Do You Wash ?

No not literally !!! although you may be pleased not even be bothered to know I bathe daily

This morning while the sun shone  and ‘Awesome Rag doll Rabbit’ was otherwise engaged

Awesome partakes in a spot of yoga each I don't which discipline I've never asked her, but to be fair if she's this supple I ought to
Awesome partakes in a spot of yoga each morning…no I don’t which discipline I’ve never asked her, but to be fair if she’s this supple I ought to

I took full advantage to wash the cottage floors

I must be the messiest cleaner known to man, I heap everything in the middle of the floor then move everything round so I can have a good old spring clean,anyone looking through the window could be forgiven for thinking I was being burgled !!
I must be the messiest cleaner known to man, I heap everything in the middle of the floor then move everything round so I can have a good old spring clean, anyone looking through the window could be forgiven for thinking I was being burgled !!

No what I actually mean is do you  pre wash fabric before starting a sewing project ???? when crafting fabric bags or ragoll rabits I don’t, and I didn’t when I made my tunic, but  my lovely, expesive floral cotton fabric has arrived which got me to thinking ….do I pre wash or not, I even checked on the website where I purchased it ….no mention, I googled  in search of an answer and the jury is split 50/50 sooooooo

Some thing told me to pre wash, now while I'm not in the habit of listening to the voices in my head this time I did
Some thing told me to pre wash, now while I’m not in the habit of listening to the voices in my head this time I did, so did I do right ???? who knows 🙂

41 thoughts on “Do You Wash ?

  1. I think yes. Wash. It’s a pain in the neck and you lose that lovely crisp new feeling but that’s better than shrinkage. I just washed a piece of 100% linen and it occurred to me it could be dry clean only!!! I also put it in the dryer because I tend to think you may as well find out up front if it’s going to cut the mustard…….gotta be hard wearing.

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    1. Thanks for your advice, although I like the crisp new feeling, it’s no good to me if I can only wear the garment once then it shrinks in the wash LOL
      I didn’t put the fabric in the dryer because I don’t use it very often at all, I’m more of a peg it out on the line type of girl, weather permitting, believe me I can spot a change in the weather at 1000 paces 🙂

  2. Absolutely pre wash!!! I’m a tailor’s daughter who never learnt to sew but know perfectly that all the fabrics, in particular the cotton and linen, take in (is this a correct term…. I mean they shorten… ). I usually hand wash the fabric in warm water and use no soap, my mum and all my sewing able friends told me to do that way, in particular if you make garments..

      1. Hehehehehehehe sometimes when I re-read some of the things I’ve wrote thank goodness I paused before hitting the publish button 🙂

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment, there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer to my question one way or another, I think the proof will be in my finished garment, and what happens when I wash my tunic, I’ll let you know the outcome and what I learn from using both methods 🙂

  3. Oh, Mrs P, I don’t do any sewing (or knitting/crocheting) projects, but I certainly do like to enjoy looking at what you and other crafters create! Your photo of cleaning your cottage made me feel guilty that I have done my own “little cottage” in quite some time. 🙂 Anyway, I enjoy your blog and I’m wishing you a great (clean) day! 🙂

    1. Awww thank you, the floors my have quite a gleam on them now they are all mopped and polished, BUT K9’s dog nose art still remains on the sitting room window, do you think he’ll be too upset if I clean it off ??

  4. I wash and dry, and then of course, have to iron, all my fabric before I sew with it. Then the item made can be washed and dried with wild abandon without worrying about shrinkage. One of my favorite fabrics, and it is sheet like in feel and weight, goes all cattywompus when pre-washed, so you would not want that to happen after you’d sewn it up into something wonderful.

    1. Thank you for your advice, I think there will always be 2 schools of thought on pre washing….and I do LOVE the thought of washing & drying with wild abandon hehehehehe

  5. I never pre-wash and have not ruined anything as a result. I do, however, wash all handmade items on a cool, gentle cycle simply because I consider them more precious and treat them with more respect:)

    1. I’d like to think in today’s world the need to pre wash has been done away with, and why I had alarm bells warning me to pre wash I’m unsure, and of course I now have the worry of ironing the darn stuff and hoping the pattern pieces sit on the true grain… oh what am I letting myself in for LOL

  6. Goodness….I don’t know where to start first with this post!!! LOL ;-D 😀 😀 though, I think maybe we must have attended the same kind of schooling in cleaning techniques !! And…that is some flexing going on in the corner….I’ve just given the yoga position a quick trial- not sure where my kidneys are now though?? ;-/
    OOOO lovely fabric 🙂 btw!!!…on to the important question in hand…I DO pre wash, though it could be more to do with all the patchwork I do, mixing lots of different colours is always a bit risky, this way it minimises problems such as excess dye bleeding out over a finished piece and shrinkage, though not a complete guarantee, I also recommend people to wash in cool water with colour catching sheets when they buy as well, now its a habit and I just wash all new fabric before I get going! Overall I think it depends on what you’re making and with what fabric Hope that’s a help – though, I’m not sure it is??
    ….off to start quilting the first one now YAY! 😉

    1. Awesome has resumed her serene upright pose in the fireside chair, why she has taken up yoga is beyond me …still if it makes her happy
      I appreciate your advice on the tumultuous question of pre washing, although I wasn’t worried about bleeding as WAS super concerned about shrinkage, I didn’t want to put all that effort in only to loose the fit after the first wash, at least I hope I’ve eliminated that risk now
      Wow look at you on the home run on your project, keep up the good work 🙂

      1. Can you imagine creating the ultimate and perfect fitting new garment in your lovely new fabric, to discover after the first wash, it would then only fit a Lilliput lady…mortified! Now at least you know that won’t happen…hopefully 🙂 !
        Things are still going well, but although the home run has started….its still a long way to the finish line ;-/

      2. Perhaps a new line of ‘Lilliput Lady’ designer wear could be a new crafting opportunity awaiting in the wings should my pre wash have failed on the shrinkage front 🙂

      3. LOL! I’m always happy to know some of my daft comments inspire you on to pastures of new crafting possibilities – though I seriously hope your yummy new fabric is now firmly stabilised in readiness for a lovely new tunic, after all Spring is in the air down your way, so a new seasonal wardrobe is the order of the day I suspect :-D….take care of that order button pressing finger 😉

      4. I see the weather man has predicted snow !!! but then warmer for the weekend so I’ll have to revise my seasonal wardrobe to cover all eventualities LOL

      5. And..he was right! We’ve been having a fair amount is mini blizzards the last few days so much so, I’m keeping my woolly bloomers on, whether it’s officially Spring or not! 😉

      6. I normally use the changing of the clocks to make the transition from woolly bloomers to either flannel as required for our usual poor summer, on very rare occasions have accessed a cotton pair, I think that was back in 1976, what type of fabric do you use in your neck of the woods?

      7. The weather will have to get a heck of a lot warmer before even considering getting out the cotton bloomers…and, as for the gossamer silk selection,…..well…they’d certainly let far too many draughts in at the moment ;-/

      8. Oh my Dear….My trousseau has had daily use since our wedding, on returning from our one night honeymoon!!! it has been a godsend – tied just above the knee, the gossamer silk bloomers make a wonderful storage for garlic bulbs – keeping them fully aired and dry!!!!!!!! ;-/

      9. Hahahahahahaha come the summer you do wash said trousseau item before wearing I presume ???? or are they a constant protective charm against Vampires 🙂

      10. Generally I would of course wash before wearing…though, if a little under the weather, I could always just climb in with the garlic give the bulbs a quick crushing and wear as an instant poultice in a warm bath tub…Ta Dah!! Blinking versatile these gossamer bloomers 😉

  7. I’ve never heard of anyone washing their fabric before starting work on a garment, but it does kinda make sense! I think with something so pretty, it’s better to be safe than sorry… Mind you, if any of your work does become the victim of extreme shrinkage, I know some little monsters who would be happy to take your Lilliputian creations off your hands 🙂

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