So Do You See What I Mean ???

If you remember I started to crochet a little something just for myself and at last I’ve finished my latest project using variegated yarn and firstly I’ll post a few photos of what I used as inspiration

In my garden is this wonderful tree with the blue sky glimpsed through the leaves
In my garden is this wonderful tree with the blue sky glimpsed through the leaves


I love pink flowers
I love pink flowers
My the garden flowers are wonderful this summer
My !! the garden flowers were Β wonderful this summer

Sooo I wanted to capture all this in a crochet project

Ta Da I think this has turned out jolly well
Ta Da I think this has turned out jolly well

Now don’t be shy, can you really see all the above elements in my yarnalicious bag ?? yes it’s another one ofΒ Attic24‘s patterns, I really ought to stop stalking the woman


41 thoughts on “So Do You See What I Mean ???

    1. Aww many thanks Tajana. After the knitting fail last week, I set to and finished my bag, I’m now recharged and getting back to my knitting this afternoon :-0

      1. Happy to hear that!!!Your bag is really really great!And ,dont worry,you’re not the only one who stalked Lucy from Attic24…. LOL Think there’s a lot of stalker of hers out there! LOL
        I’m going to finish today the pillow cover I knit for my SIL while I have finished the shawl for my Mum in law!I’ll write soon a post!
        Happy knitting!! πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀

      2. Many hugs being sent your way for your lovely comment ❀ ❀ ❀ Lucy's tutorials are soo easy to follow, she must have eased quite a few nervous, novice, would be crochet addicts into the craft without too many problems. I'm really looking forward to your post, your crafting is a sight to behold and gives me the motivation to try new projects:-)

      3. I started from her blog and then I spread away in the blogsphere πŸ™‚ On my way to finish the pillow cover…. last few rows and then the making on…. hope it will be ready lately in the evening…. phew….

      4. Good luck on your way to the finish line πŸ™‚ I’ve had to finish knitting for the evening as I’m feeling tired and as this is when I make a mistake I’d better call it quits !! also I’m on a 12 hr day at ‘The Workplace’ tomorrow so it may be quite possibly an early night for me LOL

  1. Dear Mrs. P
    After leaving us with the intrigue of what was to transpire from the little sample of your crochet project, I can only say….Your completed masterpiece is simply wonderful and encapsulates perfectly all the different elements from around your garden. You are so clever and the colour combinations were just perfect in the variegated yarn!!!!
    I trust your household chores were completed in less than a blink of an eye πŸ˜‰ leaving you the majority of your day pass to indulge in all your knitting projects….Happy clicking!!!
    Until our next correspondence…
    Mrs T

    1. Mrs T
      Bless your cotton socks for your kind words on my crochet bag…I’m using it as a knitting bag, all my latest projects are tucked up inside and every time I haul it out from the side of my chaise I think of my summer garden πŸ™‚
      I was up at the crack of dawn, had the washing out, the ironing from yesterday done and the ‘Designer Bathroom, cleaned by 9 am so I could have many a happy hour knitting,
      The Autumn Shawl is progressing I’ll post later in the week …. if is it’s still going according to the pattern

      1. It sounds like the perfect way to make the most of your lovely creation, as you will be handling it on an almost daily basis πŸ˜‰ ! Just think, in the dark depths of winter evenings you will have the constant reminder of our wonderful English Summer this year !!!
        You seem to have had such a productive day, Your Beloved may even walk back out to check the house number, which seems to be what My Dearest does, when I have bottomed the homestead, fearing he has mistakenly returned to the wrong house!!!
        I love your ‘new look’ only a cat lady as yourself could pull it off looking so serene whilst tackling that tricky pattern…. πŸ˜‰
        As ever, waiting with bated breath on all progress reports πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      2. Beloved breezed in left a trail of destruction in his wake, packed his bag then headed off for ‘The Capital’ for important work stuff I’m not sure if he even noticed my attempts at housework LOL perhaps I ought to take that one of two ways, I have a lot to learn on the domestic front or if I do a overhaul of the homestead he leaves me alone to knit for a couple of days. I have a day release pass next week when hopefully I can make a little more progress on the Knitting of Gloom Shawl, if it’s looking vaguely acceptable I do a quick post to keep you updated πŸ™‚

      3. Goodness, of course he noticed !!!!
        Merely by leaving his trail of destruction, it’s the manly male way of being affectionate !!! I know this must be true, as Dearest does it all the time as he’s about to leave ;-/ Your Beloved just left you with a token to remember him by whilst he’s away..(I shall keep tabs on the Town Crier for news of new riots in the capital!) after all, the last thing he would want ..tis you being bored!!! LOL
        My, My! Another day release? How I would love another one too! Presently I am battling with my flying geese quilt ;-@ :-@ :-@ and many more expletives…..! Having quilted half by Monday evening, I decided Tuesday morning I didn’t like the pattern I was sewing,so, I unpicked and have started again…..;-( whilst you have your knitting of Gloom Shawl, I have my own version – a Goosey Gloom quilt- it started with such promise..lovingly thought of as my ”Forget-me-not’ quilt…SIGH!!! (because the whole thing was based around the little tiny blue flowers on the dark green fabric) I tell you I certainly won’t forget this little creation in a hurry AAArrgh!
        On a much calmer note,…I really must try and be like that more often if I want day release, I think ?!? Maybe that is your secret to another day pass..Hmmmm! …Mental note..-”More Stout!”.. πŸ˜‰
        I’m really looking forward to seeing the progression of your Shawl of Gloom, I hope its time in the coal scuttle has given you both time to be reconciled to good behaviour – Some creations just need a bit more taming – Don’t you think???

      4. I do hope the Goosey Gloom quilt has relented and your creation is well on the way to becoming your newest masterpiece !!! I wonder why some projects turn out to be akin to pulling teeth ?? and bizarrely the projects that I have done battle with end up to be the ones that the new owners rave over the most…in which case the Shawl of Gloom should be well loved as I do believe I’m loosing my knitting mojo
        Beloved made it home from ‘The Capital’without any major news updates…thank goodness as I’m sure the FBI would be on his case by now LOL

      5. ‘Tis be done!!!! A completed Goosey Gloom quilt! t’might by a bit on the cock-eyed stakes but ’tis done none the less! There’e nothing in our house that has ever, and I mean EVER, been installed in a straight fashion by workmen, Goodness knows what they drink the night before they come to do a job in our homestead. maybe they have a tip off as to the whacky woman they are about to meet?!? Any ways, My Dearest is snuggled as we speak, it couldn’t have had a better new owner, forget-me-nots and hearts!!!!! Maybe after all my efforts, I might get a new pencil sharpener or something as my x-mas gift in return – he has plenty of advance warning don’t you think? !!!
        I’m so pleased to hear that Your Beloved behaved this time – just think of all the dusting you would have to have done if the FBI was planning a visit?! ;-/

      6. NEW PENCIL SHARPENER !!!!! my you are aiming high this year. I’m so pleased the Goosey Gloom Quilt has turned out so fantastically well … and a bonus cuddle to boot, how the stout must be flowing at your homestead πŸ™‚ I do hope you don’t get a touch of a migraine * read that as a hangover* on the morrow
        I’m still hunting for my knitting mojo, I’m sure I’d left it under my pillow….perhaps I moved it when I undertook the the ‘Massive Clean’ if you can think of any where I could have inadvertently placed it please do contact me …I’ve looked under my vase ;-/

      7. My Dear Mrs P.

        I all but choked on my cheese butty as I read of your plight!!!
        These little mojo’s of ours can be so unpredictable and pick the most inappropriate times to play hide and seek… I know my painting mojo does this at times too. If its anything like mine…it will have firmly placed itself, arms folded, between the ”Stubborn” and ”Sulking” shelf in your brain! They get so jealous! Of course it will have plonked itself there for a couple of reasons, they generally don’t disappear for only one! Your simply wonderful newly Mastered skill of Crochet, would have been its tipping point, though obviously the Shawl of Gloom would have set it off in the first place – YOU think you threw the little piece into the coal scuttle of your own accord??? Oh No! Knitting mojo was having its say there alright! Given a little time, they always pop back as if nothing ever happened ;-/ they just have to try and outdo the other mojos which seem to be favoured more. You could try the old tested and proven method of tricking it back …by mentioning that the Shawl of Gloom is now a project for your ‘Awesome Rag Doll Rabbit’ instead, this would give the knitting mojo a much happier vibe I bet?!? Maybe sit back and turn up the drip for a while as you contemplate how stunning ‘ARDR’ would look in a fetching knitted shawl………..

        Of course my theory could be wrong….
        You may have just mopped it out of existence during your big clean… OR…
        Your Beloved might have packed it in his rush to the Capital then inadvertently left if there 😦

        I’m off the retrieve my false teeth from the bicarbonate of soda solution, I always like to give them a good clean with coal first and a soaking every couple of years…then I’ll get stuck back into my cheese butty πŸ™‚

        Do let me know what transpires!

        Best wishes

        Mrs T

      8. OMG is it denture cleaning bi annual time of year already ?? I’ve been caught completely unaware’s I must un-glue mine and give them a good run down with a bit of sacking. While my knitting mojo is of sulking somewhere I’m going to take your advice and have random conversations with ARDR to discuss her attire, I’ll try scattering crochet books about the place and see if that entices knitting mojo out of retirement, or I could try enticing it back by actually knitting something for myself for swanning about in ‘The Tangled Backwoods’
        I gather you are still celebrating the finishing of the Goosey Gloom Quilt by splashing out on an ounce of cheese for the 2 of you for Sunday lunch, beloved & I shall share our bread and dripping and talk about the day we once had cheese all those years ago …deep sigh they were the good old days

      9. Good work Mrs P ,

        I see you are onto that little mojo already! If it still eludes you after making mention of a little piece for yourself, I think a new little bunny might have to be the order of the day to kick start it again ;-D
        Goodness Me…… the luxury of an ounce of cheese between us for one meal….if only! Not at all, but you are right about celebrating, I merely used Dearest’s cut throat to shave a slither from the original ounce we bought when our daughter was born, I must say a quarter century maturing does give cheese quite a luminescent glow, very romantic to spend evening by cheese light you know! πŸ˜‰

      10. And all the penicillin you are partaking of how healthy you both must be πŸ™‚ I see you got Dearest’s cut throat back from the pawn brokers then, Mmmm perhaps I ought to call and claim Beloveds undergarments from the brokers as ‘The Capital’ will be visited again on the morrow, and the shame should he be run over by a motor bus

      11. Probably a good idea, since getting rid of trolleybuses, you just never know where these new fangled motor buses are going to stray off to.. it wouldn’t be right to risk it, imagine the horror if Your Beloved was found to be under dressed in the down stairs department! Though it is a good way of getting your laundry done for free….pawning them each Friday πŸ˜‰

      12. Just be sure you get your own unmentionables back….I’ll never forget the time they mixed my long johns up with a thong…*SHUDDER* I got really confused and used it as dental floss….never again

      13. Heavens, what risks are to be considered by taking my unmentionables to the Brokers! After all said and done ( I sincerely hope you managed to unglue your dentures after my gentle reminder of the time of year the other day)
        I should imagine a double sack cloth scrub was in order after you realised your mistake……..? ;-( oooooo!

      14. Double sack cloth rub and dipped in brine….mind you I kept the thong thingy …..perfect as a catapult for pumpkin chucking ….tis the season for this type of activity if you live in Tangled Backwoods that is

      15. Thank goodness your hygiene has been maintained..I thought you might be talking claptrap or some other such nonsense!!!! Being that you reside in such a remote part of our little Island, the Tangled Backwoods certainly isn’t short of entertainment…I wondered if this pumpkin chucking event was ”aimed” at those candidates unsuccessful in the nominations for The Wicker Man event? If this is the next upcoming activity I do hope you have your new knitted piece ready by then, I’m sure all your village stalkers will be awaiting your next parade Mrs P ! πŸ˜‰ Oh, and good luck with the catapulting ;-D

  2. Oh my – it’s absolutely gorgeous and totally encapsulates the feel of your photos. We met Lucy and had a lovely chat – but more of that to follow on my blog…..:)

    1. Wow you met Lucy!! the lovely lady herself that I stalk …sorry admire πŸ™‚ sooo looking forward to that post, thank you for your lovely comment about my bag, I’m over the moon that you can ‘see’ where my inspiration came from LOL

  3. Oh Mrs P
    I want one, I want one, your bag is beautiful what a clever girl and yes I can see where your inspiration for colour has come from, give yourself a big pat on the back I am inspired x

  4. Brilliant! I see it! Plus your lovely new bag will surely remind you of summer as we head for less, um, temperate times! I think seasonal bags could work really well too. Autumn leaves, glittery crochet snowflakes… What’s not to like? πŸ™‚

  5. Your bag turned out lovely as ever. The colors and flowers are so pretty. You are so creative to notice the colors of the garden and to put them with your crochet. I would never have thought about doing that. Looks so springy. Not at all like the winter we are feeling here this Fall! πŸ™‚

  6. I have crocheted for the last 40 odd years and at one time in the 70’s making crochet maxi skirts provided me with much needed spare cash. I have just made my first skirt in over 35 years and loved the whole process.. but I was talking to a young teenager the other day who said she did not know what knitting and crochet were….so I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger award for keeping this craft and others alive and well and reaching the younger generation who might become designers of the future. best wishes Sally

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