Happy To Be Home

Long time, no post, Beloved & I are back from the amazing adventure that was Cuba….was it as I expected, yes and no.

Yes because of the architecture

Seriously how beautiful are the buildings, even with the air of decay I was enthralled by their charm
Seriously how beautiful are the buildings, even with the air of decay I was enthralled by their charm, this is exactly how Havana looked in my minds eye and I wasn’t disappointed

The friendliness of the people, the countryside, the vast swathes of lush vegetation are beyond compare. All told Beloved & I travelled over 2000 miles, stayed in 5 hotels and Beloved took more photos of old American cars than is reasonably acceptable in my humble opinion !!

Anyone who has the misfortune of looking through our holiday photos would be fooled into thinking we spent the whole time at a car show....Beloved come on step away from the cars... NOW or else
Anyone who has the misfortune of looking through our holiday photos would be fooled into thinking we spent the whole time at a car show….Beloved come on … step away from the cars… NOW or else

What did I find that was unexpected ? The Rain, by the 3rd day of non stop rain I was beginning to feel a little frayed around the edges then to my relief the sun shone, yet it wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be, still the magic the country contains made up for that and more beside.

I said I wouldn’t entertain the thought of Christmas until we got home, now we have the mad rush of the festive season to embrace, which is why I’m happy to be home, the cold crisp days, the long evenings, and the thrill of getting everything ready for Santa’s arrival, the Church services, arranging family time around my hours at The Workplace, and getting to catch up on all the lovely blog posts I’ve missed….YES it’s nice to be home 🙂


37 thoughts on “Happy To Be Home

    1. For some reason I expected the old cars to be the exception rather than the rule, it was slightly surreal to see, still Beloved was in his element 🙂

      1. It sounds like you both had a lovely time, and that is what counts. There was something for both of you. Was there any kinds of crafty things for you to see? I hope you can find my post about my first weaving project. It was short and sweet. I did finish the scarf, but haven’t gotten it posted yet. I am thinking about getting the loom warped for another project. Just haven’t gotten the measurements figured out yet.

      2. Yes. I think I will like it very much. I still want to do some embroidery and counted cross stitch, but this is a little easier on my hands and wrists. The hard part is the warping. I will take more pictures when I start the next project.

  1. It sounds like your holiday adventures were quite hectic and full of lovely experiences but its always nice to get back home and I’m sure the Tangled Backwoods has missed you too 😉

    1. Very hectic, but oh so exciting, I really appreciate what I have after seeing how others live, do you know they have NO wool industry over there !!!!! they have an emerging craft market will I’ll blog about next week,

      1. Sometimes we don’t realise how lucky we are, until we see how others live. I can’t believe there isn’t a wool industry over there…what do grannies do of an evening then ??? LOL
        I should imagine you will have many a quiet evening as your Beloved trawls through his many motor pictures;-)
        I look forward to hearing about a Cuban craft market next week 🙂

      2. The grannies over there are well occupied…. on a few of nights out to small villages & towns to where the locals gather to chat, and spend the evening together, music is always a backdrop and dancing ensues, boy can the grannies shake their booties, I was tired out just watching them Salsa and Mambo, needless to say there isn’t enough rum in Cuba for me to attempt to keep up LOL

      3. Goodness!…if that’s what the grannies are up to heaven knows what the younger ones are doing?!> Sounds like you had some lovely evenings in amongst the locals during their merry time and maybe even tried some of the rum just for good measure of course 😉

      4. I really have to hold my hand up ….I can’t take to rum, and they drink it with everything !! morning coffee with rum I think not!!
        How’s it all been in your neck of the woods? keeping busy I hope

      5. LOL! Must admit, I’m not a spirit person at all and the thought of rum with everything sounds really horrid, especially in coffee, as I don’t like that either,Would seem like if they have it in everything….they need the hair of the dog in the morning too!!! ;-/ – a good old tea bag and a bit of milk does me fine any day, not forgetting my stout of course…for special occasions!
        ‘Tis really quiet here at the mo! Seems like our family has been flung to all corners for one thing or another, mainly work commitments, and I can’t wait for Christmas when we all get back together for a few precious days…. my weird and wonderful creations keep on happening as you may have seen, I’m keeping the home front running, as well as fitting in a commission or two!
        I hope your lovely holiday experiences aren’t already becoming a distant memory, as you plod on, back in the grind of daily life….?!? I would hope you have already started a new crochet/knitted design for Beloved and your next holiday jaunt, you simply have to keep him in fashion

      6. Have you posted while I’ve been missing in action?? I love seeing your imagination brought to life through fabric and art.
        I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas, I guess that’s what happens when you leave your summer holidays till late in the year, I’m working from 21st Dec my last shift being New Years Eve, so our family get together will be 2015!!! by which time I might have developed a taste for rum after all LOL Beloved is in charge of Christmas trimmings if it’s anything like this https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CAcQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fjillandkate.com%2Fchristmas-decor%2F&ei=3SmHVODuHIXkatbpgtAJ&bvm=bv.81449611,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNHY3wW8z3aN7qIWfmx9vY7GJ6k9EA&ust=1418230608241059 I swear I’ll drive on straight on pass and set up camp in the pub next door till the festive season is over !!

      7. LOL I would totally understand you driving on by…if your cottage ended up looking like a bad version of Santa’s grotto! You are very brave leaving all the trimmings to Beloved, though as he’s artistic, I think he’ll make a good job…hopefully?!?…and tastefully do you proud. Goodness you’ve even longer than I to wait for your family get together and having a long stint at The Workplace all the way till the end of the year too….I would think you’ll need two drips by then to make up for the missed celebrations!!! 😉
        I think I have had a few more moments of creative madness and posted a couple of things while you were adventuring in foreign climes, a bunny quilt and a quilted sheep bag – not that it’s meant to carry sheep around of course ;-/ it seems sooo long ago since I did them and yet it can only be a couple of weeks…I’ll give you the links


        Since them, I have looked like a coal man’s gofor or a chimney sweep’s apprentice as I have been doing pastel portraits of an almost black Chow Chow. I think I’ill need an industrial vacuum to clean my workspace after I finish- if there are any mice in wellies they’ll be hard pushed to wade through the growing mountains of pastel/chalk dust!!! You can tell how bad I have looked from the fact I had two Jehovah Witness callers, when I opened the door, they recoiled and made excuses and apologies for disturbing me before making a quick exit…!
        Just a thought…..if you do end up in the local establishment next door over the new year, at least you won’t have to cook or wash up!!! 😉

      8. My you have been busy I’ve left comments on both your links to your stunning creations.
        I have an image in mind of you doing your ‘Black & White Minstrel Show’ recreation in your crafting emporium, the fact you are going to have ‘history’ with the Jehovah Witnesses in comparison to my Postman is funny beyond compare, I’ll be chuckling into my Juniper Cordial for quite a while, will you be side lining into the music industry any time soon ? perhaps doing a ‘turn’ at The Miner Welfare over the Christmas period ….if so put me & Beloved down for a ticket apiece

      9. Thank you so much Mrs P for your lovely comments!
        I suppose if you count me miming along to Laurel and Hardy’s ”Blue Ridge mountains…’ as nearly the same, whilst covered in black pastel dust, you’re not far wrong! To be honest I must have been ‘off the list’ when they were hanging out singing voices, which is why I only mime even when there’s only me around – my wailing and note undulations are beyond compare (apparently my son tells me my range of notes don’t even exist!!!!?!) and even disturb me…. ;-/ But, what’s really strange is that I CAN whistle in perfect tune ??? So if The Miner Welfare are on the look out for a weird whistling woman…I’ll let you know

      10. OMG!!! I clicked on your link LOL!!!!!!!!! would you be suggesting that I might be a part of today’s entertainment???????

        THU 11TH DEC forbidden girls FORBIDDEN GIRLS

        The UKs hottest female variety act bring Burlesque to the 20th Century. 😀

        For sure I don’t think the audience would even notice my whistling if I was part of that….maybe not even my singing either – I bet I could even leave the lid off my bucket tune ;-/


        Oh I am so considerate….I wouldn’t want you wasting it again 😉

        MAYBE….. I should route out my feather dusters and see what kind of costume I can create…..?

      11. Who would have thought Clapham was such a hot spot !! I figured with your sense of fashion ie skirt tucked into high top boots that you would have a feather boa around somewhere 😀

      12. As they seem to be the height of fashion once again, I’ve got myself a new bag of chicken feathers! with any luck a new boa should be ready in time if I’m called upon for my whistling services!!! 😉

  2. Your trip to Cube sounds wonderful. We Americans still have major limits on visiting there so your experiences are very interesting to me. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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