Yeah I Can Still Knit…I Think

OK I hold my hands up I have knitting failures, the border to the Autumn shawl is a prime example, just when I posted about it, would you believe it all went down hill.. I had made a mistake …too few stitches, I frogged it, only then it got worse, I frogged some more, oh flaming hell, I swore, frogged, cried, then like any respectful knitter I had a tantrum !!

The Autumn shawl quivered at the side of the sofa in fear of me picking it up, the super hero rabbit I was working on took flight and refused to have anything to do with me, at which point I firmly refused to have anything even remotely to do with knitting.

For fear of sounding like a 2 yr old ” I not playing” I yelled at my knitting … which was a little futile as my knitting mojo had taken to the hills anyway,

After a few days I took out the central panel of the Autumn shawl out ….just to look at….and possibly stroke you understand

As I've done so much on this panel and it's a pleasure to knit I'll just cobble a border together hoping the end result will bowl 'My Pregnant Lady's Mother' over
I’ve done so much on this panel and it had been a pleasure to knit, can it all be over….we were so happy together

My conscience began to nag … can I still knit anything resembling a shawl? Is a half decent pattern beyond my knitting skill set ? I began to think of knitting combinations to cobble a border together for the Autumn shawl in the vain hope of bowling my ‘Pregnant Lady’s Mother’ over. Worried into actionΒ I thought I’ll give it one more go and threw the gauntlet down for my knitting mojo I began casting on, knitting mojo peeped from behind the sofa, I quietly carried on while knitting mojo sat beside me and made herself at home and before I knew what had happened I had begun a second shawl for ‘My Pregnant Lady’s Mother’ to choose from.

My attempt at what will be known as 'The Second Chance Shawl'
Like I have nothing else to do I know what…. Β why not knit TWO shawls !! Β This is my attempt at what will be known as ‘The Second Chance Shawl’

The upshot of this post, I can still knit …or at least I’d like ‘My Pregnant Lady’s Mother’ to think so


17 thoughts on “Yeah I Can Still Knit…I Think

  1. Of coure you can knit!!!But can I ask a simple question….. why insist with a pattern that causes you so much annoyance if you can try to look for something else? Well, I would give up at the very moment I see that a pattern does not work …. and maybe return on it in a second moment….in my case,after two or three months….

    1. The pattern does work it’s my lack of concentration that failed LOL what I’m going to do with the Autumn shawl is write my own border design for it as I’ve fallen out of love with the original pattern, which ever shawl is left I’ll sell on, I just need to prove to myself I can do this πŸ™‚

  2. My word. Second chance shawl looks even more complicated….but having knitting mojo quietly encouraging you from behind the sofa, you have mastered it wonderfully πŸ™‚ Its a shame this wasn’t the pattern for the border of the Autumn Shawl, you’d be almost finished. I’m sure Pregnant Lady’s Mother will have a hard decision when she gets to choose. Hopefully Super hero rabbit might come back from its flight of fear soon and offer even more support, now the tantrum has subsided and crafting at the cottage is calmly resumed πŸ˜‰

    1. Knitting mojo has plonked herself down and setted into a lovely routine of cheering me on….as long as I don’t make eye contact with her, I’ll just let her think she’s in control.
      Super Hero rabbit was heard rustling about in my knitting bag, so he will have to make a revival later this week and would you believe it I’m sure he was whispering about a companion that I could create to keep him company during my ‘Artistic Temperament’ phases ….or ‘Stroppy Mare’ moments as Beloved describes them, I’m sure I don’t know where he’s coming from LOL

        I thought perhaps this might help your Beloved understand you….as he does seem to quite like referring to you with equine references! ;-/
        To the more serious concern…knitting mojo seems quite happy to be back in control even instilling thoughts of more bunny creations, does this mean Second chance shawl is a breeze compared to the Shawl of Gloom???

      2. LOL the cartoons are soooo funny
        Very sad news, my poor pregnant lady has miscarried, I’m going to continue with both shawls so if & when she gets caught again they will be waiting for her, at least she hasn’t seen either shawl so I’d like to believe there will hopefully be no overwhelming feelings of grief attached to either shawl.

      3. That is very sad news! It would be nice if she did have cause to have one in the future…I’m sure if that time comes she hopefully won’t feel that way as you say, she hasn’t seen them and in fact they weren’t completed before this sad event happened!

  3. Sometimes, you just have to put it down, take a breath and relax. My riding instructor taught me that. It works with horses and it works for knitting. Or in my case anything I am working on and making a mistake. I come back to it later and think, what was my problem? It goes a lot smother now. πŸ™‚ Your Mother-to-be will be very happy.

    1. Isn’t it funny you take a break and when you re visit it it’s not quite as bad as first feared, or at least I hope it’s not πŸ™‚ thank you for your moral support

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