I May Have Uncovered A Conspiracy Theory

I know what you are thinking, but just bear with me on this one, I thought I would treat myself to a new pair of shoes….but me being me came away with a new blouse and fleece cardigan instead πŸ™‚ these items were bought from a well know high street store, today I put said items on,

I'm no 50 foot, but a well proportioned 5' 7'' not excessively tall, I mean folks don't stare and point
NO I’m not 50 foot, but a well proportioned 5′ 7” not excessively tall, I mean folks don’t stare and point or anything

And this is where my conspiracy theory comes in, either my proportions have drastically changed ie, my arm have stretched an extra inch or so, and as for my torso… well I’ve gained an extra 5 inches at least OR the clothing manufactures are saving vast amounts of cloth and decreasing the length of the arms and body on their items

The blouse only just tucks into my jeans….or do I have an old-fashioned attitude and blouses are not tucked in any more ?? (please advise me on this one, I can’t be doing with the fashion police screeching to a halt, sirens wailing and lights flashing in front of the cottage) or perhaps I need a lumber tattoo

Perhaps that's why the length of clothing has shrunk then I'll be able to show this beauty off
Perhaps that’s why the length of clothing has shrunk then I’ll be able to show this beauty off

The arm length I can just about live with, as I do have a tendency to push / roll them up anyway, but every time I move my darn blouse rides up, causing a polar blast of air around my love handles,

The cardigan is fine by the way



18 thoughts on “I May Have Uncovered A Conspiracy Theory

  1. Where are the items made? I would guess that they are made in a part of the world where the average length is of the shorter size and the manufacturer might have used that as a standard for their pattern.

    I’ve had this problem all of my adult life but I’m not super tall, just a few centimeters over the average in Scandinavia.

  2. Do not worry!!!! Italy is the same…… sometimes it seems me to be an alien….. moreover, I wear an XXL, ie English 18, ie Italian 50, of course I’m curvy but not so much overweight…. well,it happens sometimes that I’m invited ( literally I mean…) to leave a store because their garments do not go over an Italian 46….. What to say…. ?

    1. Remembering some of your posts last year I’m going to reclaim my sewing machine from storage (it’s been packed away while the master bedroom renovations take place) and make a blouse πŸ™‚

  3. You know, it could be something to do with having a hefty (But ever soo cute) pup pulling you around ….and so stretching your arms?!? πŸ˜‰ ……..But, more likely, this sounds like a skimping by the manufacturer…actually it sounds a lot like the fashionable blouses wore in the early eighties…Ahhh!! those were the days, when I didn’t care if a glimpse of tummy was exposed as I whizzed about my busy life, though if I too was to wear it now, I would be in constant fear of chilling my kidneys …LOL Maybe its an age verses style thing as well??? Hmmm…I wonder if a thermal vest would help ?? πŸ˜€

    1. Ahhh the early 80’s LOL my how things have changed now I’m looking at the Darmart catalogue and thinking oh great I need one of those, I think my kidneys have not only chilled but frozen !!

  4. Oh no! I do sometimes wonder who exactly these people are making clothes for… Not you, not me and apparently not anyone else who commented on this post! I’d say go ahead and start making your own clothes – crafting is always the answer!

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