Lessons Learned

I’ve been itching to make myself something, so after many an hour a short trawl on the tinternet I came across this THIS …. a Japanese Apron inspired top

Feeling suitably creative I set about my task, I ended up modifying the pattern slightly as I didn’t want it as long, or quite as wide,  last year lucky me was gifted some gorgeous fabric from a fellow crafter in the village, thanks Shelley for your generosity

A semi professional type shot of my work in progress
I wanted bias binding on my version so here is a semi professional type shot of my work in progress, I was going to use cream binding but when I saw this green I just knew I would get the look I was looking for

I’m quite happy with how my summer top turned out, I’m just waiting on the warmer weather now 🙂

I love the fabric, I love the length, it's just above my knee
I love the fabric, I love the length, it’s just above my knee, so should look great teamed with cropped jeans and flip flops
The back is rather cool as it will show off which ever vest / camisole I choose to wear
The back is rather cool as it will show off which ever vest / camisole I choose to wear

However there are things I’ll change on the next one I make, I’ll keep the length the same, although I’ll alter how I did the shoulder seams, I made a slight boo boo and put the binding on then sewed the shoulder seam up, D’oh, it would look more professional the other way round !!!!  as my next top will be in a heavier fabric as I want to wear it over a blouse / roll neck top more suitable for Autumn / Winter I’ll make it wider so it crosses over on the back not making whatever I wear underneath visible, Yep I think I’m on a roll now 🙂


34 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

    1. Thank you sooo much Tajana, although there are things I could have done better, such a stupid mistake on the shoulders ..I didn’t think it through as I was just so eager to make something, I only hope I did justice to the lovely fabric, the quilted throw was from an antique auction, it was owned by the same lady who kept her parents love letters from the 1st world war I posted about 🙂

      1. I can perfectly understand the “making things better”, I react in the same way on my projects… but be happy,your work is gorgeous and you did justice to the fabric…. so delicious ❤ ❤ ❤ I always daydream when you talk about past times. You have the rare gift to do justice to history as shown by your sweet bunnies …. ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. I suppose that is the great thing about crafting you have a better understanding of how to make improvements, whereas when you buy ready made and it doesn’t fit / feel right you just put up with it.

  1. Love it, Mrs P! You are so talented. I see your sewing machine and I think of the one I have down in the basement getting dusty. I sure wish I knew how to use it! 🙂

  2. It’s so pretty in that lovely fabric and I expect very comfy to wear too! Looking forward to the winter version(s) I bet there is no stopping you now you have access to your machine once more…did Bear get called in after all…I wonder ?!? LOL! 😉

    1. Thank you for your super comment, I’m afraid Bear didn’t call round, I cleared my own pathway through the storage boxes with a rope tied to my leg so I could be hauled to safety if necessary, it was like a scene form Mr Trebus’s abode LOL

      1. LOL! I can just imagine the scene 😀 but you obviously made it back, however the means, and with the machine too… thank goodness!! I have to admit to a double LOL, LOL!! I was so tempted to mention the frilly knickers as seen on the tiny similar version that Sheila made over on Sewchet, but restrained myself as I noticed she hadn’t visited when I was commenting, though now she has, it was the first thought I had….so funny, I was trying to imagine the chaos you would have created in the Tangled Backwoods?! :-@ !!!!……. then you went on to mention a camisole!!! PHEW! 😀 😀 😀

      2. I didn’t realise my top was such a close version to Sheila’s LOL could you imagine the village ladies if I took the frilly knickers route, perhaps I ought to overdose on the juniper cordial and give the knicker ensemble an airing around the green

      3. There’s no doubt if you do…it’ll be talked about for many a year to come LOL Though, if I were you, I’d wait till it warms up a bit – suppose you could always get in practice with the cordial meanwhile,…just to estimate how much you would need 😉

      4. Feast Day might be a good day as there will be a captive audience, plus the local press are usually in attendance, another bonus me thinks LOL

      5. You are sure to have the locals swooning with your latest fashion statement!!! I should keep a few spools fully loaded for when the orders come flooding in 😉 I think Awesome Ragdoll Rabbit should also have a matching pair – you know what she’s like with the paparazzi – she wouldn’t want to miss sharing centre stage! LOL

  3. I’ve just made a toddler version of a top like this and it didn’t occur to me it would look this good sized up for an adult too! Although I agree with you that cropped jeans would be more appropriate than the frilly knickers I made to peep out from underneath the baby girl’s version….

    1. LOL if I was 10 years younger perhaps the frilly knickers would be a goer, I prefer the button detail you have on your toddler version, I just might have to add that on my next one 🙂

    1. I’ve spent all morning designing a ‘Winter Version’ only do discover I don’t have enough fabric …still a ‘Between the Seasons’ version may be seeing the light of day before the weekend LOL

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