Looking For Advice

Hope someone can offer up a little advice, I’ve finished my cross stitch rabbit, after many an hour …want a peek ??

As you know I'm new to this craft, so I'm very excited to show you my rabbit
As you know I’m new to this craft, so I’m very excited to show you my rabbit, and of course it had to be a rabbit didn’t it

Now my question is …. could you please advise me on the best way to display my little masterpiece ?? I like the idea of a hoop, but… I’m not sure … Would it be a dust gather ?? but I do rather like how this method looks.

Then I suppose I could frame it, which would keep it clean and pristine

D’oh I just don’t know ……………..HELP


44 thoughts on “Looking For Advice

  1. This is beautiful – love the bunny and the colours. I really want to get into more cross-stitch and embroidery. Personally, I’d opt for the hoop – very on trend right now and more versatile when it comes to where to hang it in the house.x

  2. Ah….. see the comment I made on FB page…. I think that up till now I’m the only one voting for a frame… 😛 😛 😛 Well, another reason I can tell to support my choice is that I love to see classic and modern styles combine….

  3. I’m probably not much help since I put all of my cross stitch projects in frames. I have kids and animals in my house so I am worried about them getting dirty. I haven’t really tried any other finishing method. However, I have pictures on my blog of some that my grandma made that are beautifully finished. I find the link and post it for you. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

  4. It’ll gather dust in a hoop but the dust can be tapped off. Or use an old nylon, stretched over the end of your vacuum cleaner hose, to clean the dust without sucking the fabric in.

  5. Your little bunny is so sweet! Lovely colours and pattern. I would have said the hoop for cottage effect, though it will definitely get dusty over time I wondered if they did circular frames and came across this
    Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be glazed, though I’m sure your Beloved could craft something wooden in his man cave and adding glass wouldn’t cost too much…just a thought on an alternative 🙂

    1. Ooooo thanks for the link, I’m thinking I need glass to cover my sewing due to the open fires we have, another job for Beloved what a brilliant idea LOL

  6. If you use a hoop you can tighten it when it gets a bit baggy, as they sometimes can after a while. You could pick out one of the colours in the cross stitch and paint the hoop to coordinate:)

  7. I would like the hoop or framing. I thought a family friend told me once that it was not recommended to have glass on your piece because the threads would deteriorate after a while. I am not sure about this. She was big into counted cross stitch before she had a stroke. She did a lovely picture of a horse for me a few years ago and had it framed. She said that was what the lady told her that did the framing. Unless you have smokers in the house. I have never had a glass on it, and now there is a spot on it that I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know how to clean it. I think when I do finally get it cleaned, I will put a glass over it.

    1. Thanks for the comment xx There are no smokers in the house but we do have open fires I should hate it to get stained or marked after all the hours I spent on it

      1. That’s for sure. I guess I never really thought about burning the fireplace. It has exhaust fans, but it still might have affected the picture. I will have to try and find somebody that can tell me how to clean it. I think I know where she had it framed. I may go there and see if they can help and then they can re frame it. I will get a picture of it and put it in a post. It really is a beautiful picture.

  8. A hoop would look very good on this project; it has a rounded shape in the ears and body that would be a natural for that. If you decide to frame it under glass eventually, you might consider a round frame, as well.

  9. Ooooh, pretty! I was going to vote for framing your masterpiece – after what you said about dust-gathering potential – but since reading the other comments I’m leaning towards the hoop as well!

  10. Cute and very pretty colours! The hoop option is definitely a dust gatherer, though does have the option of changing your mind later about framing and tends to look more suited to a subject with no embroidered background. Getting a piece professionally stretched and framed (don’t forget to get a mount and non-reflective glass) can look lovely and make you feel that you’ve done honour to your labour though! You might want to think about stitching in a background around your pretty rabbit (maybe something like an deep emerald green to make the colours pop?) – you wouldn’t have to do much if you were planning to have it framed and use a mount 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for all your advice, it’s much appreciated and all of which I give my complete consideration 🙂 and of course I’m still no nearer a decision LOL

  11. Beautiful bunny, after all your hard work framing I feel is a must, the best way to keep your work clean and free from damage, I do a lot of cross stitch and always frame and also don’t hang in to much light or sun because it can cause fading well done you be proud xx

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