Guest Post From My Personal Trainer

Hello there, my name is Oscar,

I’ve just taken on the job of Mrs P’s & Beloveds personal trainer, not that they are a pair of total wrecks you understand ….their life style just needs a bit of tweaking, and that’s where I come in, I’m fairly new in this profession, but trust me I know just what’s needed

See I know just what to do
See I know just what to do,

I expect dedication, my rules to be obeyed without question, and let’s be frank here I will be ruling there lives

What you want to see my photo ?? just to see how I shape up ?? Fine

As soon as I've had my snack. then a nap...boy those two are mine
As soon as I’ve had my snack. then a nap…boy those two are mine, you can just tell I’m going to be a tough cookie can’t you ?

Please welcome Oscar to the Cottage On The Green, after the loss of ‘Old Dog’ last summer Beloved & I have now found this little guy to walk in his paw prints



31 thoughts on “Guest Post From My Personal Trainer

    1. My Dearest Lady,
      Thank you sooo much for your wonderful comment, I have only been at The Cottage an hour so, I’ll just get my feet under the table, then I’ll show them who’s boss LOL

    1. He’s already ruling the roost, he has loads of toys yet the only thing he wants is my wooden coaster D’oh, how did you get the coloured hearts ?

      1. Oh,it is indeed!!! I will be able to stay in touch and to run my blog without the computer…. that’s such a good thing…. 🙂

    1. Aww what a lovely comment, I’ve missed my daily walks…somehow it didn’t feel right without a dog in tow, and to be honest if the weather was bad I just didn’t bother …not any more come rain or shine K9 and I will be strutting our stuff around the village 🙂

  1. Oscar looks the perfect, complete bundle of new joy-he’s unbelievably adorable! Happy New Year to you all !!! 🙂
    If I were you, I would give your Fitness Mojo a heads up on how this personal trainer is going to work you over in the next year or so! But, whatever the work outs you both get, its sure to be worth it, and then some….!
    I’m sure Oscar couldn’t have wished for a better new home 🙂

    1. Fitness mojo has been brought out of hibernation, a couple of small walks are already under our belts LOL, Oscar has already made himself at home, I don’t suppose it will take long to get back into the routine of being a dog owner.
      I hope you had a fantastic New Year, and have been awash with creative ideas which will see the light of day in the coming months,

      1. I’m sure it won’t be long before all your coat pockets are stuffed with little bags and your mop and bucket are a permanent feature in the kitchen 🙂 I bet little Oscar thought he was in heaven…a new home and…bones too! A perfect distraction from your Beloved’s slippers lol
        New Year’s Day was awesome!!! (Children flown the nest days before) …Away went all things Christmas….. and, woohoo….OUT came my sewing and fabrics once more 😀 My first project of 2015 is already well under way. Its not long now till you finish your everlasting stint, I’m sure all your long awaited ‘to do’ projects have been like an itch you can’t scratch…at least you have Oscar to take your mind off them until your buried sewing machine is resurrected once more!
        PS I’m afraid my fitness mojo is still snoring under a bed of hay…..;-)

      2. Not sure how craft and K9 are going to co exist as he’s into EVERYTHING and I can’t find out how to remove his batteries, he makes the Duracell Bunny look sedate !! I’m writing this has he’s taking a snooze, if my hacking cough doesn’t stir him I figure I have 5 minuets grace LOL
        I can’t wait to see your new project I another triumph I suspect if you other crafting goodies are anything to go by.
        Look on the bright side at least you know where your fitness mojo is should you ever have the urge to drag it out into the light of day 🙂 mine is being paraded around the village much to the delight of the yokels, as yet we have to meet the postie where I’m sure I’ll be able to resurrect our relationship biased on my weird embarrassing behaviour

      3. OMG….! It would seem you have a dose of the Crafter’s lung again, I do hope you feel better soon!!! 😉
        As I recall, there are never any instructions on how to take out the super charged batteries of a new pup…if someone could identify the coordinates, they could make an absolute fortune….KEEP LOOKING!!!!!
        Lol, I keep adding more hay to my fitness mojo’s bed in the hope it will want to stay in hibernation for a good while longer….hopefully it won’t actually suffocate ;-/ And, thank you most kindly for your lovely comments about my past little creations, its lovely to have one’s mop cap inflated every once in a while 😀 The new ‘thingymabobs’ are going to be a ‘variation on a theme’ from things of late, I hope to have the new half dozen completed by the weekend – even sooner if the Elves ever turn up!……waiting….still waiting…okay…. so its down to just me then!
        If you’ve become aware of a red/blue streak in the village whilst on your walks, don’t be duped into thinking its Superman…it is more likely the village postie looking for a fast getaway!!! I bet he’s still on medication from your last encounters ;-/ lol

      4. K9 & my good self still have not made the acquaintance of the Post Master and we have had no mail either come to think of it !! surely news that I my fitness mojo has free reign of the village can not have been leaked already, Mmmm perhaps he’s resigned due to a relapse brought on by the mental torture suffered at my hand, or his novella has reached new heights in the best sellers list now I’ve been released back into society LOL
        New ‘thingymbobs’ ready by the weekend ??’ man alive’ are you some form of stimulant ? if so may I purchase a small cap-full 🙂

      5. If I had to second guess I would go with both, I bet his Advances & Royalties are providing the best medication available LOL
        Also, letting loose your fitness mojo around the village has probably prompted the curtain twitcher method of signal warnings amongst the villagers…have you noticed a significant drop in people on and around the streets during your walks ???
        I’d love to think I had a stimulant which induced mass production at hyper speed, alas, I think it has more to do with televised sport avoidance…whilst my Dearest has been installed in the homestead over the holiday period…since NYD I have taken refuge with full abandon in my workspace! 😉

      6. It’s a bit of a blow to realise you have no elixir to pertain hyper productivity, I’m on avoidance of Top Gear at the moment, Beloved is on re runs of re runs, still now I have fitness mojo on the loose … all I need is K9 to chill so I can channel all my energies into crafting !!

      7. If I do manage to stumble across a magical elixir which boosts my productivity even more I’ll be sure to let you know! Your Beloved and our son would be perfect company watching the Dave channel, I swear he mimes along now to all the commentaries…!
        Sounds like the puppy batteries are still running at full power 😉

  2. Oh Oscar, you are such a cute boy! You have an ornery look about you, but I know you will be good to your people. And they will love you so much! Look forward to seeing more of you. 🙂

    1. Old Dog would be tutting under his breath at such a youngster running riot LOL, still he’s only a baby so plenty of time for him to learn the ropes 🙂

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