Thank you Beloved

I really don’t know how Beloved manages to pick up on my emotions….possibly because I relay them in such precise detail that they come across as subtle as a sledgehammer, I ‘may’ just possibly have mentioned to Beloved how guilty I felt about removing the Jackdaws nest from the Master Bedroom chimney

Yes I know the Jackdaws has moved out of their home, yes I know they have 2 more chimneys to choose from, and even after 3 trugs full of sticks, soil, an
Yes I know the Jackdaws has moved out of their home for the winter,  yes I know they have 2 more chimneys to choose from, and even after 3 trugs full of sticks, soil, and stuff I don’t even want to discuss had been removed I still felt REALLY bad

I have visions of Mr Jackdaw bringing his new bride to the cottage only to find they have been evicted…a row ensuing …Mrs Jackdaw leaving on her wedding night…Mr Jackdaws dreams being shattered ….

Beloved has brought me back from the brink of despair by informing me that if need be, he will perch on the roof come spring and direct the newly weds to their new apartment, offer to pay for the broods christening and be on hand to babysit when required, which is fair enough I’m happy with this arrangement.

Beloved has spent many an hour searching, trawling the internet, scouring salvage yards all so he could buy me THE  most perfect fireplace for the Master Bedroom

Be still my beating heart, to you it might just look like any old cast iron fireplace that needs a fair bit of work
Be still my beating heart, to you it might just look like any old cast iron fireplace that needs a fair bit of work, but if you look at the top left hand corner …there is Beloveds homage to the Jackdaw, who had to move one chimney so I could fulfil my dream of having a fireplace in our bedroom, and of course this fireplace will provide the central heating to the adjoining chimney which will be sublet to Mr & Mrs Jackdaw should they condescend to move in with us come spring 🙂

23 thoughts on “Thank you Beloved

    1. Aww thank you, I can’t believe how much work Beloved put into finding the perfect fireplace, I sure hope Mr & Mrs Jackdaw see fit to move in with us again next spring 🙂

  1. Mrs P…..It’s simply beautiful- even in its present state – just think how perfect it will look in your Master Bedroom after some TLC. I would dare to say that your Beloved has earned his pie and chip supper with this find !!! I wonder if perhaps you might think of adding a little note about Mr & Mrs Jackdaw, their necessary eviction and relocation to adjacent pot with their own bedding reinstalled, as well as the cast iron image of the bird on the fireplace, and placing it with the deeds of your property! What a lovely read that would be for someone, like yourself, interested in Local History to fine in the next millennium 😉
    I can’t wait to see it when it’s TLC’d and in its new setting!

    1. I may splash out and let Beloved have his share of the chip supper this week for all the hard work he’s put in to find the perfect fireplace, I wouldn’t normally be so thoughtful but the man has earned a treat 🙂 I love the idea of leaving a note about all the happenings with the fireplace for the next folks who come along in the future to take over guardianship of the cottage, perhaps I could print off the cottage related posts and leave them under floorboards and in back of cupboards as a kind of cottage treasure hunt, we haven’t found anything which is a shame when you think of all the lives lived within the cottage over the years 😦

      1. Goodness Beloved will be overwhelmed to be allowed to share the Chip Supper, I wonder will he be allocated his own special piece of crockery or will you just highlight his section of paper on the wrapping LOL
        It such a shame you haven’t uncovered any interesting secrets from the past during your renovations, previous guardians were seemingly all too careful not to leave any clues about their lives and personalities – futures residents would surely have a very interesting time uncovering all your hidden treasures 😉

      2. Awww bless you didn’t think Beloved would really be having his own crockery did you ? LOL, no I’ll tear some newspaper off and pile his chips onto it 🙂 as he will have been in ‘The Capital’ all week slumming it in hotels this touch of normality should bring him back to reality, and as I don’t get to see the city’s bright lights it’s the highlight of the week for me 🙂

      3. LOL…as I suspected an allowance of newspaper! after all, why create unnecessary household chores, like washing pots – unless of course, it was your Beloved’s turn to do them, in these forward thinking times !!! 😉
        I hope the renovations are still moving along, even though Beloved has been in the Capital, leaving you will all the ‘Donkey work’ no doubt ??? LOL Maybe this time alone has allowed you to moderate the flow of Stout , inducing no end of creative hallucinations ?!? ;-/
        I know what you mean about missing out on our other half’s expeditions, though I’m not sure I’d like the prospect of being atop an old stone school building as Dearest perfected his latest roof work mission….however, I am to be unleashed from my four walls tomorrow – and as far as I know something of the ilk will transpire….

        with any luck I should return to my homestead with a set of these…

        Though whether I am suppose to wear them or carry them around, I will find out I’m sure !!!!! ;-/

      4. Wow a trip out ?? …in daylight ??? I got fair excited for you, till I realised you were off to have your nashers groomed. I think sat atop of a school roof would have more enticing than having the local oral surgeon kneeling on your chest as s/he wrestles with the one and only tooth you possess, still if that’s what you do for fun good for you LOL
        So is this how you ended up going for a day out

        Even your dentures are more glamorous than in the Tangled Backwoods this would be the best I could hope for
        Just as well I’m too mean to part with my tooth 🙂
        Sending you best wishes and hope your day is relatively pain free

      5. LOL! having a Weimaraner and holding the lead by mouth is definitely not something I recommend!!!! :-/

        I’m pleased to report that not only did I survive an outing in daylight hours, ( I nearly chickened out and thought of taking refuge in the back of Dearest’s van as sightseeing from up high did seem preferable to someone rummaging in my face with lots of nasty implements :-@ ) but, not wanting to waste your best wishes – thank you so much – I braved up….now my tooth has been restored to its former glory, and actually, the Dentist was in such a good mood, he made it into a pair for luck, as you can see I have been hard at work polishing them with my lump of coal ;-/

        Now I am looking forward to showing Dearest my best ever toothy grin LOL

      6. WOW looking good !!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wonderful mouth piece for many a year, no doubt Dearest will be using you winning celebrity grin to gain entry to all the top night spots for miles around.
        Just think you will be able to eat solid food once more…so your strict diet of stout can now be expanded to include dare I say… fresh fruit and or veg, by fresh I mean not quite mouldy 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I think I’m in love! What a stunning fireplace! Our bedroom ones were all ripped out by previous owners, sadly. I don’t share your feelings for noisy Jackdaws though – They chase off all the small birds in our garden. Probably jealous of their tuneful singing….

    1. The bizarre thing is the Jackdaws only go on the green which is in front of the cottage, why they don’t come into the garden I don’t know, all the small birds realise Neurotic Cat can’t be bothered with them …perhaps they didn’t pass this nugget of information onto the Jackdaws LOL

  3. What a gorgeous fireplace! I’m pretty sure Mr and the soon to be Mrs Jackdaw shall enjoy the new abode, afterall it boasts many new upgraded features such as central heathing, they shall be the most fashionably in the now Jackdaws on the block.

    1. LOL Many thanks for your lovely comment, I’m sure some folks would baulk at the idea of having Jackdaws roosting in their chimneys, yet our cottage has been has been home to them for many a year and I love to hear their squabbles, and chatter as their family grows 🙂

  4. The fireplace is very pretty and it looks like it will fit in nicely in your cottage. And the Jackdaws will surely find a new place close by. Beloved knows what you and he likes. 🙂

  5. Oh wow, another amazing find! The cottage is going to be an Aladdin’s cave of treasures by the time your renovations are finished. And I’m sure the Jackdaws will be more than happy with their cosy new accommodation!

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