3 Days

My mission if I should choose to accept it is …I have 3 days to craft a family of toddler friendly rabbits that must rate high on the cute scale, why 3 days do you ask …ah that’s simple, that is the only time I have left to craft for Christmas because Β beginning the 20th December I begin my long stint at ‘The Workplace’ that’s right I’m working over Christmas, so everything has to be in order by the weekend. So knitting needles at the ready and go….

Begin by whipping up some stripy rectangles, mmm and a pair of ears
Begin by whipping up some stripy rectangles, mmm and a pair of ears, there is enough here for a Mummy and toddler rabbit
The cute factor comes in the shape or Pom Pom's
Mummy is finished, Daddy is well under way, the cute factor I’m hoping comes in the shape of Pom Pom’s tails, which I absolutely adore, soooo cute me thinks.

So far so good, I’d also like to get the other half of my the baby blanket finished so in the new year I can start on a whole new stack of projects, not that I have been looking for yarn for my upcoming projects, that would be naughty ….OK I have looked … and earmarked them on a wish list, and saved a pattern or 2 on Ravelry, now seriously I must get back to my rabbits.


27 thoughts on “3 Days

  1. You’re amazing,Roma!!Can’t wait to see the rabbits finished!! Moreover,I’m happy that you posted the photo of the not yet stuffed rabbit parts,it will help me to craft my rabbit and my bear, the toys I meant to my Big man not yet born nephew…..

      1. LOL! I’m sure they will be perfect in plenty of time before you return to The Workplace and then you can get back to worrying about leaving your Beloved in charge of the festive decorations again ;-/

      2. By the time I’ve done I’ll not be able to move my arms LOL I’ll have to partake of my cordial via a straw…won’t I look posh πŸ˜€
        Beloved has made a sterling job on pressie buying so far, and has even offered to do Christmas lunch…I just know the pay off will be the cottage will look like a grotto, MmmmmI wonder what he is up to ???????????

      3. I bet you look like a hummingbird hyper speed knitting, though I’m sure your cordial will do wonders to ease the aches and pains of all that needle clicking – I hope its all going well?! πŸ˜‰ I’m sure we’re all looking forward to pics of your Beloved’s take on dressing the cottage, It could open up a whole new career….depending on results of course πŸ˜€

      4. I’ve had to stop knitting as I’m having quite a few hot flushes this evening !! this maturing is rubbish, where’s my cordial I NEED MY CORDIAL

      5. I hope you are resumed to a normal shade of pink by now and the terrible flushes have subsided?!?… you did wonders completing your WIP’s before your return to The Workplace. I just wanted t wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, knowing that you will be tied up for most of the festivities. I hope that eventually you get to make up for the long stint in front of you with your family and friends….and a delicious meal prepared by your Beloved !!! πŸ™‚

      6. LOL I’m only a slight shade of pink now I’ve finished my projects, I’m on my long stint at ‘The Workplace’ so it’s quite restful change from knitting like a demon, First Born is heading home from his time with work in China, so on the 27th December the family will be having a huge get together, when I’m sure I’ll be persuaded to partake of a small sample of cordial, wishing you & yours all the best for the coming year, may all your business plans come to fruition πŸ™‚

      7. Already a couple of days into the long stint (I hope you are enjoying the rest after all the manic productions???)…and, it’ll soon be the 27th ;-)! I’m sure you can’t wait to see second born back from China and enjoy a festive get together with everyone πŸ™‚ I do hope you left Beloved instructions to have your cordial suitably chilled for then LOL
        Thank you so much for your kind wishes! I warmly wish you and yours the same too…..But wait…Hmmm….does this mean I should have a business plan ?!? ;-/

      8. Thank you for your good wishes, the 27th is ringed in red on the calendar, only 3 more days then I get 2 days off WOO-HOO, then back to the grindstone until 2nd January by which time said cordial will be served in a bucket !!!!!
        As for a business plan mine consists of ….follow my heart … I’m sue Alan Sugar would have a few word to say about that LOL

      9. Hopefully the next three days will fly by, I’m sure you can’t wait for the rest and to catch up on a little celebrating too…it doesn’t sound like a straw will be needed with the bucket, I suspect it will just be a head first approach LOL
        T’wud seem we have been reading from a similar business plan leaflet!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Three days? Well done on taking the challenge and succeeding thus far – I took longer than that to knit a single scarf! Why does knitting take so much longer than crochet?

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