A New Blog Site …No Not For Me !!!

Would you jolly well believe it K9 has only gone and set up his own blog See Here  …. still I suppose it gives me the chance to write about my own stuff without having him hog the limelight, I’ve not had much time to craft due to ‘You Know Who’ taking up all my time, but I have treated myself to a little something

A lovely new book...you know for when I've got more time LOL
A lovely new book…you know for when I’ve got more time LOL

All I need now is some time that doesn’t revolve around K9 🙂


22 thoughts on “A New Blog Site …No Not For Me !!!

  1. Great idea about K9’s own blog!!! Oscar is just beautiful and I hope that there’ll be a dog in my life,too…. miss being surroundid by animals…. The above book looks quite good! I have to resist the tempation to buy books online….. but can allow myself a walk till the book store………. mumble mumble mumble about it…..

    1. LOL I just love books, reference, craft, novels, although I now have access to an e-reader it’s not the same, so my library of ‘real ‘ books keeps growing much to my delight 🙂

  2. Goodness K9’s development is coming on leaps and bounds him having his own Blog now – sounds wonderful! Hopefully it will keep him entertained leaving you plenty of time to get stuck in to your new book 😉 The little burnt orange top is lovely, it makes me feel like digging out my granny’s knitting needles, though I might need to grease my elbows, it’s been such a long time since I’ve knitted a full sized garment LOL

    1. K9 still has an aversion to yarn crafts.. I’m wondering if it’s due to my unique knitting/crochet elbow flap/birdie song dance move style that I seem to encapsulate as I craft LOL the last time I knitted a full size garment was a couple of years ago, so I may well be needing the elbow lubricant myself !!!

      1. LOL It’s no wonder poor K9 is so adverse to yarn…he probably thinks you’re being attacked with your arms flailing wildly, in his defence, he probably thinks he’s protecting his New Mum! Dearest has just bellowed through to me…’NEW Top Gear at 8.0 !!!…so I might presume your Beloved is perched on the end of his chair with his nose firmly fixed against the screen in readiness too ??? 😉

      2. Alas Top Gear has aired at the cottage LOL I took full advantage of Beloveds engrossment to partake of a little cross stitch time, of course I’ll have to clean the TV screen on the morrow where Beloved slavered on the screen

      3. I do hope K9 was having a little nap during the slavering session…It would never do for him to pick up such habits !! LOL
        Maybe you could fit restraints to your Beloved’s chair before next weeks esipode…it would certainly cut down on having to clean the TV every Monday for the next few weeks! 🙂

      4. I’m wondering if Beloved slavers on purpose just to monitor my cleaning regime …boy is he going to be disappointed
        Thank goodness said program is on during the dark evenings, imagine if the curtains were still open and the locals were to witness Beloved slobbering over a moving picture box in the corner of our lounge, my standing with the local ladies would be sorely tarnished, mind you it might bump him up the list for the ‘Wicker Man’ burning

      5. I think he would have votes from many, even those who don’t know him – poor soul ! – I’m sure we females, on the whole, really can’t understand the car/top gear thing for the most part, and I’m betting the male gender probably can’t help their spontaneous involuntary reactions entirely either….BUT…perhaps you should postpone ‘Wicker Man’ votes for your Beloved, in the near future at least, until perhaps the final cottage renovations are completed 😀 LOL

      6. That’s decided then, the curtains must remain drawn to while said program is aired to the nation, as I need Beloveds full involvement in the final push of the renovations, t’would be a travesty to fall at the final hurdle when we have come so far LOL

      7. This sounds very promising,…..that you are indeed almost at the final hurdle?!? Most definitely keep the sackcloth drapes pulled to in that case! Love your new Gravatar too – soo cute! 😀

      8. I changed my Gravatar as Oscar was getting way too paranoid that cats could grow that big, and was insisting Neurotic Cat have a weigh in each morning, of course I was putting my foot on the scales to increase her weight each day LOL

      9. I’m sure little Oscar is already on eggshells with Neurotic Cat and her unpredictable moods, but for him to be gauging her weight each day LOL its no wonder you thought better change your Gravatar! (I wonder…did he have a clip chart to keep note on her weighing sessions???) 😀

    1. I have no idea where the elusive ‘time to try new craft ideas’ resides in the cottage …I’ve hunted high and low, I wonder if its seasonal and come spring it’ll be in full bloom LOL my new book has quite a few patterns I’m hoping to try out …as soon as possible 🙂

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