It’s Oh So Busy

This morning started off on a rather auspicious note …up at 4.45 am, yes you read right 4.45 am, K9 & I storm trooped around ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ I waved a cheery goodbye to Beloved as he set off for a business trip to the Outer Hebrides, then took myself off to ‘The Workplace’ for an early shift ….only to find out I’m on the LATE SHIFT ….growl !!!!  so I came home again I had cleaned  the bathroom, raked the stove out, then ironed all before 7am !!!!!!!!!  Enough of my dim-witted morning, what else have I been up to??

Tomorrow I finally have an appointment at ‘The Shed’ to get my hair trimmed and not before time

One day my coiffure was fine the next I awoke to a hair style that would make Medusa green with envy
One day my coiffure was fine the next I awoke to a hair style that would make Medusa green with envy, I’m tempted to take a chain saw with me to give the hairdresser a fighting chance 🙂

My oh so lovely pattern from Sew Liberated arrived, I decided to make a trail garment in some cheaper fabric I already have in my possession, before splashing out on some gorgeous expensive cotton… the result ???

The photo really really doesn't do this top justice, it's beautiful, the fit is lovely, it's just right to wear over jeans as a tunic, or on it's own as a summer dress
The photo really doesn’t do this top justice, its beautiful, the fit is lovely, it’s just right to wear over jeans as a tunic, or on its own as a summer dress … expensive fabric I’m coming looking for you LOL

If that wasn’t enough I have been cracking on with a little cross stitch

My latest WIP is approximately 3/4 done,  and I'm oh so proud of my work
My latest WIP is approximately 3/4 done, and I absolutely love it

Oh and my knitting needles have seen the light of day once more

Just a little peek, as this is intended for someone who occasionally calls by my blog
Just a little peek, as this is intended for someone who occasionally calls by my blog

As for K9 he is on guard duty

What do you mean I'm not allowed on the sofa ?? else can I see out of the window to check there  are no unsavoury interlopers about
What do you mean I’m not allowed on the sofa ?? …how else can I see out of the window to check there are no unsavoury interlopers about

I have to dash, I have 5 hours to kill before I go to work for the second time today LOL


33 thoughts on “It’s Oh So Busy

  1. Oh that’s bad, I agree, if your have to go home again…
    and I agree it would look great together with a jeans as a tunic… and to see it gives me some hope that the next summer comes soon…

    1. Still never mind at least I was able to get a few household jobs done and the sun was out which made it more bearable LOL thank you for you lovely comment on my tunic roll on summer 🙂

  2. Crafting at last!!! I love all of your projects and in particular the tunic!It had turned out so good!! K9 is growing so fast! What a beautiful dog he is! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Yeah for crafting 🙂 🙂 I seem to have been so busy with work at the moment it’s only when I had the weekend off I realised how much I’d accomplished, of course I have plenty of projects planned, all I need to do is get up at 4.45am every morning and I should be able to fit them all in LOL

      1. A week or so ago I did 8 early shifts in 9 days talk about tiring …that’s why I’ve been missing for a while, something had to give and it was my online life that suffered LOL shame I need my sleep just think of all I’d be able to accomplish if I could craft while sleeping 🙂

      2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m a princess in my dreams 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ha ha ha LOL and Martha Stewart too hi hi hi, jokes aside, rest is needed in your case, indeed! I can’t stop telling you how much I admire your empathy and the effort it requires! Kudos!

      3. The pay off for working long stretches is that I get a few days off together, so it’s not so bad really,
        I shall think of you as Princess Martha from now on 🙂 each day crafting a little more to add to your palace of dreams ❤ ❤ ❤

      4. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha believe, I would be ridiculous in my palace…. or, better, I can’t see myself like that…. I love my dreams, but prefer my real life more…. does that mean that I feel good with myself, at last…. ? It seem so… well, a goal, one among the most inportant ones, seems to be achieved…..

      5. I’d rather have a lifetime with my real life with all it’s up/downs love, laughter and experiences than half an hour of not being me so it appears we are both in a good place on our journey of self acceptance ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I love the top! What a great style……very user friendly. And I also love the cross stitch. I used to love cross stitch more than anything but now I find it a bit hard on the hands and the eyes!!! And You have inspired me with your knitting. Knitting was my second favourite after cross stitch ….but the hands again. And Dencorub and wool are not a good match. And last but not least…..hasn’t your baby grown!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments ❤ I know what you mean about the eyes & cross stitch.. Beloved bought me an antique magnifying glass which I have to use now and again when I loose my place LOL
      The fabric I used was a little 'stiff' but ideal for a harder wearing top, I plan on some lightweight cotton for a more 'floaty' look … now there is a word I would never have put in a sentence to describe a look I was aspiring to LOL funny how your style grows over time isn't it?
      I'm sure K9's trick of convincing Beloved that I haven't fed him (when I have !!!!) has nothing to with the rate at which he grows 😉
      Knitting has to be my main passion, but as I try other crafts I love what I'm able to achieve

  4. OMG! Busy you have been!!! Such a great array of wonderful projects – you certainly still have the magic touch with those knitting needles, even a sneak preview shows how wonderful the finished piece will be;-)
    lol….at first, I thought the picture was reference to getting up so early and being frazzled about the shift…I hope they have booked you a double length appointment in that case at The Shed?? 😀

    1. Don’t tell Beloved but ….I have some fabric winging it’s way to the cottage to start a new clothing project, well I ought to have a reserve project in the wings for when I’ve finished either my cross stitch or knitting right ??
      I’m oh sooooo ready for my visit to ‘The Shed’ as this morning I’m super tired after a long day yesterday K9 decided he needed to pay a call of nature outside at …wait for it …2am 4am 6am then get up at 8am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you thing I ought to ask ‘Dog Training Lady’ how to get him to use the downstairs loo ??
      I sure hope the hairdresser will wake me if I start snoring and slavering while having my hair done …..and the postie doesn’t call by ‘The Shed’ for his morning cupper while I’m comatosed LOL as that will be another chapter for his new book 🙂

      1. LOL….I bet your Beloved’s feet hadn’t even made touch down in the Outer Hebrides as you made your fabric order!! ;-D…well, after all, you do need something to keep you busy while he’s away (I must say the mob meetings are getting further afield..! )
        K9 does seem to like the ‘wee hours’ (though after being up virtually all the previous 24 hours yourself I’m sure you were not best pleased :-/ ) Do you think K9 has entered into some sponsored ‘get-up-athon’ without telling you – lol now he’s grown so big so quickly I’m sure he would be able to reach the height of the loo with a little ”directional” training ;-D …check out the link
        if one can be untrained, you should have no problem with K9!!!
        I would hope you have arrived back from ‘The Shed’ by now…unless of course they had to resort to the industrial strimmer…lol…at least wearing the bib whilst having your new coiffure created should have minimised any damage from slavering ;-)…I wonder …Did postie turn up??

      2. I’ve just followed the link you kindly posted about Sailor, what a heart warming story, Beloved’s ‘aim’ isn’t that good LOL
        I think The Mob meeting was so far afield so as to not arouse suspicion, I just hope there was no riots / general disorder restraints… I haven’t seen anything on the news
        Beloveds car door had barely clicked before I hit the buy button for my fabric, now I’m sat waiting for the postie to deliver it into my eager mitts.
        Fortunately I had just missed the postie’s morning cuppa stop, I’m not sure who was more relieved him or me … probably him

      3. Maybe…you should send K9 and Beloved both for training LOL 😉
        I hope the postie hot foots it round with your fabric soon, there’s nothing worse than idle and impatient waiting hands – you could end up in danger of grabbing a duster!!

      4. Both the postie and the cleaning bug have arrived at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve posted a little enquiry on the very subject and would love to here your opinion

      5. Isn’t that just typical!!! five minutes earlier with your parcel and you could have left the mop and bucket alone for another year! LOL I’m sure you won’t be lingering with your duster in hand for long now – happy making!! 😉

      6. I don’t know who was more amazed at my foray into spring cleaning postie or me ….or Beloved when he returns home and I ask him to disrobe in the drive so as not to bring any foreign dirt particles into the cottage, as you quite rightly pointed out this cleaning malaise only happens once a year 🙂

      7. My, that should be a wonderful treat for your neighbours 😀 LOL! Mind you do explain why, to your Beloved, as you frantically disrobe him outside on his return…OR, he could get the wrong idea 😉 …..can you imagine if you didn’t tell him…’d be a terrible shame to have to watch that huge smile dissipate….as you encompass him in a giant canvas drawstring sack, so as not to spoil your annual cleaning bout!!!!!
        I think Spring must have come early down where you are , I reckon I have at least another 3-4 weeks before I have to de-cobweb my mop and bucket! 🙂

      8. I think the drinking fraternity next door would dramatically escalate with Beloved doing his chippendales routine, and a flash sale of dust gathering sacks for the ‘Village Ladies’ would provide the funds for compensation when the drinkers bay for a refund on the evenings entertainment LOL

      9. If this cleaning malaise was a regular occurrence, you could have flyers done pointing out the return date of Your Beloved and the outdoor entertainment sessions – however there might still be something in making a shed load of drawstring bags!!! Just think, it could bring a whole new excitement factor to the Wicker man draw…you could action the annual event by means of a tombola LOL!! 😀

  5. Oh that image of wild hair made me chuckle! Mine looks just like that if I let it dry curly and then brush it. Needless to say, I find it more manageable to straighten the hell out of after every wash. Wow – when did K9 get that big? He was just a ‘tiny’ puppy yesterday. I love the jumper but can’t decide if it’s a heavenly shade of apple green or beige…

    1. I’m blessed with fine ( but plenty of it) flyaway hair so I end to look like I’ve walked pass a static machine, soooo elegant as you can imagine 🙂
      K9 is growing at a rate of knots !!!!!!!! at this rate he will be the size of a small horse soon,
      The knitting is more of an apple green, a lovely summery shade to make your mouth water LOL

  6. Oh wow, look at all this that I’ve missed! Your tunic is lovely (especially for a trial run!), your cross stitch piece looks great and I’m reeling at how big K9 is getting! I just hope you had enough time left to get in a quick nap before starting work 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time away from your Beastie crafting empire to leave such a super comment, alas no time for a nap …but I did get a whole load of housework done which frees up time for my day off

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