Oh So Slowly Does It

I’m pushing on with the Autumn shawl….to say it’s slow progress is well to be frank an understatement, not that it’s complicated per se it’s just that it takes a LOT of concentration, I’m alternating between the central panel and the borders of which I’m only of the first of four

I count the stitches at the end of each row just to be sure,
I’m not even half way through the first border and I’ve been at it over a week !! I count the stitches at the end of each row just to be sure I have the right amount, I also communicate each stitch out loud as I knit, which Beloved finds highly amusing, I can’t be the only one who does this ….can I ??

Each row takes like what seems for ever, so to be honest I only do a few rows at a time just in case my brain implodesΒ at all the extra pressure I’m putting it under.
And now for my latest conundrum, I’ve been asked to knit a Super Hero Rabbit which is fine ….I’m on it

I have the design all figured out , mind you Neurotic Cat is bewildered as I 've never done a black rabbit before and is under the impression I'm knitting her a new brother or sister
I have the design all figured out , mind you Neurotic Cat is bewildered as I’ve never done a black rabbit before and is under the impression I’m knitting her a new brother or sister

My conundrum is .. I want to put the Hero’s defining ‘Tag’ on the front, do I make one out of felt…this is the way I’m leaning towards at the moment even though I’ve haven’t worked with felt before, or do I try something else totally new and have a go at making my own polymer clay buttons ?? Mmmmm choices, choices, have you worked with either medium ? which would you choose ?

Until I decide which method to settle on I’ll go and do another row or two on the torturous Β shawl


17 thoughts on “Oh So Slowly Does It

  1. Oh my goodness, I call that pressure well done you for all your undertakings, felt sounds a good way to go, I will watch this space with interest and you shawl is looking beautiful it will be worth all the hard work x

    1. Thanks for your comment, I’m afraid the shawl has been put to one side for the moment 😦 the border has been frogged and I’m feeling a little subdued about the whole project Ah well I suppose that’s the ups & downs of crafting, some you win and some get the better of you

  2. Do you know who’s a great accessory master…. ? http://crawcraftsbeasties.com/ Think you would agree,wouldn’t you?
    Well,I feel a bit relieved to learn that I’m not the only one who has knitting troubles…. πŸ˜› Even the best ones sweat sometimes….. kidding,of course,because you’re mastering a tough pattern,a kind of which I still haven’t have enough courage to face…. I’m knitting a beanie for my companion today and have found a nice but slow cable pattern on Raverly…. have I already said that patience isn’t among my virtues…. ::P
    By the way,are you going to Yarndale?

    1. I totally agree about the the Great Beastie Master their accessories are amazing. Alas pride came before a fall on the shawl front, only 2 rows after my post it all went terribly wrong, and each subsequent row I frogged seemed to make matters worse so I’ve taken the whole border down 😦 I’m not enjoying this project at all so I just might have to put it down to a craft fail and create a different shawl using the central panel I’ve 3/4 finished…that’ll teach me !! Patience has now deserted me. Unfortunately I’m working when Yarndale is on, as I swapped shifts to go to Goodwood I don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting the weekend off 😦

      1. Oh,I’m sorry for the shawl…. You’ve got a similar problem some time ago,I think just before you disappeared from the blogsphere for a while…. and you managed to fix it! Have no doubt that you’ll be able to do the same this time!And yeah,sometimes knitting can be so exhausting….Sending you thousands of hugs ❀ ❀ ❀

      2. Bless your kind thoughts, I’m beginning to wonder if my attention span is to blame for the unfortunate mishap on the shawl border πŸ™‚ I’m sure it gets shorter as I get older LOL I’ll just have to find where ever I left my patience and give it another go πŸ™‚
        Hugs received thank you ❀

  3. Polymer clay buttons sound interesting but felt is probably more practical. That reminds me, I bought some clay to make gift tags two years ago; might have to drag it out and give it a go. Have fun with the shawl:)

    1. I have to agree about the felt πŸ™‚ but I might have a go with polymer clay for another project. Be sure to let us all know how your gift tags turn out with loads of photos to spur me along LOL

  4. My dear Mrs P
    Your prowess with those needles leaves me with nothing but respect!!!
    I’m sad to learn that frogging has once again taken a hold of your creation – I really think you should take the time out to write the ‘frogging pattern’, I’m sure many would fall quite easily into its rhythm….;-/ AND of course you could introduce it into your designs as a speciality, rather than a …mishap !
    I think also, a good day spent with hardening colourful plastercine is definitely worth a go, let’s face it, felt is always in the wings! if all else should fail!!
    You know you don’t have to pay this penance forever!!!.. in your commissioned designs, Knit 1, Purl ! is perfectly ok once you get over your past!!!!

    Slap on that new fashion we talked about and all will be fine! πŸ™‚

    1. Good Morning Mrs T
      Excellent thinking on the frogging pattern LOL Taking it forward although the border of the shawl has now taken up residence in the coal scuttle where it will appease the knitting lords once the weather has turned a tad cooler, I’m going to take the opportunity to create my own cobbled together design in edging, thus the shawl will be still usable and as the recipient hasn’t viewed the pattern she’ll never know πŸ™‚ if all else fails I’ll wrap a rabbit in the finished article for her to drool over and the shawl won’t get a look in.
      As I’m now back in residence at ‘The Workplace’ (my annual leave was over way too quick) the knitting will have to wait for a few days by which time I shall return to it refreshed and raring to go … that’s if I can convince them to give me day release of course !! I’m sure my new make up regime will convince everyone of the urgency of my return to civilisation so I may parade up & down the high street adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to the tangled backwoods I live in πŸ™‚
      Best Wishes
      Mrs P

      1. And, a very Good Morning to you too Mrs. P !

        Its such a shame your free time rushed by so quickly and your daily hours are once again spoken for by the demands of The Workplace, I bet within a few hours you will feel as if the annual leave was merely a distant dream….;-/
        I’m very much looking forward to seeing how a ‘cobbled frog edge’ looks on your sweet little Autumn Shawl, undoubtedly it will be Splendiferously wontastical and frame it perfectly!
        Hopefully, at least a short day release will be allowed..??? it would be such a terrible denial for the village folks to miss out on your new fashion statement and of course subsequent reports of your parades are very likely to place your tangled backwoods in the media spotlight….I shall listen closely to the Town Crier announcements!
        Until next time

        Mrs T

      2. Exciting news Mrs T
        As of the morrow I am to be allowed one full day pass…I do have thrice knitting projects to throw myself at and the wondrous housework to attend to, my jolliness knows no bounds. The next instalment on Tangled Backwood festivities has yet to be announced or indeed arranged as soon as said social activities are upcoming I’ll send the Town Crier to your establishment
        Yours in anticipation of a busy day release
        Mrs P

      3. Goodness Mrs. P

        Your jolliness is more than apparent, especially if you are prepared to throw yourself at the housework… a couple of flicks of the feather duster around your homestead should suffice, one wouldn’t want to waste precious knitting time !!!
        I expect you villagers must await the next Elders Assemblage…..it must be quite exciting to see what their decision will be for the next community activities?!? I shall keep my hearing horn firmly fixed for fear of missing the Town Crier’s announcement
        Do enjoy your Day release….I await news of the knitting progress

        Best wishes

        Mrs. T

  5. Oh wow! How nice it is to spend a morning catching up on my blog reading, and find myself refererred to in the comments of one of my favourites as “the Great Beastie Master”! For your superhero bunny conundrum, I heartily recommend you use felt… I may be a little biased here, but you’ll probably find it easier to attach than polymer clay, and it won’t weigh the knitting down either! Felt is more forgiving than woven fabric, in that it doesn’t fray, but very small or thin pieces can be fragile and will melt away to fluff if you’re not careful! So I’d recommend you avoid making anything smaller than 5mm across, and use the best quality felt you can find… You want it to be dense, with barely-visible fibres. If you can see daylight through it, it’s probably not good felt! Then again, for what you’re doing, you don’t want the fabric to be thicker than 3mm. To make the logo, sketch out a paper template and use that as your guide when you cut out the felt… Or you could probably print one off to the right size if drawing isn’t your forte! Finally, stitch the logo on before you stuff the body. You’ll find it easier! Hope that’s useful! I’m afraid I can’t help with the shawl though… How’s that going?

    1. Thank you sooo much for all your advice, I have possibly made the mistake of buying acrylic felt for my first attempt, but thought I’d have a practice run before investing in the ‘Good Stuff’ LOL
      The shawl border is a fail, my concentration keeps failing !! but I’ve nearly finished the central panel and have a different idea for the edging, as long as Beloved doesn’t try to talk to me while I’m knitting. Knit 1, yarn over, purl into back of the loop,NO I don’t know where your screwdriver is …this is how I go wrong, why Beloved should even think of talking to me while I’m holding sharp, pointed sticks I’ll never know.
      Wish me luck over the weekend as I try my hand as the felt ‘Tag’ πŸ™‚

      1. Good luck with your felty endeavours! I can’t wait to meet Superhero Bunny! As for the troublesome shawl, do you reckon Beloved could be convinced to build you a knitting isolation booth? A nicely lit, soundproofed little room with a ready supply of gin and a big “do not disturb” sign on the door could be just what you need!

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