K9 Approved Crafting

As you may be aware K9 has an aversion to yarn based crafts

Seriously !!! do I look like I'd interfere with you plans to craft ??
Seriously !!! do I look like I’d interfere with you plans to craft ??  (OMG I’ve only just noticed how much he’s grow over the last couple of weeks )

Yet bizarrely enough there is one thing that I can quite merrily concentrate on, without any objections, he’ll sit by mostly minding his own business

So what is this major breakthrough in the crafting department that is K9 acceptable ??

Cross Stitch
Cross Stitch …. apparently this pass-time is OK with him, obviously he has ideas of grandeur, envisioning himself in a past era as a ‘Ladies Companion’  while I learn the art of needlework LOL Here are my WIP to be featured in on other projects subject to K 9’s approval of course



12 thoughts on “K9 Approved Crafting

    1. Thank you sooo much Tajana, the next cross stitch is going to be for me, I’m torn between a sampler and a rabbit picture, I might do both for my bedroom 🙂

  1. Such beautiful neat little works of art ;-D !! You appear to be a duck happily creating wakes in the water with the love of this new to you craft ;-)! Without doubt K9 seems to have doubled in size since the last picture you posted…and then some too! He’s absolutely gorgeous!!! I wonder if it’s all the counting that is lulling him whilst you stitch away ?? Whatever his reason I’m sure any Lady would love to have him as a companion…maybe he is dreaming about all the leftovers he might get from the banqueting hall LOL

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t try cross stitch way before now !! possibly I made myself a little too comfortable in the crafts I was accustomed to, it does the soul good to branch out now and again 🙂

  2. That is a really good picture of K9. They are like children, they grow fast. I like the cross stitch pieces. You will do great on that field I am guessing. Counted cross stitch I am presuming? I have trouble keeping track of the little squares. I prefer stamped cross stitch. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, I now what you mean about keeping track of the squares, last night I was sewing away when I realised I had gone wrong somewhere, luckily as I’m not overconfident I don’t go more than a row or two without checking, I’ll try again tonight to correct it 🙂

  3. Ooooh, lovely! K9 has definitely steered you in a good direction with his yarn-bothering antics… The big illuminated letters are gorgeous 🙂 I’m still having a hard time believing he could wreak such havoc, though… In your photos he always looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!

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