Breaking News !!!!!!

Will all needle crafters please read at this is VERY important Just say NO

Thank you


30 thoughts on “Breaking News !!!!!!

  1. Oh no! I’m now seriously regretting my moment of madness in the knitting tent at Kew Gardens a few months back… Not only was I using communal needles, I was knitting with hemp yarn! After reading this, I consider myself lucky to still be alive!

  2. …..Church Halls and other ladies meeting places must be rife with this behaviour :-D?!? Though, they do all seem to have quite a glint in their eyes ….I wonder how much they chip in ??? 😉 LOL!

      1. ….Us outsiders (ie, not dwellers of the Tangled Backwoods) have a broad imagination….but even then, I’m betting we can perhaps only half surmise the goings on …. 😉 LOL!

      2. The playing field committee run a ‘Race Night’ which is well attended by the local gambling fraternity, the tea dance has an open bar !! and now the crafting groups secret is well and truly out LOL

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