I Get The Theory of Relativity Of Space And Time ….But

I know it’s rather a lofty title,  yet if you will bear with me it will all become clear… I get the principles of the theory of space and time I really do BUT I have a question…how come I’ve gained a day this week ….

What do you mean it's Thursday ??...I'm sure your wrong
What do you mean it’s only  Thursday ??…I’m sure your wrong

Everyday this week when I’ve been asked what day it is …and I get this a lot at ‘The Workplace’  …I’ve got it wrong, for example yesterday just didn’t feel like Wednesday, I’m not sure quite what Wednesday feels like but that wasn’t it.

Even though I’ve gained a day, I’ve no extra time, I’ve a lot of blog posts to catch up on, the oven still needs cleaning, and I’m still no further forward on my knitting !!!!!!!!!!

Has anything changed this week ? am I looking forward to a future event and wishing the days away ? perhaps I’m waiting for a parcel ? NO, NO and  NO so why am I a day in front of myself ..and the really good news I still have another day to work before the weeks is over, do you think if I rang ‘The Workplace’ up and tell them I can’t come tomorrow as it feels like the weekend I’d get away with it ?


24 thoughts on “I Get The Theory of Relativity Of Space And Time ….But

    1. This week has gone on for what seems like forever, and I have no idea why LOL I’m just off to clean the oven then I think a batch of scones may be order Mmmmm lovely 🙂

  1. May I suggest you take cleaning the oven OFF your to do list? (Unless you mean the hob in which case, yes, I’d do that) but ovens sort themselves out. I’m pretty sure it’s having oven cleaning on your list that is making you feel out of sorts. If you have a spillage it’ll burn up eventually…

    1. LOL I have cleaned the oven now….but I’ve left the dusting I figure if I have an extra day in my week I’m going to have a little me time, a cup of tea, a film and one of my scones 🙂

  2. OMG!!!!! You gained an extra day and you waste it cleaning your oven….Do check you haven’t got some kind of blockage in your intravenous????????? Surely you realise all that build up helps the appliance hold itself together for many years to come..,.as well as the scrapings forming a tasty meal, when stirred well with boiling water, when times are hard!!! Without the gunk build up you have surely reduced its working life – obviously extending Your Beloveds working lifetime at His Workplace, in order to amass enough extra income to renew it earlier now than expected! I hope your scones were good though 🙂
    It has been a strange week all being told ;-/ Not that I am out of step with the days, like your good self, as I am still bustling around in boots due to the water infiltration in my workspace at random moments….I considered lying down and trying out the Chinese Water Torture technique, but alas, that would have had me at the mercy of the unwelcome house guest if it needed some leggy exercise as well of course of being in an uncomfortable state atop my bustle! Instead of the water torture I have begun another flying goosey lap quilt – now, if that doesn’t put me in the madhouse and in danger of being locked away after the last one – I don’t know what will?!? 😉
    I hope your knitting mojo will start playing nicely soon, allowing you to get back to your wonderful creations !!! 😉

    1. Of course you are perfectly right about the interior of the oven, and I was all for leaving it ..but ….not sure who as no one is admitting to it, either Beloved or 2nd born must have roasted some sort of carnivore delight with out putting it in a roasting pan and every time the oven was switched on smoke billowed out and filled the kitchen with fumes on par with tear gas !!!
      So sorry to hear of the failure at keeping deluges out of your workspace, and the reign of terror being inflicted on you by your pet arachnid…. I gather you have you not been able to entice it into the wilds yet,
      and I thought having an extra day was bad enough !! I have a confession to make …the image I have of you laid down trying to balance upon your bustle made me chuckle …to the point of turning my intravenous of full and having a go at this new lark myself, let me tell you my Friday night entrainment has reached a new level, I may, with your permission introduce it to the committee members of the ‘Burning Of The Wicker Man’ how fabulous would the sight of the village ladies ‘Bustle Balancing’ as the menfolk quake in fear of their lives 🙂

      1. Goodness…with no admission from either your Beloved or 2nd Born, should we assume they were in collusion in this feast of caveman style cuisine??? I do hope Neurotic cat is okay…there has been no mention for a few days, and now this!?!
        I am also quite amused that you have endeavoured to try out the bustle balancing, I’m sure the evening entertainment was even more enhanced by the generous flow,and will obviously be a weekly event from now on for you! Its sure to be a hit with all your ladies at the ‘Burning of The Wicker Man’ committee meeting, though it may be advisable to start them off on crash mats, until they get the hang of things! I’m sure I had better be wary of giving away too many of my pastimes in the future, as you may indeed scar your village menfolk for life….There is much chance that the Tangled Backwoods could be hitting the Town Crier news feed after such activities !!!
        Do let me know 😉

    1. When I arrived at work for my extra day, I was all for asking when the manager requested I sat in with the psychiatrist on an assessment, so I did baulk at asking the question just in case she asked the professional to assess me !!!!

      1. Just to make sure I don’t request time off I had to sit in with the social worker as well…..you don’t think she’s trying to tell me something do you

  3. Oh Mrs P, CHILLLLLLLLLLLLL’ have a gin and tonic as well, get an aga they clean themselves, and have another G and T, I don’t think your workplace will like your idea much HA HA go do some Knitting and poof to the rest !!!!!!!!!!! x

    1. LOL how come my extra day had to be a working day ??? although the idea of knitting and ignoring the chores does sound the best plan,
      Do you have a blog I can follow? I tried looking for you with no luck…

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