Matilda And Her Superhero

I’ve been trawling the internet lately… yes Pinterest you have my full attention!!!, I’m toying with my profile over there to make it a business based account for Bunny Bureau my website, dedicated to my rabbit crafting obsession….which I try to tell Beloved is perfectly normal & acceptable.

Anyhoo a few day’s ago I was asked if I’d like attend a local craft fair…or rather ‘Awesome Rag doll Rabbit’ was …have you any idea what life is like being a side kick to a 6 foot tall rag doll rabbit ???? as I like to showcase something new at each fair I found a super pattern and set to

So let me introduce yo to Matilda, and see those cute little flowers crocheted around buttons, a Pinterest find
So let me introduce you to Matilda, and see those cute little flowers crocheted around buttons, a Pinterest find, and believe me if I can do them anyone can 🙂

I have also been busy putting the finishing touches to my Superhero Rabbit, I mentioned to Beloved I need a scalpel to craft the felt with, which I thought was a  fairly reasonable request, yet the poor chap, his faced drained and asked “Is that wise?”  I’m sure I don’t have the foggiest idea where he’s going with that comment

This little guy guy is a commissioned order for a fellow crafter who buys from me on a regular basis ...Mrs Davies your a gem <3
This little guy guy is a commissioned order for a fellow crafter who buys from me on a regular basis …Mrs Davies your a gem ❤

As much as I’d like to chat all day Pinterset is calling I have a little ironing to do 🙂


38 thoughts on “Matilda And Her Superhero

  1. Matilda is just adorable and I’m not sure what was meant by that comment either 😉 My beloved would keel over should I ask for a scalpel and wouldn’t give me one, I’m not so sure that’s overly dramatic in my case though, hmm. The superhero is just the cutest thing ever! I love him. He looks like he’s all dressed up and ready to go for halloween.

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment Ruth, I don’t have a scalpel as yet …I’ll wait till Beloved is in The Capital then order one on line ….this is our little secret though.

    1. I certainly hope my lady likes Bat Bunny as it took a couple of attempts to get him just right, I’m not overly happy with the felt tag but now I’ve ordered a scalpel ….which Beloved knows nothing about hehehe I’m hoping to get the badge looking a little ‘sharper’ on the next one I’ve been commissioned to knit
      Would you believe I don’t have nearly as many buttons the right size to crochet around !!!! so I’m going to find another way to thread the yarn through the central holes…I think I know how I’m doing to do it LOL

      1. Roma,your work is so gorgeous that when the scalpel arrives Beloved will not mumble so much…. I think that his mumbling is quite similar to my BM’s one,that’s to say inoffensive….. 🙂

      2. It sounds like you have another commission in waiting – that’s wonderful 🙂 ….AND you’ve ORDERED a scalpel ?!? This will for sure keep your Beloved at bay whist you are in craft mode.. :-@ I expect to hear him screaming and running for the hills when he finds out…..Hmmm!!! Maybe, it could also be used for cutting the ends of your wool…that is, having it on hand whilst knitting would surely be a conversation deterrent whilst you oversee complicated patterns ;-/ Though I maybe see his point, as he is so worried about you using your coconut cracking kitchen appliance just think how much fear he will have when he knows you have a mini lethal portable device!!!!! OMG…do let me know his reaction 😉
        A creative lady can never have enough buttons, as you’ve now discovered – maybe time to scout t’internet for a little splurge, though I am looking forward to seeing how you overcome the yarn through the hole issue!

      3. Beloved is in ‘The Capital’ for a few days so hopefully by the time he gets home I should have mastered the wielding of the scalpel to perfection, of course I have the cottage hospital’s phone number on speed dial just in case my attention deficit disorder kicks in….which it does occasionally when Beloved interrupts my knitting*images*quotes*Quotation-Winston-Churchill-humor-Meetville-Quotes-239862.jpg%2F&ei=LYRFVMCiK8nmaIXvgagC&psig=AFQjCNHTEEB3zM9aMJgVwXaMETS0TeTy7g&ust=1413928261453450
        Now you have mentioned the tinternet I’m taking that as permission to go ahead and look for buttons LOL

      4. Do make sure you have a box of plasters on hand…just in case while practising – those ambulance crews can take an age to finish their takeaway foods!
        I see what you mean maybe this is the face you might have when Beloved might interrupt…*d*webtrends*1*0*J*A*-*-*y-u-no.png/
        Oh my dear, you have my full support to go ahead and spend Your Beloved’s income off of his credit card, obviously whilst he is in the Capital you need some form of entertainment – just think how many buttons you will ever need in the future – then treble it !!!!! 😉

      5. Man alive plasters???? what’s wrong with a bread poultice !!!! I can clean the Morrison wall dressing as per instructions in ye old almanac I’m still pouring over, make Beloved a rare treat of a tempting desert .. when he decides he misses me too much and returns from ‘The Capital’ then once he is under my spell I’ll drop the bombshell of the scalpel purchase and then mumble something about needing buttons LOL
        How is the new quilt coming along?? have you any hair left or is this one going super smooth ?? has spider left you for pastures new yet??
        I’m under the impression your life contains sooo much excitement than mine 🙂

      6. It’s good to know you are still finding your happy housekeeping manual invaluable, though to use a bread poultice is such an extravagance – does this mean that you found a tuppence whilst cleaning again???
        I was pondering over the best way for you to get Beloved’s best frame of mind before you drop the couple of little bombshells and wondered if this might work….
        of course it would mean you having to detach your intravenous momentarily to administer the required amount into the cake mix…if you can bare the thought…BUT, this small sacrifice might be well worth it just this once it would surely put your Beloved under your spell and given you put enough in, he won’t even care! ;-/
        Ahhh… Flying Goosey quilt 2 Everything was going swimmingly until the old machine died on Saturday morning 😦 Fortunately I have kept my mop cap with hair attachments on hand just in case…a good friend and neighbour who is an absolute machine techno genius came to my rescue and by Sunday I was back on track ,thank goodness! I was beginning to think this pattern was jinxed. As things are now at the quilting stage already, I hope to be finished by the weekend, a great improvement from my first one, I’d say,so a post soon thereafter:-)
        My excitement for the week has been systematically amassing all my stash to the arachnid corner and running to a safe distance after each deposit – in the hope that the disturbance is too much for it to put up with any longer…rather than moving it all away to see if pet spider is still habiting my abode…whilst at the same time freezing my socks off by leaving the conservatory door open in the hopes it might move to pastures new or seek out a new mate as is the time of year. My worst fear is that it was already capable of setting up a nest somewhere with millions of little beasties waiting to escape OMG I might have to sell up and leave my little hay bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      7. Do you really think using the SAME piece of bread for all three is an extravagance ????…if so I’ll have to re think my bread allowance
        OMG Gin in a cake 🙂 🙂 🙂 am I not truly in heaven, roll on eleven’s a mug of tea and a piece of gin cake to suck upon, break the ‘The Workplace’ will indeed never be the same LOL
        What is it with the Flying Goosey Quilt …it tries the patience of a saint you are a brave soul for treading the same ground twice ..thank goodness Mr Man is a sewing machine guru, did you not offer him your pet arachnid as a prize ?? hope your socks have defrosted by now 🙂

      8. Reading between the lines I gather Beloved will not be sharing in this G&T cake if its off to The Workplace with You!!! LOL I’m sure breaktimes will never come quick enough from now on ;-/
        Brave soul or just plain insane??? I think if anything will get me certified this is the creation to do it! My lovely neighbour isn’t a Mr Man, but, a 70+ kind lady friend who is an absolute whizz with machines – she went into the bowels of my unhappy gadget like a professional brain surgeon – without an ounce of fear! And funnily enough you should mention giving the arachnid as a prize…she even offered to search it out while she was here -what a fearless woman she is! I turned down her kind offer (as Dearest wasn’t in residence to rescue me) imagining we didn’t find it, but it came in search of me later instead :-@!!!

      9. My deepest apologies for assuming your sewing machine guru was male when OBVIOUSLY it was a Deus ex machina I bow down to her greatness…..and the fact she was game to track down your arachnid… well what can I say I’ll have for dinner what ever she has !!!!!! and to think I only live next door to an ale house with an incumbent yokel, send her my best wishes xx

      10. Please don’t feel the need to apologise, a natural assumption that all things mechanical should be attended to by the male gender, especially as we feint hearted women consider most of the ilk to be witchraftery items normally! Margaret, my dear friend is a pint sized tower of strength, as a retired nurse she still always puts others before herself, even though she is of ill health – she’s an absolute trooper and a dying breed that’s for sure!!! I will pass on your Best wishes to her, I know she will be highly amused that she is a topic of conversation ont tinternet! 😉

      11. I think it unlikely she would ever have her fan base ont tinternet as she cannot be persuaded to blog!..though she does already have a huge fan base locally within all the local craft groups she attends when she is able, At each and everyone, if people get ‘stuck’ the first person they always turn to is Margaret- usually resulting in a superfluous and disgruntled demonstrator !!! 😉

  2. I love Matilda, but I have to say I really love Batman Rabbit! And I don’t even care for Batman! But, Bat Rabbit is sssooooo cute! I may have to try the crochet buttons sometime. Does Pinterest iron clothes well? 😀 I hope the scalpel worked out okay. Still got all your fingers? 🙂

    1. I have to confess I’ve never seen a Batman film all the way through !!!! but when Mrs Davies threw the gauntlet down so to speak I had to try to do her proud and Bat Bunny was the result LOL
      The Scalpel arrived this morning goodness !! I’m sure you can buy almost anything on ‘The Web’ which I’m not sure is a good idea…I have another Bat Bunny on order so I’ll let you know how I get on when I get to the felt cutting 🙂

      1. I don’t think you are missing very much by not seeing all of a Batman movie. I used to watch the original series as a kid. And I thought it was dumb then! Kapow! But Bat Bunny makes it all better. 😀
        And I think you are right, you can buy just about anything on the web, and like you I don’t know if it is a good thing. At least we know what you are really using it for. 🙂 Have fun with the next Bat Bunny.
        By the way, I started my weaving project. Pictures coming soon.

    1. I’ve now invested in a scalpel so my next felt work should be a little ‘sharper’ I think it will take quite a few attempts working with felt to get the ‘feel’ for it, still nothing ventured nothing gained 🙂

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