Just A Little Unpicking


Where does the time go? At least while I’ve been AWOL I have been a little busy and at long last I can reveal a Ta Dah moment, my Flowered Boyfriend shirt…..the pattern is from the first Sewing Bee book and downloaded which has its own problems, piecing a pdf pattern is pants, it takes ages and I feel you end up with an unwieldy pattern,  I much prefer a shop bought pattern or is that just me ?? Anyhoo with out no further ado ….

It's taken me what seems ages
It seems ages ago that I asked you all if you pre washed your fabric, and many thanks for all your answers xx

Can you see where the unpicking needs to be done??? Yep that’s right the hem is just over a mile half a cm out …D’Oh I was so careful measuring everything else and took a blind leap of faith that the hems would match, lesson learned …don’t take ANYTHING for granted LOL, still a few minuets and I can put all that right.

It is jolly, jolly nice though :-)
It is jolly, jolly nice though 🙂

In fact I love the fabric sooo much I’ve ordered some more, just when I thought pink and flowers were so not me 🙂


20 thoughts on “Just A Little Unpicking

  1. Roma,it’s beautiful!!!! The fabric is gorgeous, the shirt pattern is great and the different hems’ measurements are not a problem at all, and you’ll solve the problem, I know that!!! You raised me the wish to try and sew a garment again! Oh,dear me…. the fabric which has the bad luck to be in my hands has all my understanding…..

    1. Awww thank you for your lovely comment, the hem will take about 5 minuets, I could have done it then wrote my post, but I thought it only right to show my little mishaps as well as the successes.
      I would say definitely sew another garment, your tee you did last year was lovely 🙂

      1. After seeing your book bag tote post I’d say you are more than ready to take up the challenge to sew yourself a little something special ❤

  2. Pink flowers – my idea of perfect! Funnily enough, I’ve just been out this morning to buy fabric for something similar though it’s more of a shirt dress. No roses involved though, just Sixties style prints in coral and lime green. Can we see you wearing the shirt? Clothes always look more ‘real’ on a body and I bet this looks great on:)

  3. I love it. The fabric is beautiful and you’ve done such a good job on the sewing!!! Those buttonholes! I am ashamed to admit I can’t do buttonholes. I have a blind spot. And I’m glad you made the point about the pdf patterns…….that was my suspicion. I have a couple ready to go but never seem to have ink in the printer when I want to sew. Think I’ll give them a miss.

    1. Awwww thank you xx
      As for the button holes many, many scraps of fabric were sacrificed before I felt the courage to actually go ahead on my precious shirt LOL
      I wouldn’t say don’t give a pdf pattern a go but for me all that taping together, then hoping everything is aliened to perfection, then considering whether to trace the pattern pieces onto dressmaking tissue, the storage of the main pattern…all I can say is ‘fer sake’ my life is busy enough thank you 🙂

  4. So, so pretty!! You might indeed have a whole new wardrobe before your Beloved returns, as I see you have been exercising your button pressing finger again….LOL 😉 Though after such a wonderful result, who can blame you?? Looking forward to the next haute couture creations!! 🙂

    1. Many thanks for such a supportive comment xx
      My thinking was … if I bought more fabric I could consider it a Mothers Day gift from K9 & Neuritic Cat, see I have every angle covered on the excuse to acquire more fabric LOL

      1. LOL…;-) Maybe you could advance order for your Birthday now, on their behalf…(and/or any unofficial birthday too) and of course Christmas – always best to beat the rush and get in early!! And of course, it’s keeping the postie in a job – right?? 😀

      2. I like your thinking, not forgetting Easter, the marking of the changing of the seasons, the beginning / ending of British summer time, when the weather is grey/ sunny, or my favourite reason ….just because LOL yep I think I have reasons to buy fabric pretty much covered 🙂

  5. Oooh, look at that! It’s beautiful… I didn’t even notice the wobbly hem until you pointed it out! I blame “The Great British Sewing Bee” for making us all hyper-perfectionists 🙂 When is your new creation getting its first outing?

    1. Mwah thank you, the hem will be sorted out midweek when I have a couple of days away from ‘The Workplace’
      Would you believe it Beloved & I are both on annual leave next week, with a trip to the sea side on the agenda, so even if it’s cold a strategic coat whipping off during lunch should get my new ensemble a public viewing LOL

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