Can you help my mum ?

Good afternoon, for those of you who I haven’t met before I’m Molly a 1830’s Mill Worker Rabbit, my mum is having a little problem…..she’s lost her knitting mojo !! she thought she’d left it under her pillow, but it’s nowhere to be seen, so I’ve tried to give her a little lift by entering myself in the Stitch Craft Create knitting competition to hopefully win her a whole bunch of yarn

Hello, Please help my mum <3
Hello, Please help my mum ❤

Could you show my mum a little love by following the link and perhaps voting for her, there are lots of lovely worthy entrants, so if you don’t vote for my mum why not give one of the other’s a little love

Thank you sooo much

All my love

Molly xx


24 thoughts on “Can you help my mum ?

  1. Hey Molly! Voted and shared on Facebook 😉 Hope she finds her mojo….I usually get mine back after an afternoon of watching rubbish TV – I can heartily recommend Judge Judy x

    1. Thank you soo much Lainey,
      I think the Autumn shawl tipped her over the edge !!!! I’ll turn the telly onto afternoon drivel right now for her
      All my love Molly

    1. Dearest Erin
      Thank you for your kindness, the competition is rather stiff so if I don’t win, I know it’s simply because that there are some awesome knitters out there who can do some amazing projects, mind you I do look rather cute …even if I do say so myself. I wish every other candidate the best of luck.
      Kindest Regards
      Molly xx

    1. My dear Tajana
      Thank you sooo much for giving me a vote, I know my mum will appreciate your kindness…..when she finds out what I’ve done LOL till then it’s our secret, I hope she finds the knitting mojo soon….either that or Awesome Rag doll Rabbit had better jolly well learn how to knit as I want some new playmates
      All my love
      Molly xx

      1. So….I should answer in the same high tone but there’s a question that is bothering me already for a while….WHAT THE HELL IS THE KNITTING MOJO!!!! I suppose that I do not know that because I’m not an English mother tounge speaker…….

      2. My dear Tajana
        It’s when every time you try to knit it goes all wrong, stitches drop off the needle, yarn gets tangled, holes appear in previously beautiful work and then nothing you does turns out right, so in the end you are a wreck!!!! every time you pick up a piece of knitting dread over comes you to the point you wonder if you can knit at all 😦 why my mum gets an attack like this every now and then I’ll never know, I wonder if it’s fates way of making sure she doesn’t get over confident and smug over her accomplishments, the knitting mojo has to be coaxed back by patience, trial and error all of which my mum is rubbish at LOL
        I hope that explains it a little for you…does any one who crochets ever suffer from this affliction ??
        Best wishes
        Molly ❤

      3. My dear Molly,

        thank you so much for your patience and the nice explanation given to me. I suppose that the situation Mrs is finding herself in is quite common and she shouldn’t worry about much.Just tell her to start another project,maybe an easy and quick one,just to gain some self confidence, and return to the problematic one in a second moment. She’s a great knitter and will ride over her impasse.
        Please,keep an eye on her just to make sure she’s well and does not be disheartned for too long.

        Kind regards,

  2. Hello Molly what a sweet thing to do for your Mom. I’ve hopped on over and voted and hopefully she will win lots and lots of yarn so she can find her mojo and knit you some friends 🙂

    1. Dear Ruth
      Thank you soo much, if my mum wins I’ll get her to knit a little something and get all of you lovely people to nominate which charity to donate it to, if the thought of helping others out doesn’t help the knitting mojo to come out of hiding I’ll jolly well go and find it myself 🙂
      Kindest Regard
      Molly xx

      1. Dear Angel Atticus
        Thank you sooooo much for your vote, it means such a lot to me, you are my bestest favourite Little Lion Cat
        Lots & Lots of love
        Molly xxx

  3. Hello Molly. I’ve voted for you cos you’re lovely but if you want my Mum’s mojo for your Mum, you can have it. I will pinch it out of her project bag when she goes to bed. She knits FAR TOO MUCH and doesn’t pay ME enough attention. Love Mollie Labrador.

    1. Hello Mollie Labrador
      Ha Ha we have the same name, Thank you sooo much for your vote, you made my nose twitch with happiness 🙂 If you can perhaps sneak a little of your mums mojo and send it over my mum would be really grateful, my mum did a little casting on yesterday and nothing went wrong so fingers crossed knitting mojo will come out of retirement……in time to finish the Autumn Shawl before pregnant lady’s baby arrives !!!!
      All my love
      Molly The Mill Worker xx

    1. Dear Helen
      Thank you soo much for taking time to vote for me, I really appreciate your kindness, how are your wonderful Beasties coming along ?
      Lots of love

      1. You’re welcome! The Beasties are getting ready for Christmas already, if you can believe it… They’re such excitable little creatures! Hope all is well in the warren… Looking forward to meeting some new bunny friends soon 🙂

    1. Dearest Mrs T
      Aww bless you for voting for my mum, you of all people knows my mum needs all the help she can get LOL
      Fondest Regards
      Molly The Mill Worker Rabbit

      1. Molly I was devastated to see I had missed this posting by you!!!!! I wish your mum all the luck in the world, she surely deserves to win from all her designs and fabulous creations…I hope she gets all the wool on offer as her prize You are adorable!

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