Let me introduce myself

Hello, Madame is a touch busy today so I said I would do a guest post for her, she is moving bedrooms as Sir informed her it would be a good idea to do it now while he is here to help. My name is Mabel, and I’m the latest ‘Heritage Rabbit’ to join the warren

As you can see I'm right at home in a Victorian cottage, I've even had time to have a little peek at Mrs P's antique books while I've been dusting
As you can see I’m right at home in a Victorian cottage, I’ve even had time to have a little peek at Madame’s antique books while I’ve been dusting

I’ve helped Sir & Madame to position the bed

Now Sir & Madame are firmly installed in the guest bedroom I can begin my half day off
Now Sir & Madame are firmly installed in the guest bedroom I can begin my half day off

I’ve sneaked into their old bedroom that is next on the renovation list and it looks like there just might be an old fireplace in there that has been bricked up, Madame is oh so hopeful as it would be delightful to reinstate a bedroom fireplace just have they have done in her crafting den

There is a village social at the Memorial Hall this evening, supper and music from the 1960’s …. I’m sure it’s far too modern for a parlour maid such as myself, still I might have a peek through the window to see how the family above stairs spend their leisure time

Goodbye for now

Kindest Regards

Mabel the Β Maid



19 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself

    1. Dear Madame,
      It’s a pleasure to meet you also, I have read a few Bronte novels, Villette by Madame Charlotte is a particular favourite, Sir & Madame did visit Haworth a few years past, very atmospheric to say the least and oh so busy
      Thank you for your correspondence
      Mabel the Maid

      1. Dear Mabel,
        the pleasure is all mine. Your words increase my desire to come in England and visit all the places which were object of my studies and whose dwellers still live my fervent imagination. Please,do say hello to Lady and Sir and tell them I wish a pleasant evening.
        Thank you for your answer and hope to hear form you soon.
        Best wishes.

      2. Dearest Tajana
        I have passed on your kind regard to Sir & Madame, oh how I wish to travel especially to your part of the world,perhaps one day I shall be fortunate to marry and could possibly ask my husband to honeymoon in the romantic Italian regions, that is a life long held dream of mine, I shall continue to work hard and save my coppers in anticipation of such a happy outcome
        Kindest Regard

      3. Dear Mabel
        Thank you so much for the service you kindly did to me.
        I’m glad to hear that you’d like to visit Italy,it really is a great place to spend a honeymoon,in particular the regions of Tuscany, of Lombary, of Veneto and of Trentino-Alto Adige/SΓΌdtirol .Well,I can suggest you to visit Friuli-Venezia Giulia, too, but that would be just from personal reasons, so, please do not take into consideration the last region for now. If you ever decide to come,please let me know, I’ll be so willing to help with the travel organization.
        Wish you luck in your new home!
        Best wishes

    1. Would you believe it, she attended the 1960’s evening and found employment with the Church Warden & his Good Lady Wife within 10 minuets of arriving ….induced by a handsome salary, a full day off per week, and rooms above the main house, so it was a case of Welcome & Goodbye Mabel

  1. Dear Mabel,

    How lovely to meet you! I do hope Mrs. P has got over the upset of you being seduced by such a generous offer from the Church Warden and his Good Lady Wife, who could blame you for accepting?!? I do hope you settle well into your new Household and maybe on your day off each week you could pop over and visit the remaining rabbits in the warren….

    I’m sure you will be a tremendous asset for your new employers, and, I have no doubt they will endeavour to whisk you out into full view of all visiting guests – to show just how lucky they are to have scooped you for their own!

    I wish you well on the start of a new life…… πŸ™‚

    Kindest regards

    Mrs. Taylor

    PS I do hope you are able to keep the same uniform, its so divine!!!

    1. Dear Mrs Taylor
      Who would have thought my services would be in such demand, and as an added bonus my new employers travel over seas for the winter months so I will see the world while in their service. Over the summer months I shall remain in the village so on my full day off I will visit Ruby at the Memorial Hall on my way to the cottage to greet any new arrivals, I could never have envisaged such a lovely turn of events I do believe I have fell on my paws so to speak
      Best Wishes

      1. My Dear Mabel,

        You sound like you have completely fallen upon your little blessed paws with your new residence, travel abroad each year, a decent income AND, 52 days off each year, what a wonderful new existence has befallen to you through your wise choice. I’m sure Mrs. P couldn’t be happier for you, especially as you will still pay the odd visit to her homestead and her ever increasing warren …! She must be such a ‘happy bunny’ knowing you have such a great new life to live, I’m sure it won’t take her long to fulfil your new replacement! πŸ˜‰

        I wish you a Long, Happy and Fulfilled new life with Mr. Church Warden and His Good Lady Wife, may your trips be all good – don’t forget to tell Ruby all about them though!!!

        Kindest regards and Best Wishes

        Mrs. Taylor

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