New Year Time For New Crafts

I have just a couple of days off in-between working Christmas & the New Year, I’ll be at ‘The Workplace’ constantly until the 2nd week in January, so Beloved insisted suggested I go treat myself by going craft shopping , I think this was mainly because I’ve been driving the poor man crazy with my non-stop chatter informative narration on new projects, so yesterday off we went.

What no yarn !! I know I stepped away from the yarn and steered toward a whole new crafting genre
What no yarn !! I know I stepped away from the yarn and steered toward a whole new crafting genre

In the New Year instead of sticking with what I know, I thought I’d try my hand at cross stitch, and I really like the thought of making some fabric covered buttons …..I have a ‘thing’ about buttons so it was inevitable I guess, oh and the fat quarters?? they were on sale so it would have been rude not to buy them wouldn’t it

Last night I took my first tentative steps into my new crafting odyssey

Obviously I still have a long way to go on my journey...but still I'm oh so proud of myself
Obviously I still have a long way to go on my journey…but still I’m oh so proud of myself

I already have plans for these two pieces, I’m going to try to incorporate them into a couple of projects that are just crying out to see the light of day


25 thoughts on “New Year Time For New Crafts

  1. How kind is your Beloved ?!? not only to take you out for new supplies, though I do wonder if he has thought through the consequences…???? ;-/ obviously encouraging you will no doubt lead to needing more crafting space for your new ventures and materials…..:-D
    I can’t wait to see how you incorporate your lovely cross stitch pieces ! 🙂

    1. I wonder if Beloved has an ulterior motive I’m sure I saw manly appliances being smuggled into his man cave, perhaps he needs me to be preoccupied while he builds a nuclear reactor or some such device, perhaps it might be something to do with time travel so we can leap forward to the the Edwardian era to sample the delights on offer LOL

      1. Whatever your Beloved is up to in his man cave is probably the last thing on your mind right now as you have new exciting things on the go!!! And, if you are in any doubt, you can always lock him in for a while, especially if you need to create a new wardrobe for time travel…though, if he decides on the reactor, your heating bills should be a thing of the past…and, your precious lump of coal will be safe forever!!!!! lol 😉

      2. Considering your choice garment and the immense amount of knitting involved, maybe you should start pretty soon! You’ll definitely reduce your stash with that one and I’m sure the Edwardians will be overwhelmed with all the colours – you could end up being put in a pantry so as not to clash with their colour schemes lol 😉
        Let’s not mention the age thing…because I remember him VERY well…and that scarf too! We are safe to say, we’re both a bit…..over 21 !!! 😉 Just!

      3. Tom Baker is the epitome of the good Dr if you ask me , and I’m sure anyone over the age of 21 and a half will know just what I mean LOL
        I think I might just have enough Edwardian palette tone’s in my stash so that Beloved may be a ‘Man About Town’ in a stylish yet sombre way, hopefully with out drawing too much attention to the time travel contraption constructed in his man cave, I wonder if he will come home bearing gifts suitable for a lady such as myself ??

      4. LOL It would seem that you are not at all willing to partake in the maiden time travel voyage aboard your Beloved’s contraption – should it ever happen – …not that you have any doubts about his inventions working of course…but, obviously, someone will have to stay and feed Oscar his bones every now and again to maintain his immense energy levels ;-/
        TB Is, Was and ALWAYS will be the THE only real Dr Who, being the worst side of 21 and a half I know exactly what you mean!!!
        Let’s hope your Beloved’s elegant ambling, whilst sporting half a tonne of sheep fluff, amongst the future Edwardians, inspires him to purchase something from the height of fashion to bestow upon you on his return….
        I’ve heard on the grape vine that sucking in tummy muscles is a thing of the future…but on the other hand forgetting all about them may be another fad of the future too….just in case prophets are right in the first instance….
        wow….I think I may have to do triple sucking in sessions at least a dozen times a day!!! ;-(

      5. Oh my goodness I hope your prediction of the contraption to suck my tummy muscles into submission doesn’t catch on, have you any idea how long it took me to get mine slack and resistant to exercise !!!!!!

  2. I needed to try each craft once, master of none. Have fun with your new projects; you may come across something you really enjoy. How else would you know? Cross stitch, beyond being a very historical craft, can be extremely satisfying. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Let me know how the cross stitch goes. I think it’s so beautiful and tried to make a Christmas stocking many, many years ago. It did not go well. Maybe I’ll dig it out and try again, sigh.

    1. I can only do it for fairly short periods, as I’m only just starting out I really really need to concentrate, but I just love the effect why I put off trying it out I’ll never know!!
      Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year xx

  4. Love these! Cross stitch was the craft I started out with (more years ago than I’d care to think about this early in the morning) and I’ve also been toying with the idea of giving it another go. I can’t wait to see what these mysterious projects are! In other news, WordPress tell me that you were the top commenter on my blog this year, so thank you so much for taking the time to check in with me and the Beasties! Your blog always makes me smile, and I’m looking forward to seeing where your Craft Odyssey takes you in 2015. Have a super new year!

    1. Mwah why thank you, I love how my sampler piece is turning out, I show Beloved every time I finish a letter, the poor guy has been ooh and ahing like a thing possessed.
      Best wishes to you and yours, and of course each and every Beastie for a happy New Year, looking forward to seeing many more of your adventures throughout 2015

  5. I do a lot of cross stitch and find it relaxing and rewarding, when my daughter was expecting her first baby, I did an afghan wall hanging with complete alphabet and a Beatrix Potter figure at the side of each one needless to say it took me 12 months to complete but turned out lovely. I am sure you will enjoy doing it, the more progression the bigger the design, You enjoy I am sure you will xx

    1. That sounds like a stunning piece of work you completed, I’ve already began my search for a bigger design so you could say the bug has well and truly bitten 🙂

      1. It is relaxing. I need to get back to mine, but I am trying to get into the weaving right now. I really like it. I don’t know how long I will. I am so fickle. 🙂 But so far so good. Have a lovely weekend.

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