theory that your Beloved is tuned in to your low level mumblings and takes it as his cue to start general chit chats, Hmmm, maybe….if you were to sing the knitting pattern ( I seem to recall you have a good an ear for singing as I LOL ;-D ) Beloved might think its neurotic cat shouting for help and needs rescuing from some untold mishap meaning he’ll go in the opposite direction !!!!! As for neurotic cat , is it at all likely that she will stay perched on that ledge until the floor is dry, I wonder ???
        ……….avidly awaiting episode two…..
        – Will Beloved end up entwined within the pattern of Autumn Shawl….?
        – Will neurotic cat tip toe majestically, but, only in the grooves of the painted floor as she leaves the room…?
        Will Mrs P need to check out her vase…?
        – Just what did happened to that postman and his notebook………………………….?????

        LOL ;-D

      4. I have made the monumental decision not to knit the shawl while Beloved is on the premises … for fear of impaling him one of my knitting needles which should be such a shame if it was to soil the shawl, on the plus side I shall be entering his name daily for this years contest for the village burning of the Wicker Man, Neurotic Cat was a star & sat patiently upon the window ledge until the floor was merely tacky so was able to escape without leaving any paw prints on said floor … you don’t think the paint odour is some sort of cat tranquilliser do you ??? and if so would it be able to flow through my intravenous with out too much trouble thus supplying additional ‘medication’ at appropriate moments ?? Said postman has transferred to another village as I think I may have scarred him for life….or he is living off the royalties of his newly published memoirs not sure which LOL

      5. A wise decision me thinks – it would never do to have all the hard work on the Autumn Shawl blighted by Beloved’s blood!!! Hmmm I wonder if you could maybe acquire the keys for the village stocks, for when you need extra time on the shawl ? LOL
        What an amazing discovery, that cat’s are lulled by paint fumes – I would be wary of trying this out on yourself through intravenous, just in case it clogs an artery or two – perhaps, if you are unlucky again this year with Beloved’s name not being called for the annual burning of the Wicker Man, it could be useful to trial him to gauge the effects ?!?
        ……maybe we will never know about Mr Postie….though I have heard on the Asylum grapevine of a recently very wealthy new Author, athletically built Postman type person with tremendously bad emotional scarring being installed in the 5* padded cell in the next village…….I wonder????????? πŸ˜‰

      6. LOL Apparently this is only a rummer told to me in strict confidence at last nights shindig … that a fellow villager has taken to pouring over our blogs as our correspondence is a constant source of amusement OMG the 2 of us are famous we have a cult following πŸ™‚

      7. OMG OMG OMG I feel giddy with excitement – I’ve not had such a toothless grin for many a year – I must brush the cobwebs off my mop cap and recline upon my chaise immediately(well, of course crack open a bottle of Stout first!!!)….just in case I am tuned in on your spycam – you understand ;-/
        I think a Town Crier might be needed to shout about this somewhat…I shall plume a parchment forthwith along the lines of …..’Mrs. P and Mrs T.- Live entertainment of the internet box witchcraft ‘thingy’ most nights!!!’ – What do you think?
        Just a thought….should we perhaps discuss less of what perchance happens in theory to your Beloved??? This Cult follower may in fact be of Magistrate significance compiling scripts – of course we never mentioned the knitting needles in the study with Mrs. P or an unknown deleterious inducing toxic gas from unnamed paint….or keys fro the stock…OMG or, the Burning of the Wicker man….did we???
        Quick , don’t mention anything, but do go and wrap Your Beloved in multiple layers of cotton wool…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..NOW……………………………………………………What are you waiting for ?????????

        HELLO, it’s so nice to have extra followers πŸ˜‰

      8. Not to mention our follower also thinks I’m some sort of drunk who takes to Gin at the drop of a hat. In our defence when the witch trail commences I do have a rather fetching photo of said follower under the influence of ale which WILL be touted to all the reporters to discredit any aforementioned transcripts so I think we are fairly safe, if you are still feeling a little defenceless I can always put his name ( yep we have a fully fledged male voyeur ) into the draw for the wicker man event and as I have a little clout with the women folk of the village this should be enough to serve as a warning πŸ™‚ if all this still isn’t enough to buy his silence I have evidence of said male DANCING ….enough said me thinks LOL

      9. A MALE VOYEUR!!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO??? Does he not have a digging class or something of the ilk to attend? Okay I have lippy on now – we can continue…LOL
        The very thought he could have any ideas that you are alcohol dependent, surely, he must realise,it is for medicinal purposes whilst having to contend with Your Beloved’s invasion of craft space??? Can you even imagine the outcry from Beloved if you invaded his Man cave whilst he was thinking in thou’s??? This dear cult follower of ours should pay concerned heed to all documented evidence of his photographic displays – OOOO, by the way, I would love to see them too!, especially of the male dance…how does it go these days ??? πŸ˜‰
        Just to check….of course, this is’;t the missing male Postie – gone rouge – looking for another chapter and hoping to get installed in a 6* padded cell???

      10. Dear Mrs T
        Perhaps we should consider co writing our own novelette where said transcripts are available for the general public to browse at their leisure, after all if a professional archaeologist is transfixed by our everyday life mishaps and observations on social etiquette it leads me to form the opinion everyone else should be too … seeing as you are the only one of us to possess Lippy you are the obvious choice for public appearances,whereas I ought be in charge of liquid refreshments, rushing to your aid with the odd stout when the public require the obligatory autograph sessions which will undoubtedly occur.
        Concerning the male dance….in these modern times it’s a contrite affair being the combination of a waltz, the twist and a form of ‘The Chicken Dance’ that only the male of our species excel at upon hearing popular music of the day…excellent blackmail material don’t you agree.
        Apparently said Postie has retired to the Bahamas on the royalties of his memoirs…. some of which I feel may have been exaggerated due to artistic licence
        Of course if a 6* padded cell is going begging may I be the first to book myself in for a fortnights knitting holiday
        Mrs P

      11. Dear Mrs. P.

        What can I say other than….LOL LOL LOL !!! .I could literally have said anything, like; ‘should he not be in a woodwork class, or…or…or…’ but, to say, ‘.. should he not have a digging class…’ and then to find out our devoted voyeur is a professional archaeologist, though such a coincidence, it must surely add fuel to his thoughts on our witchcraft ;-D
        I must admit to being totally blown away that a professional soil brush sweeper finds our daily life so utterly beguiling….I can think none other that we have indeed pulled the intrigue strings of his fascination………;-/ – I do hope no pain ensued?!?

        How wonderful a joint novelette, do you really think we could entertain more than one cult follower with tales of our lives pinned in the homesteads/Asylums ? I think I should find a new perspective to oversee my daily routine – perhaps ,hooking myself to the picture rail would be a good vantage point…???

        My poor dear I would be more than happy to send you a lump of coal to dust your lips, you really should have mentioned before not having lippy….I find it frames a toothless grin perfectly…AND on special occasions it doubles as an eye liner, it’s just a must to keep in one’s stocking top! Always be prepared

        My goodness, is that how the male of today contorts his poor frame ? and to do it in time to music like this

        He must be quite flexible is all I can say…. LOL Do keep the material evidence in a safe spot, it will surely be needed for close scrutiny at some point !

        Well I never, I do hope Mr Postie will at least offer you (maybe even Beloved – or not as this would mean you having to finish his one piece crocheted bathing suit earlier than anticipated…)a couple of weeks at his new retreat, after all, his money spinner came from your ‘unfortunate’ cameo appearances on many, many many occasions, maybe he didn’t need much artistic licence after all! LOL

        I would simply love to book your name down for the 6* padded cell, I’m sure it’s available most weeks, I will mention it to my charge care asap, though I’m not sure if knitting needles would be allowed? Hmmm, maybe if you grow your fingers for a while and get back to me on that one….!


        Mrs T

      12. Dearest Mrs P.

        I am utterly in awe and very impressed with your first attempt – You do seem to be getting quite the hang of this make up malarkey! I think our two little villages will be quite taken aback with our new fashion advancements!!! I’m led to believe it is the most enchanting look these days, menfolk simply cannot resist, finding it increasingly appealing – especially (now, I must admit to not knowing what this is or where to acquire one….but I am working on it..!?!) AN INFLATION/DEFLATION VALVE !!!!! Where on earth you place it for decoration I’m really not sure,????? but, it seems to be the be all and end all I’ve heard! As for your doubts and worries, I can assure you there will never be a lack of followers now you have mastered this wonderful look, though if I may offer a little advice..? Maybe a less grumpy ”pout”, something along the lines of a shocked ‘Oooohhh’ – maybe that’s something you could practice in the reflection of puddles?!?
        Do let me know if you think it works better with your new look?!?

        Mrs. T

      13. Dear Mrs P.

        What a gift you have of perfecting these looks so easily! You’re certain to be the envy of all your Village Ladies, but, do remember you are setting quite a trend here…there will undoubtedly be queues from now on at all the village puddles, as they try and get a look as good as yours!!!!
        Now,the piece of coal, I forgot to mention…not only is it multi useful as a cosmetic item in today’s fashions, but, it also doubles as a little aid to deter unwanted s With a little practice you will be knocking them off their feet ;-/

        Hopefully you will have an upcoming event within your village to promote your new fashionable look – do let me know the outcome…

        I await your news – till our next correspondence…

        Mrs. T.

      14. Mrs T
        You obviously live in a much more forward thinking society than I, for many a year Beloved & I only had our piece of coal as the holy grail on the mantel to impress any visitor who called our way, I would casually through it into conversation that should the indoor temperature drop to -15 we would consider burning it …you know just to watch the look of wonderment on their faces …not that it would ever happen you understand as the said piece of coal is an investment …our pension fund should we ever get to retire that is…and now I find out it’s a cosmetic AND a weapon of choice !!! please excuse me while I go polish my coal and put it on a higher shelf out of the reach of our 14 children πŸ™‚
        Until next time
        Mrs P

      15. Dear Mrs. P.

        how wisely You and Beloved were in investing in this valuable commodity! You must be the envy of all your visitors and of course it will have upped your standing within the local village community. I assume each Winter, betting stakes are place in the hope of a plummeting temperature to warrant the public lighting of your precious lump?!?
        This must surely worry all your children…as they gaze upwards to that high shelf….looking upon it for its inheritance value!!!
        Happy polishing – and, lets hope for a mild Winter πŸ˜‰
        Until we converse again…

        Mrs T

    1. πŸ™‚ at least the yarn shop is very happy with my OCD I have a feeling I will be on their Christmas card list this year as I’m now a very valued customer LOL

  7. A new puppy will definitely keep you busy. At least until it is house broken and growing out of its baby stage. That could only take about two or more years. πŸ˜€ Or in the case of Hubby’s dog 15 years! You have a way making any yarn work I think.. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. πŸ™‚

      1. Oh Lord! I would have kicked the dog out then! Lol! I am glad I am not the only one who misreads things. I have to got back and reread to make sure I really read what I read! πŸ˜€

  8. Oooh, nice! What’s this little circle going to grow up to be? At this rate you’ll have to rename your blog “Crochet on the Green”… But I say do what you feel like if it makes you happy! I’m sure it won’t be long until you meet the perfect new canine chum to share your autumntime strolls πŸ™‚

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